Haiti Earthquake Relief | Teen Missions Trip

2009 Haiti Missions Trip

2009 Haiti Missions Trip

Trip Dates: June 12 – July 30 — Work/Evangelism

Looking for an unforgettable missions trip in one of the poorest countries in the world?

After Boot Camp you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to PortauPrince, the capital of Haiti. While on the two-hour bus ride from the airport you will see thousands of homeless people, displaced from the January 2010 earthquake, living in tent cities.

Upon arrival at Grace International Church in Carrefour, you will be greeted by the many orphans who live at the Love & Faith Orphanage. Once inside the compound, your team will set up your tents across from the main building that was damaged by the earthquake.

Your project will be to work on the building, make new benches for the church and help clear rubble from the pastor’s house that fell during the quake. Outside the back gate there are 29,000 people living in a tent city where Grace International ministers. You will have time to visit and share the Gospel.

During free time, you may hike to the nearby shores of the Caribbean Sea or go to the market to barter for hand-carved items, paintings and t-shirts.

Project Expense: $2890 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. is there a way to get ahold of any of the missinaries? an adress to write to? i am just missing my BFF

  2. Thank you guys for answering my question. I hope I can go next year!!

  3. Naomi Hasenyager

    So, we haven’t sent in our transportation to and from boot camp cards, and it is past May 20th. Is it alright if we still mail them in?

  4. Alrighty, good to know. Thanks! 🙂

  5. The Specific Team Fact Sheet did not mention whether or not we would need to bring our own buckets. Do we? (the Haiti team)

    Naomi, I’m praying. 🙂

  6. How many miles is the”OC”?

  7. Michaela Lidstone

    can i bring other books with me?

  8. I have summer homework for school i have to read 3 book can i bing them with me?

  9. Michaela Lidstone

    And can we wear strapless dresses with t shirts underneath

  10. Michaela Lidstone

    What do we do about the language? Do i need to learn French?

  11. Do the teens need to bring the same clothes listed on the website or is there a different requirement for dress in Haiti?

  12. What should I do if my construction video isn’t working? It gets about 5 or 10 minutes in and then it freezes. I tried skipping past that point and cleaning the cd but nothing works. Is there a way I could get a new one?

  13. Naomi Hasenyager

    Hey, so I realize that this is mostly supposed to be used as a spot to ask questions, but since most of the team comes to this spot to check out what is going on, I’m sending out a prayer request. One of my friends is 5 months along in her pregnancy, and they found out today that the baby’s brain didn’t form correctly and the little boy will die within a few hours of his birth. I need prayer, but most importantly my friend and her family need prayer. Thank you.

  14. do you have to have a group going, or can teens go alone?

  15. Is there another trip going to Haiti?

  16. Is it too late to sign up for the second trip? I’d love to go!

  17. Is the money people raise just to donate?

  18. I only have one question is this group Adventist? Because it doesn’t say the religion on here? I am looking forward to one of them, But I need a lot of information first.

  19. How do we know what shots we need, if any.

  20. Hey, I was wondering about cameras. i have a digital but it only uses the rechargeable battery it came with, will there be opportunities to charge it or should i use a different camera?
    also, are we allowed to take our pillow as a carry on instead of putting it in our box?

    • Natalie, Either buy more batteries for the camera or get another camera that takes regular batteries. There will not be places to charge it. You need to check with the airline that you are flying to Boot Camp on about the pillow.

  21. Sacha–make sure you have the right Orlando airport. It’s the international one and I think it’s MCO? (Is that right Beth?)

  22. Do you have to be christian or catholic to go on this trip? Is it okay as long as you still believe in one god?

    • Anonymous, We do not screen the kids, but we do screen the leaders and the leader needs to have had a personal decision for Christ. We definitely teach that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and that you have to receive Him as your Savior in order to spend eternity in heaven.

  23. Sacha Hasenyager

    I cannot find flights from ORL to MT airports that are after 9 AM on July 29th. The latest I can get is 7:30 AM.

    I’m getting nervous, MT flights went up $300 per ticket this week! So we are now down to one reasonable option left.

    What should I do?

  24. alright great! Thank you so much for all of your help!

  25. So what is that cost for? And is that the cost per teen going? If not, what is?

    • Emma, The costs include airfare to and from the country, food, air tax, ground transportation, money to send a third world teen to a Boot Camp in their own country, supplies, mailings, utilities at Boot Camp, etc. It is per teen going.

  26. Ok! Thats alright, when is the late one? also does it matter where you live, to be able to go on this trip?

  27. I really would like to go on this trip. Is there any more room??

    • Janie, The early one is full (but can and will change due to cancellations). There is still room on the late one.

