Sicily | Preteen Missions Trip

2009 Preteen Boot Camp

Mission Trip Dates: June 29 – August 6 β€” Work/Evangelism

Experience beautiful Mediterranean sunrises and sunsets from your project site on the island of Sicily, located near the southern tip of Italy!

Following Boot Camp this team will bus to the Orlando International Airport and fly across the Atlantic Ocean to London, England. A connecting flight then takes you to Catania, located on the island of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. From the airport you bus along the shores of the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, passing Greek temples, castles and Norman churches.

You will travel through Syracuse, a city founded by the Greeks in 743 BC, and on to Ispica, where your project is located. Your project will be to landscape and to build a sidewalk at a beautiful Christian camp that is located in an olive grove on the mountainside.

There will be opportunities to help the pastor with door-to-door evangelism and to present the Gospel through music, drama and puppets to those staying at the campground. Housing will be in dorms; showers are available. Laundry will be done using buckets.

During your free time you may enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean. There will be opportunities to shop for t-shirts, hand-painted pottery, soccer jerseys and wood carvings.

Project Expense: $3690 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. I’m at home!!! i miss everyone already!!!!!

  2. Stephanie (Jacob's mom)

    Beth, We are planning to come for the launch next week. It says that parents are invited. Wondering if Jacob’s grandparents and sister can come as well. It is wonderful to be able to check in and see what the kids are up to. My husband went in ’84 to Haiti. Thanks so much for all you do!

    • Stephanie, Yes, they may come. Please make sure that everyone is dressed according to the dress code (pants, shirts with sleeves, closed-toe shoes, lots of bug repellent and water).

  3. So excited i leave for boot camp in 2 hours.

  4. When I said there I ment Boot Camp

  5. Beth, (if your still on) do we have beds in Sicily? If we do can we leave our air mat there?

  6. What time do we have to be at boot camp if we are coming On Wednesday? I am at a hotel near Disney World right now, so I do not have any papers that tell me! We flew in yesterday from Akron.

  7. so excited!!!! i wil be there tomorrow afternoon.

  8. See all of you (who are coming Tuesday) tomorrow!!!!!

  9. Hey it’s me again I guess my previous post was not my last one! So tomorrow!!!!!!! i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am going to detroit tonight after school where i am right now:( then tomorrow i will be flying to Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nobod will probably see this post but oh we;;!

  10. Ha ha beth my parents would say the same exact thing!! anyhow you all get out school earlier than me!! If i was not going on this missions trip i would have school till wednesday! but my last day is tomorrow!!:( So only 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so excited!!!! just getting everything together and stuff!! this will most likely be my last post untill i get to meet you all!!!!!!!!!! see you on tuesay for those coming that day!!!!

  11. Can I turn in my passport information card at boot camp because I just got my passport last week and if we mail it, it will not get there in time. Also, I have a check that I need to mail, can I also turn that in?

  12. haaha, thats so cool . we’re gonna be great frieends πŸ™‚
    4 moredaays<3

  13. beth ,i noticed on the picture sheet that on our team theres going to be a boy named BJ Kostner. is that your son, or relative in anyway? im just curious:)


  15. Do you need any of mine because I did not get an email

  16. beth
    we don’t seem to have either of those forms what should we do?

  17. oh okay i went yesterday once i heard that the dorms do not include bedding and got an inflatable recreation mat.

  18. do we still wash our own laundry in italy ? & do we sleep in beds but we have to bring our own blankets and stuffs? thanks beth .

  19. beth does that mean that if we didn’t get an email that we don’t have any forms missing?

  20. Only 6 more days! It is hard to believe in a week from now I will be at boot camp!!! I can not wait!!!!

  21. yeah I am not bringing a sleeping bag so I might be a tad uncomfortable too:) I have a small blanket for if I want it though I probably wont

  22. beth, few questions .
    how many leaders are going to be with our team?
    is it cold at night in florida? i didnt think so because everyone talks about the heat being unbearable when theyre trying to sleep . but my mom said to pack an extra warm sleeping bag for when i sleep .. what do i do ?
    & are the health forms that we have to get signed, on the website so i can print them out? or is there anyway you could email them to me?
    THANKS .
    7 DAYS ! oh my gooodness, im so excited that everytime i think about itt, i get goosebumps πŸ™‚

    • Devan, It is not ever cold in Florida in the summer. You will only need a light-weight blanket or sleeping bag. You have plenty of leaders. I emailed all missing forms in the past week or two. Please check.

