A Lot Of Progress On The Zambia Bridge Mission Trip

Zambia Missions Trip 2009

Zambia Missions Trip 2009

The Bridge team is doing well. Yesterday, they were able to get four of the six holes dug. We had a little trouble with the truck getting to Lushwishi—two flat tires & the chariot fell, but eventually we made it safely. The truck was delivering poles to the project site today and got stuck for three hours, but we got some cows to pull us out. The team is very energetic & eager to work and we have high hopes to finish the project. The following is a report from one of our team members:

Digging holes went really well. Everyone was working hard. Team members had a chance to play with the orphans and they curiously observed us washing our hair down by the creek. Katrina and Emily enjoyed carrying a bucket of water back from the creek with an orphan on each of their backs. The orphans made friends with us by carrying our tools from the work sight—about a half mile walk. Kenny, Olivia and Nick were reunited with many of the orphans they had met last year. One orphan, by the name of Butes, was attached to anyone who held her. It brought many smiles to our faces. Many of the children enjoyed watching John make figures in the dirt and playing with his hair. KP has decided that today is “shrek” day, and they made a green wacky cake to add to the fun.

Team members are really enjoying the cool air and the sound of  the wind through the trees, along with the nationals singing. Love to all the families reading, Kenny.  I was able to connect to the network to send this email by my phone. I am hoping I can connect again next week for another report.

Thanks so much, Jillian.



  1. I think the work the team is doing is great! Keep up the good work!! Emily, we at FCHS are proud of you!

  2. I can imagine Emily carrying an orphan on her back. I totally miss that girl, but I’m so glad she’s sharing the love of Jesus in Zambia. She does that so well. I’m proud of the Zambia team and will be excited to read more.

  3. Stephen Richards

    Sounds awesome. I am proud of my girl Kendra M as well as the whole team. Go Zambia, can’t wait to hear more!

  4. Praise the Lord everyone is well and for answered prayers! Katrina, Olivia and Kenny really hoped and prayed that “their” orphans would still be there! I remember the stories about “Butes”, so glad she is still alive and well! God is good.

  5. Marisela R. Palazuelos

    Dear Jillian,

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know about The Zambia
    Bridge Team. We are praying for your project. We pray daily for health, safety, protection, to work with one mind and one spirit so the work that the Lord assigned to this team will be accomplished.

    Blessings to everybody
    Palazuelos Family

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