Honduras Horseback | Teen Missions Trip

2005 Honduras Missions Trip

Mission Trip Dates: June 23 – August 14 — Work/Evangelism

Share the Gospel using films, puppets, music, drama and testimonies after riding horses into remote areas in southern Honduras. Hearts will be touched and changed by the power of God.

After completing Boot Camp, your team will bus to the Miami International Airport and check in for your flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. You will continue by bus seven hours before boarding a boat to travel down the Patuca River, to three different remote villages.

Your project will be to build latrines for villages that currently do not have these facilities. You will also enjoy riding by horseback into the surrounding areas to share God’s love. Housing will be in tents. Bathing and laundry will be done using buckets.

Enjoy bartering as you shop for souvenirs including hammocks, paintings, wood carvings and jewelry.

Project Expense: $2890 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. I am going on this trip and i have just been told that instead of our specific tool we need to bring a life vest. Is that correct?

  2. Never forget that the Lord is with you and all our prayers at home will be with you. Keep your eyes on HIM and enjoy the friends you will carry forever.

  3. tryin to convince my mom to get me to Honduras while she’s in Italy 😛

  4. There are heap of Hannah kirks on facebook and i can’t narrow the search so my email is [email protected]

  5. I cant find you. whats your email? i can search it by that or you can just search me. its hannah kirk. cocoa florida.
    and kiana do you have one? 🙂

  6. Yes I am on facebook. Just look up Ben Stevens in the search and i live in hamilton NZ my profile pic is me in a kayak.

  7. oh btw im hannah:D im 16 and im goin on honduras toooo(: im so excited! i cannot wait one more minute! ah! i went last year with TMI(: to malawi africa it was simply amazing<3

  8. ah! thats so cool! most of our team well the majority of our honduras team as all met on facebook! its so awesome! ben do you have a facebook?

  9. I am so proud of all of you. Thank you for taking on this blessing. Our prayers are with you and we look forward to hearing of the amazing gift you are about give. God speed and keep your up towards him.

  10. I sure am. The 6 months I had to raise the support for the Honduras went by so fast. But now that I am already to go it seems like time has slowed to a crawl.

  11. ah i cannot wait i raised all my support and im ready to go to honduras!!!!!!!!!(: ben your on our team right?

  12. One month to go 🙂

  13. I have a pair of leather Riding boots. Am I allowed to bring them on the trip as well as the construction boots?

  14. Craig T. Edwards

    As a parent of one of the youngest teens on this trip, I’d like to have some communication with the leader(s) before boot camp – is that feasible? I’m a ’85 Holiday Inn FTM and have much faith in TMI and its organizational ability, but still a little protective of my first-born little girl 😉 She’s going from gymnastics and track, singing and dancing (yes, Baptists can dance now) to crocodiles and crack-of-dawn slough crossings, which could be eased slightly (for me) if I were able to communicate briefly with her leader(s).
    Also, it’s my understanding that the “build latrines” portion of this trip may have been redefined to something that involves less potty-talk – does this mean construction responsibility will be abated slightly in favor of more “ministry” fare?

  15. I have been wondering… do we need to know a lot of Spanish?? Because i have been trying to learn.. but i am not very good yet still!!!

    • Kiana, No, you don’t need to know Spanish. There will be translators with you. However, it is good that you are trying to learn.

  16. i am so excited for this trip now!!!! i CANNOT wait to meet everyone 🙂 see ya’ll very soon! less than 2 months now!!! 😀

  17. Hey Esther,Thanks for your comments it’s really good to hear from others also going on this trip. 😉

  18. Hi Ben and Kiana. I am 15 and I am also going on this trip. I just wanted to let you knoe that your comments are really encouraging. Hopefully I will see you at camp. Esther 🙂

  19. Will you be doing this next summer? I REALLY want to go, but it would be impossible for me to get this kind of money by this year. please respond

  20. “Sorry” The Individual Team Fact Sheets.

  21. When do they come out, if I may ask?

  22. Oh ok, well thank you anyways. 🙂

  23. Hello… I was originally supposed to go on the Uganda team and I switched teams. I have recieved new prayer cards but I did not recieve new team fact sheets. Does anyone know how I could get those?

  24. Hello ben.. My name is kiana.. My mom is wendy .. Im 17 and live in new mexico.USA ..as my mom had said, I haave been struggling with wanting to go.. But it means so much to me and thank you for the encouragement. Its wonderful to hear from someone who is also going!! God is going to do wonders tthis summer and im so blessed with the opportunity of this trip and I will not take it.forgranted!! I just wanted to share this with you in place of your comment. Thank you and I will ssee you at camp 🙂

  25. Hi Wendi,I am 17 I live in New zealand and am going on this trip this summer,I am probably just as nervous.It will be my first time out of NZ.I am nervous but what I do is I remember that I am going on this mission to serve GOD and we are doing His work as he had guided and instructed us to do,and if we are serving Him He will guide us and protect us according to His will.So trust GOD and he will guide you were He wants you.Please don’t back out (though it is your choice) I encourage you to pray and ask for GODs peace.and I will hopefully see you at camp.

