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2010 Zambia Missions Trip

2010 Zambia Missions Trip

The team is working hard to complete the bridge project. So far, all the holes are dug on this side and the other side of the river. They have put up all but two poles. Four of the eight poles have been concreted in the ground.

Today the team is working on cementing the other four poles. Today we are also going to town to see if we can find some longer poles. Originally, we thought two poles would cross the river, but unfortunately they won’t. We pray the longer poles will be available. The team members are having fun crossing the river in the cold Luswishi water.

The guys are getting a work out as they hall sand and rock onto the truck and take it down to the bridge location. Once they get the large rock near the bridge, the guys hammer the rock, breaking it up into smaller pieces. Desiree and Stewart had fun on KP yesterday as they make a delicious chocolate cake shaped into a boat with water and even a sunshine. The team members enjoyed the food and came back for seconds and thirds.

Conner, Nick and Stewart bought and butchered chickens on Sunday. They had a lesson on how to pluck and clean chickens. After that we had a brie and feasted. The team members are working hard and are optimistic to finish the bridge project. The weather is hot and sunny during the day, but cold and windy at night.


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  1. Bethany Richards

    Praise God!! We are praying for all of you Zambia Bridge Team!! May God strengthen you and bring your project to completion. What a mighty God we serve!

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