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2010 Cameroon Adult Mission Trip

2010 Cameroon Adult Mission Trip

Missions Trip Dates: June 23 – August 14 — Work/Evangelism

Experience an unforgettable summer as you become part of a team to minister to the Baka (Pygmy) people of the Cameroon rainforest. Following training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to Miami for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris, France, and on to Yaounde, Cameroon.

From Yaounde you travel via bus over challenging roads for 10-12 hours before reaching your project site in a primitive village nestled in the rainforest. The Baka Pygmies average 4’5’’ in height and have the lifestyle of hunter-gatherers. They are among the oldest inhabitants of Cameroon and have suffered exploitation at the hands of many. Their semi-nomadic lifestyle has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years; but now education is encouraged in order to improve their way of life.

Your project, in cooperation with Bread For Life Ministry, will be to construct a four-room school. Not only will you assist in meeting the need for education, you may also help with meeting their spiritual need as you proclaim the Gospel by using drama, puppets and music.

You will have the opportunity to shop for jewelry, drums, spear heads, baskets and wood carvings. The team will have an overnight stay in Paris, where you may see the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph and the Louvre.

Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. I actually just checked the dates of my final exams, and I’m not done until the 29th of June, so this trip is out of the question.

  2. Hi, I’m just wondering if it is too late to sign up for this trip? I feel like God is calling me to do a mission and I’m interested in this one and the Haiti Earthquake Relief one. I’m not sure if I can do one though, because my parents don’t think I’m old enough (I’m 14). I need to convince them.

  3. braxton strickland

    hey email me if your going on this trip, [email protected] or facebook me

  4. I just took my daughter to get the Yellow Fever shot, the vaccination center has their “recommendations” of other vaccines and/or shots to get. Can you tell me your thoughts on tddp, varicelia #2(aka Chicken pox) and Meningococcal?

  5. where in cameroon will we be staying ?????

  6. If I have a lot of food allergies do I need to bring some of my own food or will Teen Missions still have food that I can eat?

  7. Whoever is going on this trip should email me , [email protected] , if you havent already (:

  8. P.S. for those who have not seen a TMi promotional video, check out this video on just type in “You Can! Philippians 4:13 – Teen Missions”. It is an encouraging video!

  9. Hey,
    Just wanted to send a word of encouragement to those who are going on the Cameroon Pygmy team. I went on the Cameroon Pygmy team in 2007 to build a clinic, and it was a life changing experience. You will learn and grow so much as a person, and you will really learn who God is and how amazing He is! Cameroon is awesome, and the people of Cameroon are beautiful people! If you are going to the same location that we were in 2007 (which I believe you are), you are going to be in awe on how beautiful the Cameroon rain forest is! I definitely recommend this team, and may God bless all those going on TMI trips this summer. If you are unsure about TMI, continue to pray that God will either open a door or show you His will for the summer of 2011!

  10. Is it too late to sign up for this team??

  11. Add me on facebook Sarah & Bekah. Or anyone else going (:
    Look me up by email : [email protected] . Im the blonde one .

  12. what shots will be required for this team?

    • Tracy, Yellow Fever is required for the Cameroon team. You will need to check with your physician for any other medications he/she recommends.

  13. Hey! I went on this team to build a medical clinic back in 2007. We stayed in a building, in tents, safe from the rain. We cemented another building which might be used by this team; I’m not sure.

  14. This is going to be an awesome team….see you soon beth!!!


  15. What are the housing arrangements?

  16. Oh wow, okay so I just checked the Honduras one, and it’s filled!!! Wow!!! So is there still room on this one? Sorry so many questions!

    • At this point, Honduras is full to girls (but that can change). There is still room for boys. Cameroon Pygmy is still open to both.

  17. I’m really interested in either this missions trip or the horseback Honduras, and I was wondering if anyone would give me some inspiration 🙂 It seems like alot of people want to go on this one! I hope that’s a good sign! I’ll be 14, and this just sounds like alot of fun, even though I’m significantly tall, and it would be pretty amazing with the Pygmies standing next to me. I think it would be a fun experience, but I’m just not sure which one to choose!!! Thanks!!! :):):)

  18. Me too!

  19. I signed up for this mission trip !(:
    Anybody else goinng ?

  20. are there a lot of people on this team so far?

    • Tracey, It is still early in the registration process. Cameroon Pygmy has a decent amount for this time of the year.

  21. I know this because I was 13 last year when I went to TMI, and they gave us a choice between a Teen or Preteen team. Though if you have never been I would suggest going on a Preteen team first.

    • Yes, 13 year olds can choose either Teen or Preteen. However, we have had MANY 13 year olds do very well on Teen teams.

  22. To Eyram Akabua:
    If you are 13 you can be on at teen or preteen team.

  23. I am registered for this trip. I will be 14

  24. I was wondering what i could start doing at home to prepare for this mission trip and/or boot camp

    • Rebecca, Have you signed up? If so, you will need to get your support letters out in order to start raising your support. The main preparation will be prayer—for yourself, your leaders, teammates, the missionaries, the ministry you will be working with and the nationals with whom you will be ministering to.

  25. I was wondering how these mission trips work. The youth group I am in is very interested in doing some mission work. but we have never attended one of these boot camps, so I was wondering if that was like part of the mission project? just pretty much how it all works in summery?

    • Sam, If you choose to come on a TMI team, you will be coming to Florida for two weeks training at the Lord’s Boot Camp. Following that training, you will go to your field of service. At the completion of your project time, you will return to Florida for several days of Debrief before going home.

  26. Were will the mission trip end? will they fly us back to the states or do we have to buy our own tickets

    • The Cameroon team is over on August 14. You will debrief in Florida, so you will need round trip transportation to and from Florida.

  27. Do u have to have a team b/c me and my cuz. have bn wanting 2 go on a mission trip and we r 14.

  28. To Kay:
    When you sign up for a trip you will get like an information packet and it will tell you if you need any vaccinations. The only kind of ID or certifications you would need is a passport. I’m 15 and I went to Belize last year so I would know. The number of people on a team varies, some teams are really large (like 20 + people) and some are very small. My team had 18 I think, plus leaders.

  29. If you are thirteen should you be in the Preteen or Teen trips?

  30. just curious, what kind of housing will there be (not that ireally care), are there any vaccinations i would have toget before going? and how many people are usually ona team? do i need any special certifications to be able to go? im 16.

  31. What kind of housing will the team stay in?

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