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Australia Missions Trip 2011

Mission Trip Dates: June 23 – August 14 — Work/Evangelism

Head “Down Under” to the rugged bush of southern Queensland and Australias Outback for a summer of serving the Lord. Spend your time completing a number of work projects that will help in the expansion of a mission training center and youth camp.

There will not be a shortage of work from renovations and roofing, to painting and block work. Many days you will wake up with a view of kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and goannas. Any Aussie animals you don’t see on the property you may have an opportunity to see at the world-famous Australian Zoo, founded by the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

You may also have an opportunity to evangelize at an aboriginal community and attend their ceremonies with traditional singing and dancing, as well as evangelize at the local parks along the crystal clear Sunshine Coast which is at the tip of the Great Barrier Reef. Housing will be in dorms, with hot showers available; laundry will be done using buckets. Opportunities to interact with Aussie young people will be provided as you minister in local churches with youth groups and at public schools using drama, music, puppets and testimonies.

You will have the opportunity of a lifetime as you visit the historic Town of 1770, where there is snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef—the largest in the world. You will see tropical fish, sea turtles and beautiful coral. A visit to Noosa Heads Beach, a surfer’s paradise, will provide an afternoon of relaxation and shopping for all things Aussie: boomerangs, sheepskins, Akubra hats, opals and “Snowy River” coats.

Project Expense: $4390 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. Thank you Beth, I will call tomorrow. I intended to register my daughter for a Summer 2012 trip.

  2. My daughter Sydney is interested in this mission trip. Can you send us an information package?

    • Nancy, I am not sure what you mean by an information packet. Please call our office on Tuesday for more information 321-453-0350.

  3. i’m 15 am i still allowed to go on these trips? AND could you email me ?

  4. is this camp still open to register to and what are the ages?

  5. Hey Who else is going on the trip?

  6. Hey so I’m feeling very uninformed about what im supposed to bring and do to prepare for the trip. Am I supposed to have that information, or is it coming?

    • Phoebe, The packing list went out with the April newsletter. It is also online. Click on the 2011 Missions button. The Individual Team Fact Sheets are being proofed and will be sent out ASAP. Also, please read the General Fact Sheet which was sent with your support packet and that will help. If you have specific questions, please call us next week.

  7. I was woundering when will we get our team pic letter thing?

  8. Hi there, would love to know who is going on this trip. Please facebook me…Alyssa Heard Vancouver, WA 🙂

  9. Just a question, why does it say super boot camp? for Australia? iS it super hard? 🙂

    anddd, you have to swing over a canal in one of the challenges, like is that a high canal? ha, i worry about the littlest of things! my mom went to this, and ireally want to.

    • Abigail, It is “super” vs “early”—super because it has more teams than early. It is a moat and you can stand up in it, even in the middle. However, you want to try to get over it so you don’t get wet. Your mom should remember the “slough of despond”.

  10. is this trip still going on even with the earthquake

  11. I also have a question… I registered for the Australia trip and was excepted but i don’t quite understand if i’m getting information through e-mail or if a packet is going to be sent to me or something.

  12. I’m so excited!!!! I feel like this trip is right for me. I was trying to register for next year so i’d have enough time to raise the money, but i’m registered for this year instead. I’m alreasy planning a car wash/ bake sale/ kid’s pony rides to raise money.

  13. If it is in the Lords will, but I do really want to do this.. sounds exciting and fun and at the same time I’m serving the Lord! 🙂 How much more time do I have to sign up? I was thinking that I have to have the money first before I do.. right?

    • Jerilyn, Please sign up soon. We will send you prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. The total amount due must be in by the day you arrive at Boot Camp.

  14. Jerilyn, I understand your anxiousness, but be patient, and wait. For me, people have been pretty slow in responding, but the people who have donated, have been so generous! It sounds like you signed up recently, so don’t worry to much. It can be a slow process, but the Lord will provide.

  15. I’ve been praying hard for money to come in, and to get it fast.. i just found out about this recently and i finally got a job… but it will take me months to get the money for this so i’d be too late.. is there any other way to pay for this trip? like monthly payments…anything?

    • Jerilyn, You’re putting your faith in youself. If the Lord wants you to go, He will supply. Get your letters out and start hitting the pavement and contact businesses, doctors, dentists, insurance agents, etc. Hold a garage sale, car wash, spaghetti dinner. There are a lot of different ways to get the support. Will your church be supporting you? If the Lord has given you a job, he has given you co-workers who may be willing to support you. It will come from those you least expect to give.

  16. Joelle I would love to find you on Facebook but I cant send you a message. I sent you a friend request so if u see my name its me.

