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Indiana Missions Trip - Piggy LosersIn the time I have been at Boot Camp I have learned more about myself and the Lord then I had known before.  The first few OC’s my team ran were very hard on me.  I’m not athletic at all so I found myself crying as I went, not thinking  I would make it.  But then I remembered that God is the one who gives me strength.  And I have seen myself improving on things I would never be able to do by myself.

I’ve also seen God give me strength more than once to get through hard times with the team.  I know that it’s the devil trying to break us down, but God has given me peace and wisdom on how to handle each problem I run into.  And he will keep on helping me as I finish Boot Camp, go to the field then at home.

Kaycee – 2010 Indiana Drama


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  1. I told you bout I live like a pig!!! lol I was there 20 years ago!!! but we never got the I live like a pig!!1

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