  26. Hello…my daughter is going on this trip this summer. We have prayed about it for a long time and know this is what God wants for her. However the closer it gets the more scared she is. Im hoping for her to hear from some of you whove been through this or possibly some who are going this summer. I think hearing from some teens her age who have gone or are going through this will encourage her. Shes talking about backing out and though im going to miss her terribly I know she shouldnt. Please help. Thanks and God bless…..Wendi

  27. Will the horses that we ride be real horses or is it the fake ones on a stick that we will ride? If we register will be able to go to this trip or is there a max amount of people that can go.

  28. Is it possible for a parent to also go on a trip?

  29. How would i get on the waiting list for girls if it is still possible for me to join up?

    • Rachael, Go ahead and register and ask to be put on the waiting list when you register. However, you will want to go ahead and start raising support. All the support will switch over.

  30. Hello, I was looking around and Im definitely very interested in this trip as missions trips and serving for God is my passion. I was wondering what kindof outreaches we would be doing and if we are working with kids? the past missions trips I’ve been on are things like VBS’s and work projects and I was wondering if it was like that? I am also an experience horse rider and spanish speaker so this looks like something right up my ally as well. I am a girl though and I see that female spots are looking rather filled and this summer (2011) I might be going on another missions trip. I was wondering if this opportunity is available summer of 2012 also? Another thing is I was wondering how the teams have meetings and especially with teens from different states? I am currently 15 so I was also wondering the ages for this trip? What you guys are doing sounds awesome and if I can’t join this summer, have a fantastic time and God’s grace and love be with you all. Your team is in my prayers

    • Hannah, The outreaches will vary and will be what the host missionary/pastor arranges. You will also be doing work projects as listed in the write-up. We are working on the 2012 projects and those will be posted late in the summer. Everyone meets together for two weeks of “Boot Camp” training in Florida and at the end, you will have a three day Debrief. The ages for this trip is 13 on up.

  31. are there girl spots left?

  32. Will a trip like this be offered again? Or is this a once in a life time opportunity?

  33. Sorry, I didn’t get the message in time (we’re on Pacific time). I’ll try to call you tomorrow. I look forward to catching up a bit!

  34. Hi Beth,

    It’s Tracy (Hill) McWhorter. How are you?! My son Matthew is interested in this trip. Is there still room for any young men? Please let me know when you get a chance.



  35. do you have to finesh high school to be able to go to the colege in tmi?

  36. I can’t come this year so will there be a similar trip next summer?

  37. ok.. can you let me know when you find out?

  38. Are there any girl spots!?

    • Lindsey, We have been off for two weeks and I won’t know until I get to work tomorrow and see the registrations that came in over the holidays.

  39. Charles Burkholder

    sorry I forgot that there’s boot camp and that we’re going to fly out of Miami

  40. Charles Burkholder

    I badly want to go on this trip but can’t spend $2900. I’m close to new york so I won’t need to fly from orlando to new york. Any sponsorships from other people or something to lower the cost me?

  41. Happy New Years everyone!!! Take care and Keep the faith all 2011

  42. Is it full yet?

    • Rach, There were 1-2 spots left for girls when we left for Christmas break. I am not sure what came in on registrations over the holidays.

  43. Are Rod and Donna Frey the leaders for this trip?

  44. Looking forward to this summer. All of you have a great, wonderful, safe and blessed Christmas.

  45. Are there any other mission trips like this

  46. How much time will we get to spend with the horses
    How safe is Honduras
    Can I still join

  47. SO excited:)

  48. Excited for 2012~ I love riding horses (have been since I was 3)

  49. so I went on this trip this summer. we didn’t take care of the horses, the people bring the horses to the place your staying and you ride to the next village then they take the horses back. we got new horses every time.
    we didn’t sleep in tents either, we slept in the church building just on our sleeping bags/mats, it was really fun though. its a perty tough team but its awsome. you should definetly go on it, it will probably change your life, it changed mine 🙂

  50. Honduras is a great place to go on a mission trip! I went this summer.

  51. Yes please put me on the waiting list!

  52. Is there still room on this trip?

  53. hello! wow.. i am so excited for this trip… do they teach us how to ride?

  54. Where we will be staying. I read the description and it only said a bus ride the by boat?

  55. Where will debrief be?

  56. How fast is the team filling up? Is there still room for me?

  57. willthis be a good chance for practicing and learning spanish and exactly how long will we be staying in the honduras and how safe is it

  58. Rod and Donna Frey

    yes they will be taking care of the horses

  59. how much time will they spend with the horses, and will they be taking care of the horses?

  60. Will we be taught how to ride a horse?

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