  23. hey kelsey first of all i have no idea what scheel’s is we do not have them in canada! and second of all my parents told me to man up and just bring a sleeping bag it would only be for two weeks because we have dorms in sicily and on debrief! πŸ™ sad face! but i’ll man up and not try to rage quit! if push comes to shove they might have them at the boot camp general store! btw sorry if i use slangb you don’t under stand i.e.(rage quit, sad face) and only 6 days untill we meet everyone!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I am coming on the 28th my flight gets in at 11:15

  25. nadia, canadians end school around the 29th of june & we start school around the 8th of september. i like how its set up in the states better though πŸ™‚

  26. Yeah Dylan! I bought a 3lb camping mat at Scheels and it is light but it also another layer to keep you above the ground and it folds up quite small.

  27. just 7 days left before we arrive (i’m coming on the 28th). we got the rest of my stuff today. exciting! My sports are golf, sailing, rifle shooting. I’m also into boy scouting. my mom asked me today what i’m most excited about –> getting to Sicily and doing the Bible programs and building the sidewalk. what about u?

  28. Beth, if we are on an Work/EV team do we need any casual outfits?

  29. Beth, is a air matress essential or optional? because i have a sleeping bag and everything but i am thinking that it will add too much weight to my luggage. so is it okay just to sleep with a sleeping bag?

  30. I also forgot to mention that I also do Tae Kwon Doe. (it is a sport)

  31. Isaac, we start school at the end if August. Our first day is August 23, which is also my 12th birthday. When do Canadiens start school?

  32. Beth
    I was wondering if there is an official packing list? I have read through the general fact sheet… just wondering.

  33. See you guy in 9 days! (for those of you coming on the 28th, 10 days for the 29th)

  34. Hey isaac you probably heard about that riot in vancouver did you see any of it? Just because the bruins won and everything! any ways 10 days left! it came up so quickit seems like just last week it was october and i had like 200 days to go not anymore! And isaac btw in ontario we do not have middle school we have elementry( Jk/SK to grade 8) and highschool ( grade9 to 12) well see you 10 days from now!!!!!!

  35. hey Nadia when do start school again because we canadiens still have 12 days left

  36. Beth are you guys giving us water bottle or do we bring are own.

    P.S. i forgot to put judo as a sport that i do.

  37. I can not believe I am going to Italy! My mom is helping me pack all my things today. I can not wait to go to boot camp! 12 more days!

  38. Do we have to bring our own blankets?

  39. We got out of school on May 22!!!! Only 12 more days! Almost out of double digits!!!

  40. For the Americans on the team: are you already on summer vacation? our last day is on the 29th! i will have to miss 3 days of school to go to boot camp! you guys are lucky but don’t you go back in August? we go back in september! 12 days

  41. 13 days left! I can’t say i am overlly excited to got to boot camp and get up early and do the obstacle course but i am really excited to meet everyone and the whole experience yet nervous also! any way i think i’ll live. so i presume everyone has their fundraising complete. am i correct? so everyone have a great day!

  42. Sooo excited for you guys! (:

  43. My mom was wondering if we need any shots before we go?

  44. Hey, I can not wait for bootcamp! I am SO excited! I wish I would be there right now!

  45. I play soccer, basketball, baseball and football. For musical instruments, I play the piano and guitar.

    14 days left! I can’t wait!!!

  46. for sports i do soccer basket ball foot ball for instruments i play piano guitar and violin 14 days left

  47. If we are driving to BC, do we come on the 28th or the 29th. Seems like we can come in on the 28th after 10am up to 29th by 10am. Is that right?

  48. So excited 15 days till i go to boot camp im going the 28th.

  49. Beth,
    Is there a way to find out if there have been any online donations suporting me? Will we get a final balance sheet showing our remaining money due?
    Thank you.

  50. Hi Amy thank you for writing me.

  51. Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Cant wait to meet you all!

  52. Hi. I see every one having conversation but I feel bad because I havent been writing to anyone. πŸ™ sorry I havent written

  53. how long will we be at bootcamp?

  54. Hey, I was wondering, my uncle has some euros he does not want and I heard they use euros in Italy, would I be aloud to biring them to use as spending money?

  55. Beth, do we have to bring buckets or not?


    P.S 19 days till I will be in FL (I am coming on the 28th)!!!
    I am really excited to meet you all!

  56. I was wondering how long your parents should write to you at boot camp?

  57. All i can attempt playing is the radio. as for singing, just no to be blunt i sound like a dying elephant to say it nicely! but there is only 21 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am soooooo looking forward to meeting all of you!

