Ready, Get Set, GO!!!! 10004

Hello friends and family! Orphan Angels are ready to go…. our converted flatbed truck is loaded with food, supplies, and tents. Bikes are filled with gas and our six hour ride will begin at sunrise. We are excited to say the least! I have no idea when another email will come as we will literally be in the bush the next couple of weeks. Consider that “no news” is good news. Each member wrote a letter home today; however, we all forgot envelopes! Tori, Chris, Eric, Jesse, Jon, Emily, Morgan, Sarah, Rachel, Maggie, Meleena, DeMargo, Jessica, and I send our love to you all! We covet your prayers for safety, health and successful ministry opportunities with the AIDS orphans and people from the bush villages! Because He lives… we can face tomorrow! Karen Elliott (head leader and your kids biggest fan!)


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