Things Are Going Well In Bulgaria-10003

Bulgaria Flag
2010 Bulgaria Missions Trip

Today is Monday, July 5.  Our team had a nice Independence Day – no fireworks, but we started the day with the Pledge of Allegiance and The Star Spangled Banner.  For our noon meal, we had BBQ chicken drumsticks, German potato salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs and watermelon.  We had Chocolate cake for dessert, but no frosting as we could not find our confectioner’s sugar – thought I brought four bags, but guess not.  Enchiladas and tomato cucumber salad and kool-aid rounded out supper.

The Evangelism continues to go well – the local youth do not seem to be tiring of either the interaction with the team or of hearing the evangelistic presentations.  Thus far, 12 have prayed to receive Christ since Thursday (bringing the total thus far to 38) in response to the Gospel message, and we are very thankful for that. Puppets were not used thus far, but will be today. A drama (The Cage) was presented during evening church last night before David spoke. The team also spent time one afternoon cleaning up the church property.

Weather has continued very nice for the most part – not too hot in the day and pleasantly cool overnight.  We had one afternoon of  rain this past Friday, but none since.

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