Our Luggage Has Arrived! 10002

India Missions Trip 2010

India Missions Trip 2010

On July the 4th at 3:45 AM our luggage arrived. Luggage means we get to shower for the first time in a week and we have a better variety of food.

Our work at the TMI base in India so far has involved moving a ton of sand and gravel up two flights of stairs. This will be used to make concrete poles for the second story addition.

It has been HOT with temperatures in the high 90’s.

We are enjoying interacting with the Indian students and staff. Life-long friendships are being made.

Prayer requests:
Good preparation and genuine enthusiasm for presentations and evangelism.



  1. We are praying for your team. We pray that the team will have many blessings and for your well-being while you bless the people around you. We pray this all in His Precious and Holy Name.

  2. Great to hear from team India……….sounds like the Lord is already working. Remember your strength is in Him. Trust Him.
    We are praying daily for your team and the lives the Lord puts before you.

  3. Really glad to hear your luggage arrived. It’s a tough place in India, with high temperature and so forth. It’s hard to imagine no shower for a week.

    I pray the Lord be with you through this summer. Though you are a small team, but our Lord can accomplish great things through you. May you all grow deep in Him and be blessings to the people there.

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