Greece/Bulgaria – outreach to the local youth

Bulgaria Missions TripThe outreach to the local youth began easily as community youth were eager to play sports and interact with the team at every opportunity.  Language IS a bit of an issue for us, but there is a translator working with us to assist with sharing of the Gospel. Weather is, as expected, much cooler than Florida; chilly and foggy in the mornings, but sunny and pleasant when fog burns off (by mid-morning).
I think our “outstanding experience” thus far was the miracle of our luggage coming with us – and the thrill of being here. Our travel to Bulgaria began with the airline telling us only the head male leader was authorized more than one bag, and all “extras” would be charged $60 each. As the team prayed, and David continued talking to the airline rep., she went and spoke to her manager, who authorized an over-ride which allowed all bags to go.  We all arrived safely in Razlog, tired, but with all our luggage. On Wed., we “settled in”, did laundry, classes and played sports.

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  1. Not sure if this will get to those of you in Bulgaria…but so glad to hear news!

    We’re continuing to pray and are excited to hear of more “God moments”!

    ~Whitney Cabrera

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