  58. i play Trombone and I know how to play base guitar an I’m also good at singing. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. My bad, 22 days.

  60. I play soft ball, soccer and I am thinking about trying basketball.
    For instruments, I play the piano and just started taking flute this year.
    Only 21 more days left!

  61. I play basketball and I do swim team and i might do football if are school makes a team.

    23 days.

  62. how much in spending money should we bring?

  63. jacob, i know im a girl and all but i love to play sports. volley, baseball, soccer & baseball mostly . i tried to play tennis for awhile, but it is alot harder than wii sports makes it out to seem . jacob, what sports do you play? πŸ™‚

  64. Hi I like to play soccer and hockey but I’m not big on watching them

  65. Well jacob i not huge into sports but i am in a baseball league, 5 pin-bowling league ( a canadian sport bowling but with 5 pins and a smaller ball i is alot harder than it sounds) and dodgeball league that is at my school. so you’re from Georgia right? savanha to be exact? i am triing to memorize all the people’s names and locations before i get to boot camp! ttyl! πŸ™‚

  66. beth oh ok thank you

  67. hey guys. i just found out about this site. i was reading through the comments and i saw that isaac wanted to know if anybody played instruments. just to tell you – i play piano. i’m looking forward to meeting all the faces on the sheet. is anybody real big into sports? i know they call soccer, football. so maybe we should call football, soccer?

  68. my email has been changed because it was hacked so how can i get those emails to my new adress

    • Savannah, Anything sent in emails would be in the monthly letters that were mailed. No need to resend via email.

  69. Beth my email account has been hacked so I haven’t revived any of the emails that have been sent out for the past.2 months so what do I need to do if any emails have been sent

    • Savannah, You should have been receiving monthly updates from our office via snail mail. That should keep you up to date.

  70. Beth, I have work boots that are steel toed is that okay because i know that is not required but is it acceptable?

  71. Do we have to bring buckets? Or are they going to be supplied?

    P.S 33 days to go

  72. I took teens to the place in Sicily where you are going and the family who asked you to come is wonderful. They love Jesus so much. Their church is also wonderful. It is small, but there are not many Christian churches in that area. You can pray for them, as you pray for your money to come in. I loved it there! Also, the bread is some of the best you’ve tasted, so you boys who are hungry all the time, look forward to the bread. You might get some pizza made by some very nice people and while it is NOT like Pizza Hut, you will really enjoy it. So, you will have enough good food to eat along with what your leaders cook for you every day. I am praying for you to raise all your support money. Keep working, keep praying, keep talking to people. Remember, you are doing God’s work this summer and don’t forget to tell people that. God Bless y’all.

  73. 34 days btw and beth how much should the phone ard be that we get and if i get in canada will it be valid in usa and sicily?

  74. I can not wait for the trip! 1 more month!

  75. Ok, Thanks!!

  76. I only see “Kelsey,”

  77. I am flying…who should I email it to?

  78. Ok, soo I was told we are supposed to have some cards to fill out information about our travel plans for this summer and that we should have gotten them with one of the newsletters but I checked and I did not get any do you know what to do about that?

    • Kelsey, Email us your transportation information. If someone other than your parents are picking you up, we will need the cars though.

  79. haaha , i love reading the comments page . it makes me soo pumped up for this summer ! (:
    Beth, or anyone, do you know where i can my health form notarized?

  80. just wondering do any of you play instruments?

  81. In North Dakota it can easily be -30 degrees farenheight. However, last summer I got used to the heat at boot camp! In fact, I missed it when I got home! πŸ™‚ Some get used to the heat, others do not! You never know until you experience it! It does take time, though! πŸ™‚

  82. 50 days left.

  83. Beth for photos can I bring my Digital camera or do i have to use desposables?

    • Dylan, A digital is better. Bring a big enough memory card and make sure it can take regular batteries.

  84. Burrrrrrr but i guess you get used to it

  85. No way I’m not ready for 106degree weather But i guess i will have to be if you came to canada in the winter you would have to get used to temperature that could be as cold as -25 celsius or -18 farenhiet!

  86. I am not ready for it, no:) Beth, I was wondering…I got the Specific Team Fact Sheet today and it said we had an overnight in Dusseldorf, Germany. Our flight gets in at 12:35pm and we leave the next morning…what are we going to be doing that afternoon?

