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2009 Cameroon Missions TripDates: January 30 – February 16 — Work/Evangelism

After orientation you will travel to Cameroon and arrive at the capital city of Douala. Following a night at a guesthouse, you bus 225 miles north to Bamenda, home of the Teen Missions in Cameroon base.

You will be so blessed by the opportunity to serve orphans by washing their feet and giving them a pair of shoes. After a day organizing the shoes and repacking your bags, you will travel four hours from the base into the remote bush to minister at the Rescue Units. During your journey you will witness the beauty and diversity that Cameroon has to offer as you travel to each Unit location.

Make a difference in the lives of these children as you wash their feet and put a clean pair of socks and shoes on them. The gift of these shoes will prove invaluable in preventing sores and infections as well as protecting their feet during long walks to school. You will also enjoy helping with a needed building project at one of the Units, sharing Bible stories, helping assist the facilitators with treating medical needs, playing games, singing songs, hugging and loving these dear orphans.

NOTE: Your personal luggage will be limited to what you can pack into a Teen Missions-issued carryon bag and 10 pounds for your sleeping gear. You can purchase soaps, shampoos and other items in the country. The rest of the weight limit is needed to take over the socks and shoes.

Contributions Equal to: $3090 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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