Zambia Bridge Update-Zambia Bridge Mission Trip

2010 - Zambia Bridge

The bridge team has arrived and is doing well. Last night we spent the night at the Bread of Life Church. This morning rise and shine was at 4:45. After a 4 1/2 hour drive to the Ndola base we started unloading all of the bags and separating all of the materials. This afternoon the team members set up camp, organized their belongings, got cleaned up after a long journey, ate supper, had group devotions and headed to bed. Glenn had the opportunity to get all of the supplies needed for the bridge project and Jillian was able to purchase all the food. Tomorrow we plan to pack up and move out by 8:00 am. The team members will have some time to shop for items before going to there project site. Once we get to the project site we plan to set up camp and evaluate the building project. Luswishi is located in the deep rural bush so communication is limited. The closest place for email is about 3 hours away. Phone network is a half hour from the base (though not always dependable), so we will do our best to communicate. We look forward to all the Lord has for us here in Zambia. Thank You for all your prayers!!Zambia Flag

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