Many Opportunities In India -10002

2010 India Missions TripWe did a mini-presentation on Sunday at a local church, and our missionary, Sudaka, has told us of several more opportunities we will have this coming weekend, on Saturday at a youth conference, and Sunday at another church. There will also be a pastors conference held here at the TMI base that we will be involved in. We need LOTS of prayer for effective preparation for these opportunities. Pray also for willingness and enthusiasm on our part.

Our work project of moving sand and gravel has been completed. Much to the team’s delight, they only had to move half the pile of stones. Now we are going to start painting the rooms upstairs.

Monday Sudaka pulled us out of work early, taking us to a traditional Christian Indian wedding. We ended up being the main entertainment, sitting up front, singing several times and getting a team picture with the bride and groom. We then participated in the wedding feast i.e. rice and curry. The team enjoyed it, and we really appreciated the chance to get immersed in the culture. Afterwards we went to the mountains and went for a little walk/hike around on the side of the mountain.

Thank you for all your prayers! We love having the privilege of leading your kids!! Pray that nothing short of God’s will would happen on this team.



  1. Prayer requests sent to praying partners. We will keep praying for you – for strength, health and opportunities to share!

  2. I will pray that the Lord works through the team to reach far into the community.

    How does the team take the heat so far? We have 4 consecutive over-100-degree days in the North East of the States, quite unbearable. But you have a long way to go there. Take care.

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