  28. Naomi Hasenyager

    I can’t wait! Only $800 to go! I am the only Naomi Hasenyager on Facebook so add me as a friend!

  29. Hey I got a message on my machine saying that you were clearing seats on the plane or something alone those lines. Since you’re closed on the weekends I just wanted to confirm with you that I do still plan on going and have been in the process of raising the money I need for a while now, please don’t take me off the list

  30. Michaela Lidstone

    88 days untill we all meet up in Florida…..Cant wait..when will we get our march news letter?

  31. Michaela Lidstone

    Any one going on this trip add me on facebook if your on there i should be the only Michaela Lidstone on there:)
    $800.00 to go!!!

  32. Is there still room for girls on this trip?

  33. $796.00 to go!!! How do I know what tool to buy for the trip? I didn’t receive any info. about the tool that I need to buy.

  34. I’m 17 years old . And i have always died to go on a huge mission trip . And i saw this and i broke down in tears because i want to go so bad !
    So how do i do it , like what all do i do to go !
    Please get back at me , email pleaseeeee !

    • Haley, Go to our web site and go to mission trips and register. If you have specific questions, give us a call!

  35. Naomi Hasenyager

    I reached half-way today!!! I am so excited!

  36. I am interested in going on this trip, I have wanted to work with Haitian orphans for a while. Do you still have room for this year or is it too late to sign up?

  37. Hi my name is tyler and I have just recently accepted The Lord into my life. My question is how would you get involved in something like this through church? or possibly just by signing up?

    • Tyler, If you want to be involved with Teen Missons, you will need to sign up here on our web site. You would need to check with your local churches to see if they offer short-term mission trips.

  38. wow! sounds amazing! ..

  39. How are the team members selected, as in what is the criteria to become part of one of the mission teams. How are people selected to become part of the teams.

    • Megan, The team members do not have to go through any selection process. However, we do carefully screen our leaders.

  40. hey is it to late to sign up for this trip?

  41. When I went to Haiti last fall all of the girls, on the team, had to ware skirts so we could fit in with the people there. Will we have to ware skirts while we are there?

    • Abby, We will let you know when we send out the Individual Team Fact Sheets. We are still getting all that information together.

  42. I really want to go on one of these trips. Do you guys help with fundraising? Or do people do it all on their own? And is there a seperate cost for the boot camp?

    • Kasey, We provide prayer cards and letters for you to send out to help you raise your support. Boot Camp is included in the cost.

  43. Is there still room on this trip? Or is it close to being full?

  44. This trip seems really cool, but i most likely can not go this year. Will it happen again next year?

  45. I can not wait for this trip!!! Its amazing seeing all the money being raised!! I am already over half-way there!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

  46. Hello, Is there still room available for this Missions trip and do you think I still have enough time to raise the money by the deadline?

    • Noah, Right now, it is full to boys, but that can and will change due to cancellations and switches. You have plenty of time to raise the money. Make sure you put a 2nd choice when you register and put in the comment section that you want on the waiting list. You will be the first on that list, so you should get a spot.

  47. I have a friend who would like to send her daughter on a mission trip to Haiti. Her daughter is in high school, speaks fluent french, and neither mother nor daughter are Christians, but they asked me to find a trip for her since they know I am a former missionary and Christian and might know of a trip. Would you possibly allow a teenager who is not a Christian (very well behaved and mature I might add) to go on your trip? I would love for her to get exposure to the gospel while living among the poor and serving.

    • Jenny, We do not screen the team members. However, the leaders are carefully screened. Please call our office if you have further questions.

  48. Will we find out our leaders names when they send the team members photos and names? or will we find out sooner?

  49. Would I have to pay for the plane to florida for boot camp? Or is that included in the main price of the trip? ($2890)

  50. k thank you! also is there any way i can find out the name of my team members so i can find them on facebook or email them?

  51. Where exactly is the boot camp for this trip?

  52. Hello, I’m going this trip and was wondering if we actually get home on the 30th or the 31st. I’m just wondering because I have a dance intensive I start on the 1st of august and i don’t want to miss it!

  53. when i recevied my letter telling me my team under dates it has it listed under differnet dates then on this page are those the set official dates?

    • Ivy, Your registration had 11030 which is the later Haiti trip. If you want to switch to the earlier one, please call or email us tomorrow.

  54. How long is it until you know if you made it onto a team? Also, how will they notify you? Mail or email? Thanks!

  55. I registered for this team last week. When should I expect to hear whether I made it onto to the team or which team I am on?

  56. Is there still room for female leaders? I’m old enough to go either as a leader or as a FTM but I’d like to be a leader.

  57. How long are you at the Boot Camp?

  58. I have alway felt this crazy urge to go o Haiti as a missionary and want to move there when older i love haiti

  59. i would like to go on this trip…is there any other info. i well need?

