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2004 Guatemala Missions TripDates: June 23 – August 10 — Work/Evangelism

Remember last year’s devastating earthquake in Chile? Churches in the region around the epicenter of that quake are still struggling to come to terms with the damage done to their buildings.Teen Missions has the opportunity to help with reconstruction of a chapel in Concepcion, the second largest city in Chile.

After training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, this team will fly from Orlando, across the Caribbean and continue down the west coast of the South American continent to Santiago, Chile’s capital city.

As you travel eight hours south to Concepcion, you will notice quite a bit of earthquake damage as you get closer to the city. Geologists have concluded that the city was displaced roughly 10 feet to the west as a result of the February, 2010, earthquake.

Not only will you get the opportunity to rebuild the chapel, but you will also help with the rebuilding of lives and ministry as you share the love of God with the still-hurting people.

You will enjoy exploring the old Spanish colonial city along with some souvenir shopping for a variety of woven, ceramic and wooden goods. Estimated

Project Expense: $3490 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. Dropped of my son, Taylor and daughter, Kami, off yesterday at the airport. We miss them already. We pray that God will use this experience to train their hearts toward what he has for them in the future. We are excited for them!

  2. alright, thanks!

  3. I was also wondering if we needed to bring a bucket or if they were supplied at boot camp

  4. Mrs. Kostner, I was wondering if you guys were going to post the boot camp schedule on the website like last year or if we are even going to get one.

    • Rebekah, It will be posted soon. However, we are trying to get the last minute stuff done before the kids start arriving on Saturday.

  5. Good luck to everyone going to Chile! 🙂 You have the best leaders!

  6. is it still possible to sign up for this trip?

  7. wow . i didn’t know the deadline was so early. too bad – i really wanted to go on one of theis trips 🙁 i will be praying for ya’ll though.

  8. Anyone receive their team packet yet? When should we expect it?

    • Charlene, If you are talking about the Individual Team Fact Sheet, that will come out next month. If you are talking your support packet, it takes 7-10 business days.

  9. I added you to our team group on facebook 🙂

  10. Hey if any of you going on the trip have facebook u can add me:) katy graves

  11. for 6 months to a year

  12. hey guys my name is briar and im wanting to go on a mission in june 2012 when i graduate high school, im so excited, but it would my first time ever.:)

  13. hey sarah, I’m not sure which sarah you are on facebook (I know that sounds weird) but you can add me: Rebekah Scoville. We actually have a group, I think its called Chile Team 2011. have you been on a TMI team before?

  14. i’m soo excited for this trip! i can’t wait to help spread God’s word and help these people rebuild their lives. i will hopefully be on this team (i sent in my registration on the 11) add me on facebook
    sarah niesen

  15. I’m going as well, add me! [Benjamin Johnson] 😀

  16. hey if any of you have a Facebook, you can add me: Hannah Ott 😀

  17. Hey, if any of you have facebooks, you can add me: Rebekah Scoville 🙂

  18. Hey,

    I am going too!!! Yay!!!! I am soo excited!!!! 🙂

  19. when is the deadline to pay for this trip?? & how do I sign up??

    • Alana, The absolute deadline is the day you arrive at Boot Camp. However, we prefer that it all be in by May 15. We will call before we do the final booking of the airline tickets. If you don’t have enough money and don’t think it is coming in, then that is the point where you will need to switch to a cheaper team.

  20. yeah, I was wondering the same thing^^

  21. Would we be sleeping in tents?

  22. YES it will!!! 😀 haha

  23. This team will be the BEST! 🙂

  24. When do you have to sign up by?

  25. No they aren’t..but they went on Honduras Preteen…now I think about it, I think it was in 2007 😛

  26. that’s awesome!! 🙂 I don’t recognize the names….are they on this team too?

  27. Yes I am! But I’m a leader 🙂 Do you know Caleb Chapman or Abigail Van Hoogan?

  28. are you going on this team too?

  29. I went as a preteen to Honduras (08) and Ecuador (09) but this is my first teen team…I’m excited 🙂

  30. Rebekah!
    That is so exciting! 🙂
    Have you been on Teen Missions before?

  31. Okay, I signed up =) can’t wait!!

  32. hey im think.n bout joining a missionary cause i really wanna start gett.n in vovled in this stuff sooo can u give me some advice

  33. Ok I did 🙂 And she says hey back!
    You guys were awesome leaders to her, I’m so glad she had you her first year!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. Are there leader positions available for this team?

  35. I’m really thinking and praying about this team. Anyone else?

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