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2008 Missions TripMission Trip Dates: June 12 – July 30 — Work/Evangelism

Leave your boot prints on the same soil where Jesus walked!

After Commissioning, you bus to Orlando International Airport for a flight to New Yorks JFK International Airport. A connecting flight takes you across the Atlantic Ocean, France, Italy and the Mediterranean Sea before arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel. From there you bus through scenic countryside over the rugged hills surrounding Jerusalem, and on past Rachels Tomb to Bethlehem, the hometown of King David and birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Your mission trip will be hosted by Bethlehem Bible College, your team will continue work on their new student building. Projects will include paving the parking lot, landscaping and painting the building. Housing will be in dorms; showers are available. In Bethlehem you may see the Church of the Nativity and nearby Shepherds Field.

Feel the presence of the Lord as you visit Christs Church, the oldest Protestant church in Jerusalem, and other historical sites such as Gethsemane, the Via Dolorosa, Calvary and the Garden Tomb. Nearby are the Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock, built on the site of Solomon’s temple. Descending the Mount of Olives on the road of Jesus’ triumphal entry, you will see the Golden Gate where He entered the city and where many await His return. Barter with traders in the maze of shops in the Old City for olive wood carvings, Arab clothing and Hebron glass.

Project Expense : $3890 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. I’m sorry to have to post this here but I’m interested in the Flordia Bible college is there any staff members what could direct me to a page for them or contact information both of which I can not find.
    Ps I want to the Belize mission trip

  2. Do I need to bring work gloves, a bucket and toilet paper or are they given out at boot camp?

    • Rachael, Yes, you will need to bring a bucket and toilet paper. We will give you toilet paper, but you will want the “soft” kind…We give work gloves, but I would bring a pair or two also.

  3. Thanks for the update. I have another question. I am confused about the deadline for Karly’s finances. The paper that we received to pass out about the mission trip says May 15th for the deadline, but the newsletter says May 1st. We have been telling our friends the 15th. Should I still send her donations in after May 1st? or what do with those monies?

    • Alice, It is May 1 for Early Boot Camp and May 15 for Super Boot Camp. She is in Early Boot Camp. However, that is a “goal”. The total project expense is due the day she arrives. We don’t want you holding any money as we still have to pay for things up front. Yes, you can still send in after May 1.

  4. My daughter is going to Israel. We have been looking through all the information that has been sent. I cannot find a specific fact sheet for her trip that is mentioned in the general information. Has that been sent? If so, can I get another one sent.

  5. hey everyone here is the official facebook group for the trip, if you are on the trip come get to know your team members!

  6. please send me more information. my 17 year old would like to go. can you tell me if it is too late to sign for any of the mission trips. thanks!

  7. Melissa Nicholas

    Hey guys, I’m going on this trip! If you are too hit me up on facebook!

  8. Brian (cheryl) Mathys

    My son wants to go on this trip. Is it sill available?

  9. Is there still room for this trip?? God is definitely calling me to Israel and this sounds like a great opportunity. Is there still a need for leaders?

  10. Hey, if you are actually registered for this team, FB me!
    Email: [email protected]
    Name: Anne Kraus
    Contradiction: I know

  11. Thanks so much!

  12. OOps!
    Thought it didn’t go through!
    So sorry!

  13. Hey Beth,
    I’m an FTM (Bulgaria/2010) who is currently signed up for ATW, but after alot of prayer, I feel really led to switch to this team, I know that it is closed, but is there a queue that I could be on, in case of a cancellation?
    Thank you and God-bless!

  14. Hello! My friend and I were looking into this trip. Is there still room for this trip?

    • Kellie, I know that the Bethlehem team is closed or very close to being closed to girls. I am not sure right now where we are. However, the Israel, Hope School is still open and is just down the street.

  15. Is ther a group on facebook 4 this team?When are they sending the list of people on the team?

    • Karly, I am not sure about Facebook. Several have posted on this forum concerning FB, so scroll and check. We will send a list out later in the spring.

  16. Thankyou Beth also do you know what kind of payment distribution methods are offered if any (such as monthly payments) and if there is still space in the other trip to Israel

    • Karli, We have 1-2 spots left for girls (not sure what came in over the weekend). You pay as the money comes in. We don’t require a certain amount to come in monthly. As long as you have the total amount by the time you arrive at Boot Camp, you will be fine. We will call you before we do the final booking of the tickets so that you can switch if you don’t think you will have enough money. We ask that you not hold the money as we do need to pay for things ahead of time.

  17. What is the registration fee?? and also if i flew or bused to florida whould there be a possible transportation arrangement from the airport to the bootcamp?

    • Schneeloch, The registration fee is $30 (U.S.) and $35 Canadian. We provide transportation from the Orlando International Airport and Titusville Bus Station only.

  18. is this team full?

    • We have had a couple of cancellations, but I am not sure what came in over the holidays. Please go ahead and register, but make sure you put a second choice. If you want on the waiting list, you need to indicate that on your registration.

  19. I would love to learn more about this trip if you could please send me more information about it. Thankyou. mlg.

  20. Where would I email my prayer card picture

  21. I really feel like God’s calling me to be on this team, im signing up this weekend, soo excited^^ i went to Brazil last summer with TMI, it was amazing(: do any of u guys who are planning on going have facebook? cuz u should add me! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1620155668

  22. So, I was wondering how much something like this would cost…My friend and I really want to go on a Mission Trip, but neither one of us has much money..

    • KK, The cost is listed on our web site. As stated below, we provide prayer letters and prayer cards to help you raise your support.

  23. Is there still room on the team? i wanna sign up but is there still room? Also is it first come first serve?

  24. This sounds like an amazing opportunity however my mother and I are worried about the safety, as far as politics go. Also, would we have a lot of evangelism opportunities.

    • Grace, The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will and I don’t say that lightly. My daughter is on this team. We will not knowingly send any team into a dangerous situation. We will (and have) switched teams, even at the last moment, due to volatile situations in a particular country. We are in contact with the missionaries and they will let us know if it is not safe to send in a team.

  25. SarahGrace Dorsey

    Wondering a little bit about this trip, how do I look more into it? I’d love to go, seems to be where God’s calling me!

  26. What are the housing arrangements?

  27. So excited to go! If its God’s will for me to go i shall be heading to Teen missions for 1st time!:)

  28. Just signed up! Cant wait to be an ftm headed for ISRAEL!

  29. I’m really excited!

  30. where does this team debrief?

  31. Victoria (FTM – Florida Covered Wagon / 2009) just registered for this trip! We’re mailing the registration fee.

  32. Seth-Please call or email the office with your specific questions.

  33. o my lanta this sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!

  34. Hi id like to know if a lady leader is signed up for this trip already or if i can still sign up?

  35. I would love to learn more about this trip if you could please send me more information about it. Thankyou 🙂

  36. Please send more information about this trip, number of leaders, number of youth, training etc.

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