  17. I was just wondering who going on this this summer. If you are ( if you want) look me up on and tell me that your going or i’ll say no to your invite. Name: Joelle Valentine

  18. Hey guys
    Im from aussie and ive just come back from my trip two weeks ago
    But man you will all love it here
    And when you guys go snorkeling you’ll probably see fish as big as you its so fun
    If you all are visiting schools you should ask mike who I assume will be your missionary to come to trinity lismore remember that
    Have a great trip

  19. I would love to go! This sounds amazing! I have felt God calling me to go to Australia for a while now, but I never thought there would be an opportunity (since it’s so far away). This just proves that if God wants you to do something, He will make a way 🙂

  20. Who are the leaders for this team this year?

  21. I’m going!!! Lord willing of course, but I’m registered!! 😀

  22. I signed up for this trip before the holidays. Would love to know who else is going.

  23. Thank you so much!

  24. I know it can be hard to tell, but do you think it will fill up quickly?

  25. Are there still spots available on this trip?

  26. Reagan, I’ve known manyyy people that have used teen missions in the past; its a good deal.

  27. Where this team is going is an awesome base with really cool people there. raising funds for this team is hard for some but very much worthwhile. I was there in 2009 and loved it

  28. My friend and I both fourteen really want to do this trip. 🙂
    but we want to know if this is a good reliable program for it what it is like.
    Also my friends parents will pay for the trip for sure but mine dont have as much money since I come from a family of six children. Is there any financial aid offered or a guide to fund raise money?

    • Reagan, This would be a great team for both of you to go on. It is rare for a parent to pay for the total cost of the team. Most of the team members raise their support. We provide prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. You send these out to your friends and family. You can also solicit from businesses (insurance agents, doctors, dentists, etc.). Another option is car washes, bake sales, garage sales, etc. If you parents have specific questions, please have them call or email us ([email protected]).

  29. This trip looks very good…what is the age limit? And how much is the registration fee?

  30. It says we will be working at a youth camp. Youth meaning teenagers, or little kids?

    • Justine, You will be working at the Teen Missions In Australia base. There are camps for teens and preteens. You will have the opportunity to visit schools with students of all ages/

  31. It talks about snorkeling, but isn’t it winter in Australia in August?

    • Yep, it is winter, but a very mild on. It warms up nicely during the days and you will be in tee-shirts as the day progresses. However, once the sun sets, bring out the hoodies!

  32. I have been looking for a mission trip to Australia and am praying this will work out!

  33. I’d love to go! This sounds like the mission work for me; building is one of my strengths. this sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity! i hope i can go, ill raise money any way i can.

  34. Is there a boot camp for this trip? And if so, Where is it?

  35. Will there be warm showers?

  36. Where will we be sleeping?

  37. this trip sounds awesome!!!! i wanna go! 😀 😀 😀 if it’s God’s will, I will go gladly!! 🙂

  38. I have been on a teen missions team 2 times. i went to guatemala & papua new guinea. they teach you how to do the constructionn at the Lords Boot Camp. we went to australia for our debreif. it was awesome!!! i want to go back as a leader!!

  39. This is awesome! Good luck!

  40. Is there an age requirement to go on this trip? What’s the difference between Super Boot camp than the Boot Camp for teens ages 13 & up? I’ve been waiting for a trip to Australia and would love to have the opportunity to go!

  41. I was so excited when I saw a mission trip to Australia. I went this summer with another organization, but I didn’t really like them so I was browsing online for more teen missions opportunities and this brightened my day a little 🙂 I’m not too fond of the focus on constructing, when I went this summer, we worked with aboriginal children. But this is definitely something I’ll be praying about since God has laid Australia on my heart.

  42. Candace Jeffcoat

    That you everyone for your input, but I think God is calling me to go to Nicaragua next summer, not Australia.

  43. I have always wanted to visit australia, and on a mission trip? what better way to go is there? I love work, hard work at that. I love to cook as well. I love God, and I have been a christian since the summer of 2008, I am currnetly a junior in highschool, I will be 17 in december 2010. I recently returned to the states from a 9 day work and witness trip with a team of 26 teens and 5 adults from Jamaica, where i was changed and realized my call to missions through a little boy named Tassio “munga” Johnson. I think this trip would be an amazing experience. Through Gods will would I be able to go, if He sends me I will. 🙂

  44. Hey Candace,

    I went on this exact team in the summer of 2005. I can tell you it is mainly construction although you do have a few opportunities for evangelism. It’s definitely appropriate for girls, and trust me when I say you come home with some pretty nice arm muscles! 🙂 It will be the time of your life! Praying God blesses you with a wonderful summer.

  45. hey Candace!
    I haven’t been to Australia but I have been on a trip with Teen Missions before and by the description of this team, it looks like it is mainly construction but it doesn’t look too physically hard. I do know that it is totally appropriate for girls (I am one 🙂 you just can’t be afraid to work hard. They do teach evangelism skills at boot camp so that you can evangelize while on the field so you will be able to do that. I don’t know the details and all so you would have to email them, this is just what I would think according to the year I went.

  46. This trip sounds like so much fun! Where will debrief be? Is there somthing we can do to raise money if we dont have enough to experience this? Thank you!

  47. Candace Jeffcoat

    I’ve been wanting to go on a mission trip to Australia for a very long time! This one sounds perfect! I do have a few questions: I see it involves construction…is it mainly construction? How much physical strength is needed? Is it appropriate for girls? Thanks!

  48. This trip sounds amazing. I am going to try to get a part time job to help me raise money so that I can experience this trip. 🙂

  49. This trip sounds soooooo cool! 😀

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