  87. I have a question all u guys who live in really cold places are you ready for 106 weather

    P.S i have not raised my money yet still working but God is good

  88. God is sooo good!! I just got a check in the mail from my church for $800.00!!

  89. by the way I was wondering if I already stated I was christian

  90. Hey Seuraya!
    Welcome to Team Sicily! πŸ™‚ It just snowed here in North Dakota yesterday…but only a little and most of it is melted! All this cold weather makes me excited for the 90 degree plus farenheight weather we will be in in Sicily! Plus, we will get plenty of sunlight at boot camp! I am praying for all of you and your support! I am so excited to meet all of you!

  91. Isaac here is a trick double the temperature in celsius and add thirty to get the temperature in farenheit

  92. Oh my goodness that is CRAZY the highest i have seen is about 38 Celcius or 106 farenhiet( P.S. I live in a border city with the US so i know celsius and farenheit)

  93. when I was doing a bake sale one of my dads co-workers told me that he has gone to Italy and when he went it was 54ΒΊC ( I don’t no F sorry )

  94. I FINALY raised all of my funds surprisingly people where sending me money and I never new until the usher of my church said that people where sending me lots of money through the donation hampers! god bless : )

    PS~ a good way to raise money is to do a bake sale

  95. Not even close:)

  96. once i send in what i have at home i will have $225 to go!!! god is good πŸ™‚

  97. Hey isaac offically I have not raised alll my funds but once i send the rest of the donations in I will have all my funds! how bout you?

  98. has anyone raised all their funds?

  99. Hi im mitchell my cousin savanah is going on the mission and my friend noah cant wait to meat u all.

  100. Happy Easter/ Resurrection Day

  101. Beth,

    This is Tracy, Dylan’s Aunt. We have inadvertently misplaced the info sheet that lists the times of the kids arrival and return. Can you either tell me that info or show me where if posted on your website I can get it, Also can he be booked on a flight from Orlando back to Detroit on 06Aug at 1350 or is that too early. What is the earliest they can leave the camp to get to the airport and how far are u from the airport. I know it is Good Friday but if you can get back to me by 3pm this afternoon I would like to book the flights today since they are such a great price.
    Thank You

    • Dylan/Tracy, We put the monthly letters (which has this information) on our web site. The Preteens can arrive anytime in this 24 hour window: 10 AM June 28 to 10 AM June 29. They can fly home on Aug. 6 between 9 AM and 3 PM from the Orlando International Airport. We are 45 minutes from the airport and the bus leaves Boot Camp around 6 AM.

  102. Noah if you are asking if I posted form school yes i did and i am posting this from school right now!!!

  103. Oh! Ok! I was just curious:)

  104. Ok so I got my April newsletter today and it had my finance record, newsletter, and a packing list in it. I thought you said that you were going to send out the Specific Team Fact Sheets witht the newsletter. I was wondering if you have not sent them yet or if Mine just did not get in the envelope?
    The letter was postmarked April 14th 2011 from Orlando, Fl
    Thanks a million!

    • Kelsey, We are still working on it. It is in the proofing process. Everyone is working outside this week to get all the Big Tops up and to get everything ready for Boot Camp.

  105. Yeah to most people but I lived in NY before Fl so yeah and did you post from school.

  106. good luck you guys cant wait to see you at boot camp

  107. ha i know and i cannot wait!!! Canada has it’s priviliges but the weather is not one of them! but tommorrow it’s supposed to be 16 Celcius or 64 farenheit! Warm weather at last but this is probably cool weather for the team members in Florida

  108. Don’t worry Dylan you will be in Italy this summer :). 72 days.

  109. have they done this trip before

  110. oh, okay thanx Beth and btw it’s snowing where i am right now IN THE MIDDLE OF APRIL, it stinks!!!!!!! πŸ™ we need some warm weather

  111. Where are we going to be on the field i know on the prayer card it says ispica(Ragusa), Sicily,Italy but is that where we vare going to be or is that the mailing address?

  112. Are we going to Italian churches or doing are own little group thing together.

  113. Im so excited!!!

  114. We are taking classes in construction (Brick laying, trusses, ditches, etc.) Evangelism, puppets and stuff like that. I think:D

  115. Do you guys know what classes we are taking. 79 days.

  116. Hi again! I was wondering if you have an estimate of when the fact sheets will be sent out?
    Thanks, Kelsey
    P.S I am homeschooled:D

  117. So true Beth so true.

  118. Hey Seuraya i’m homeschooled too πŸ™‚
    can’t wait to meet u all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  119. I’m from Florida Seuraya that is great that another person is coming on this trip.
    P.S Beth do you know the final count yet for are team.

