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2010 Evangelism Class

2010 Evangelism Class

To answer a few questions, yes, Boot Camp is hot, mess and slightly buggy.  Yes, during this time I can see us pull together as a team as well as our relationship to God.  The lessons God reminds me are simple and easy to apply to my life.  Well, so far at least.  throughout the day I am reminded about how awesome God is, and his many attributes.

At 5:30 in the morning, in my struggle to pull meself together in my dark tent, He is my light.  When my legs are just about to give up and walk on the OC, He is my strength.  When I get an SB, He reminds me to take responsibility for my actions.  When I take a look over my dirt covered sweaty arms, I (thankfully) am reminded He looks only at my heart.

From classes, when I am limping from blisters, He is my healer.  “Official” Boot Camp has only been going for a few days, but I am constantly reminded of His direction, strength, healing and his awesomeness.  Sometimes we get caught in the “Boot Camp Rush” and we forget that he is carrying us through it all.  We need to focus on the direction for our life.

In Carpentry, Mr. Deegan reminded us that when we saw, in order to keep a straight line we need to focus.  We need to keep the distractions away so our eyes and body are completely focused on that straight line. Just like our walk with God, stay focused and press on!  Even when we feel like limping.   2 Cor. 3:8-9

God will keep us strong in the way He knows best.

Nellie – 2010 Amazon


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  1. Randy and Stacy

    Nellie, thanks so much for taking time to share specifics with us help us be excited, overwhelmed and grateful about what you all are learning. The neat stuff you mentioned about letting Him be your light, letting Him be your strength, taking responsibility for your actions, focusing on the straight line and the fact that the Lord is awesome and looks at our hearts— are lessons that will hold you in good stand even when you are old timers like us! I hope we are still learning those lessons as well as you are! Keep up the good work! Thanks again for posting!

  2. I live in Brazil and I’m going to meet the Amazon River team next weekkkk 😀

  3. Amazon Team! It is great to see your love of the Lord! We pray for all of you daily that God will give you strength, courage, growth, and opportunity during your trip! We are proud of you all! Go ye therefore unto all nations….

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