Gearing Up To Go – Orphan Angels I

Zambia 2010Hello from Ndola! As I write this email, the motorcycles are buzzing in circles around me. After lunch (grilled cheese, boiled eggs and water) it will be our first time to actually drive into the city! Yes… pray! Bicyclers, buses, groups of people walking in every direction, cars and roadside markets will be a challenge, but not nearly as much as remembering to look right and drive on the left! Oh my, we need God’s angels to be on these bikes with us! We have been in Ndola (TMI’s Bible School base) for four days practicing our bike skills and sorting our food for the next four weeks.  On Sunday, July 4, we will ride our bikes four hours to Kansakar (Northwest of Ndola – grab your maps and find Chingola, the specific villages can’t be found on the maps).  My next email will give you a glimpse to how each day will look for us. I do know that we will be traveling, setting up camp and our kitchen on a daily basis so that we can visit more bush villages and reach more people. “Nomad” is a word that comes to mind as I try and picture what our lives will be like until we return home. Our team is well! Everyone is healthy, safe and getting along fabulously! Mom and dad, you have done a great job raising these teenagers to endure all the changes and challenges they are facing. Their positive attitudes, hard working abilities and gifts of encouragement are the glues which keeps us tight! Our shared passion is to grow in our faith and walk in Christ, and to share this passion with the adults and children we will be meeting and ministering to in the bush! Will email again Saturday evening before we leave!  Karen Elliott (Head leader who loves your kids!)



  1. Praying for you and the team! Thanks for the update! Praying for safety with the bikes and protection for you and the team!!

  2. I am so glad to read your news and that you all are healthy and safe. Your positive attitude amidst your new and challenging circumstances is inspiring and a lesson for us all on perspective. I love you both and will commit to pray for you more than ever!!

  3. Praying for safety on those bikes and deep joy in your hearts! Praise God you are all well! May God be near and REAL to each of you!!

  4. Thanks for an amazing update, Karen! 🙂 Will be praying for God’s hand of blessing and protection on the OA team~

  5. You are all in our prayers as you head out. While we do not know the specifics of what you will face, we know that God is going ahead of you and He is directing your steps… and wheels.

  6. We are praying for you! God be with you!! So proud of you!!!

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