  60. My parents and I’s biggest concern about this trip is the illness going on in Haiti, would that be a factor in the trip getting switched?

    • Ivy, It could be a factor, but we prepare our own food and filter the water so we are a lot safer in that respect!

  61. Sora Edwards-Thro

    This will be my second year too…I went to Belize last year and it was fantastic. I bet Haiti will be much more challenging but I’ll learn so much…

  62. Hey, all!
    I’m very much looking forward to coming back to Teen Missions! My brother and I will both be attending Haiti 2011, and a few friends are trying to decide whether or not they will attend Teen Missions for the first time! I’m so excited for what God is doing! I’m praying! 😀

  63. how can i get more information?

  64. Is there still room on the team?

  65. I am 17 and registered 4 Haiti Team. I just got my passport yesterday. Support has been a little slow. How many people are allowed on this team?

    • Nathan, Keep plugging away. The support will come in when you least expect it. We will put up to 25 on almost all the teams. Tell your brother we said “hi”.

  66. So happy!! Almost have all my money!!! Will we be taking care of any orphans? Or is it mostly construction work that we will be doing?

    • Sarah, You will be working most of the time, but there will be time to minister to those in the area, including the orphans.

  67. I am so excited! I sent in my registration last night; I hope there is still room! This is so exciting! I have wanted to be involved with teen missions since I heard all the stories about my parents’ experience here( I was so little back then)! This will be amazing, and I am pretty sure we will be the best team! Can’t wait!

  68. Hi, im from australia and i was wondering to get on the flight to the mission country to we have to be in florida, or is there a flight from australia?

    • Grace, You would need to get round trip air to the US (Florida) for Boot Camp training and Debrief. The teams leave from Florida after training to go to their field of service and return to Florida for Debrief. We also have a program in Australia. Please see our web site for more information.

  69. I will be 13 next summer. I am very interested in going on this mission trip. I’m a little confused on the leaders though. Will we be assigned to, stay in a certain group with a leader? Or do we stay in one big group with 10 different leaders? And how many kids do you estimate will be going on this trip?

  70. I am so EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found out today that I get to go on this team 🙂

  71. When do you think you will find out when you will beable to do this??

  72. Beth, are you sure this mission will still go with all the trouble in Haiti?

    • Jon, No, I am not sure. We are monitoring the situation and back-up projects are available. We don’t want to make a decision at this point and have things settle down and not be able to go. Please be assured that we will not send the team in if we feel (or the missionary) it is not safe. We have switched teams, even at the last moment due to political situations.

  73. Hi my name is Noah Wilson and I am very interested in doing a teen misssion this summer. I would love the experience of helping others around the world. Is there anyway that I can recieve more information about this trip?

    Thanks ~Noah

    • Noah, Most of the information is on our web site. If you have specific questions, please email or call with your questions.

  74. What is the boot camp part of it? and how long will the trip actually take place in Haiti?

    • Boot Camp is two weeks long and Debrief if three days. The rest of the time is spent in travel and on your project site. You are usually at your project site for 3 1/2 – 5 weeks.

  75. I’m 15 years oldand very interested in missionary work, does it matter where we’re from? Where does everyone meet up? or dowe just fly over there alone?

    • Tessa, It doesn’t matter where you are from. Everyone will be coming to The Lord’s Boot Camp for training before going to your project site. We are located east of Orlando, on the Space Coast.

  76. After I send my application with all my info and church info and picture should I then continue on with registering with my deposit payment or should I wait for information to be sent via email or mail? I’m a little confused about the process?

    • Natalie, We cannot register you without the $30 ($35 Canadian) Registration Fee. Once all that is in, we will send you information.

  77. I’m interested in doing this mission trip, is it for youth groups or can teens come by themselves? Im16 and have been wanting to go on a mission trip for yers! This one sounds like an amazing one!

  78. Hi, I am very interested in your program and this particular mission trip. Does the estimated cost include flight? Also, how would I go about applying for this?

    • Raeanne, The estimated costs include your flight to and from Florida to your project country. You would be responsible for your round trip transportation to Florida. You can apply online. Just follow the directions.

  79. I served as a volunteer photographer with medical relief teams in Carrefour one month after the earthquake. I am a college instructor and freelance journalist. I live in Melbourne FL. and have completed an extensive amount of rapid response disaster-related training. I’ve worked with several faith based disaster response groups in the United States. My trip to Haiti was my first time out of the country. I would love to return to Haiti. Please send me more information on how to become an adult team leader for this and other trips. Thanks.

  80. is there an age limit?

  81. I am very interested in doing this mission trip next summer. Is there any way that I could get more information on it?

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