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2006 Ethiopia Missions Trip

Mission Trip Dates: June 23 – August 14 — Work/Evangelism

After you complete your training for your missions trip at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you begin your journey from the Orlando International Airport to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic via Miami.

This beautiful tropical country is known to early Spanish explorers as Hispaniola and is the historic place where Columbus first landed in the Western Hemisphere. From Santo Domingo the team buses west, through scenic coastal villages to Villa Altagracia.

Here you will construct a 21’ x 36’ concrete block church for Capilla Light True Ministry. There will be opportunities to share Jesus through open-air evangelism and church services using music, puppets, dramas and testimonies.

On weekends there will be time to swim in the Caribbean Sea. Shopping in the colorful open-air markets will give you opportunity to find souvenirs such as wicker, wood carvings, and other handicrafts including amber and larimar—semi- precious stones natural to this country.

Estimated Project Expense Range: $2890 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. I am interested and very excited but I am very new to missionary work. Is there a deadline when the money has to come in? I will call your number so I can get a brochure.

  2. What happens if you register and not enough people sign up.. do u still go?

    • Rach, It depends. If something happens politically at the end, then we send the whole team to another place. If it doesn’t fill (we usually cancel those teams in Feb/March), then you can choose where you want to go with what is available. All of your monies would transfer and we would print new prayer cards and letters for you without cost.

  3. How much room is left.. becasue my parents want to talk some more before we make a decision

    • Rach, There is still plenty of room left. If you register by tomorrow, we can get your packet in the mail before we leave for Christmas break. Otherwise, we won’t be back until Jan. 4.

  4. I am 18 yrs old and was involved in mission trips the past 4 years with my church and now that im in college im too old, so my youth pastor game me the name of TEEN Missions . can you. mail me info on the summer trips.
    Dominican Rep. and others, I enjoy missions with orphans , children, building houses, worship, bible readings and more. thanks Kate Rubin, 25 Woodcrest Lane, danbury, CT.06810

    • Kate, If you would like for us to mail you the brochure, please call our office with your address (321-453-0350) and ask for the Mailroom. You can access the brochure online and register online.

  5. When do you have to sign up by!

    • Rach, You may sign up anytime before Boot Camp. However, your choices get more limited the longer you wait. The earlier you sign up, the easier it is to raise support!

  6. Would we be sleeping in tents or dorms?

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