Accepting Christ At Boot Camp – Belize

2010 Obstacle CourseMy name is Julia. As a child, I was raised in a Catholic family. I was baptized as a baby and did my communion, but I’d never really accepted Christ into my life. I heard about mission trips the first time by my older cousin and I instantly knew that was what I wanted to do. Then I found Teen Missions through the internet and though I didn’t know it at the time, I believe God was trying to call out to me.

Determined to go on a Teen Missions trip, I tried to become closer to God. I started going back to church and tried praying daily. It hadn’t lasted long, but I still tried to keep God a part of my daily life. As time went on, I registered for a TMI trip and finally took my first step in the Lords Boot Camp. Honestly, the first night I’d have to admit I was terrified. I wasn’t sure that I would fit in with the rest of my team mates who were much more religious than me. I wanted to go home.

But as time went by, i began to grow closer to God. By the 5th day, I made the decision to finally accept Christ, all by myself, without anyone forcing me to. A leader from a different team prayed with me and helped me make my decision. It’s only been a few days since I made my decision but I can already feel God working through me to make me a better person to better serve him, which I’m certain I will. Before I accepted Christ I felt like there was an empty hole in my life, but now I feel like that hole is filled with the love of God.

Julia – 2010 Belize


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  1. michelle schmitt

    Your dad and I were touched by reading your post. It showed a lot of maturity. God bless you and your team on your field trip to Belize. Dad and I watched the webcam everynight it was inspirational. We love you and what a great experience you all will have to do God’s work. Enjoy

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