  120. Hi everyone I am new to TMI and new to this forum, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Seuraya Morgan and I am from Florida. I’m excited to go to Sicily for our mission. It’s going to my best homeschool field trip ever! Is any one else from Florida or homeschooled? I can’t wait to meet you all.

  121. Ok, Thanks Beth!!

  122. Savannah the trip was a really great experience we painted a school their bathroom their cafeteria, and a church rec center. We hung out with the kids made friends and just had a great time.
    P.S could all you guys pray for the team most of us came back with something can’t wait to see you guys :

  123. Ok, so I have a question: I am going to be flooded in to the point a UPS truck will not be able to deliver a package to my house till probably at least the last week of April and I know that the Specific Team Fact Sheet is supposed to come this month. I was wondering how I would get that then because they would just send it back after trying to get there 3 times.
    P.S They will not have access as of tomorrow

    • Kelsey, That will be sent by regular mail. We have not sent them out yet as they are still being proofed.

  124. CIAO NADIA πŸ™‚
    im from canaanada. its starting to get warmer so i have some car washes and stufffs planned. they fundraise aaa bunch of money, so theres an idea.
    I still haave around $2200 to fundraise, so pray for me guys! I can’t wait to see all yous.
    and uhhm, starbucks is better πŸ™‚

  125. hey guys im so excited only 83 days and noah i was wondering how the mission trip went cause my cusions went on that trip

  126. Sorry i have not posted in awhile i have been in costa rica for another missions trip with my friend mitchell.I’m just wondering how you guys are doing and how fund raising is going cant wait to meet you guys. 84 days till boot camp.
    P.S (Tim Hortan’s is awesome)

  127. Lucky it’s 36 farenheit or 3 celcius where i am i am longing for warm weather but isaac it’s probably alot colder where you are!

  128. Im from Florida. Home of mosquitos and sunburns in the middle of February.

  129. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in the summer! I can’t wait!

  130. Welcome to the team Nadia! πŸ™‚ I look forward to meeting you this summer!

  131. Please pray for me! I still have $2200 left to raise and I am getting nervous. I hope all of you are getting along OK!

  132. cool I live in canada and this will be my first time out Canada and the U.S. so i am really excited also! only 86 days too boot camp

  133. by the way I’m Christian. I think I said that in a old note but i cant remember

  134. I just earned 300 dollars in a bake sale. does anyone els have ideas for a fundraiser for our missions or something else like that?

  135. I can’t believe I’m going to Italy! This isn’t my first time out of the country, and this isn’t my first time on a missions trip. But, this is my first time on a missions trip out of the country.

  136. I don’t believe I have been to Tim Horton’s either! I’m sure my parents know what it is though. I lived in Canada from when I was 1-5, so I don’t remember everything! But Canadian Smarties are the best! πŸ™‚
    I am so glad that all of us are having a good time communicating on the forum! It makes me excited to think that we are all going to get along so well! πŸ™‚

  137. Brianna what state do you live in? cause tim horton’s is like a dunkin donuts except better!!!!!!

  138. Tim Horton’s?

  139. No i don’t have your email devan

  140. dylan, haahha, no. we dont have to pay any money to order them. When we sell them to people they have to pay $35 and we get to keep $10 of that. do you have my email address? just email me. πŸ™‚

  141. Isaac in the U.S.A. they don’t have Zeller’s,Swiss Chalet, Coffee Crisp, all dressed chips, ketchup chips and some states don’t have TIM HORTON”S can you believe it i could not live a winer without TIM HORTON”S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. For secular : Nickelback, Train and lady gaga! ( just kiddindg about the lady gaga)!
    for non-secular I like casting crowns, DC talk, skillet, chris tomlin and the revelation song by Kari Jobe! πŸ™‚ have a good day!

  143. Isaac Secular or non- secular?

  144. hey Dylan I looked at the older comments and yes I do have Email as well as a laptop but it only for school thats what the whole laptop program is. you basically just use laptops for anything and every thing : ) ( whats your favorite band? )

  145. but devan is it going ot cost yyou 35 dollars to order or will you selll them for 35 ollars because if you sell 50 for ten dollars each you would make $500 dolars but would have to pay $1750 for 50 of them so just talk to me and we will work out the details and stuff ok! see ya soon ( hopefully)!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  146. Ya devan, Pastor Dan and Ms. Nott asked me for a prayer sheet and stuff so maybe you would like to get them one also!!!! i see you got your prayer cards finally!!!!! anyway so that ‘s a good idea about thaft coupon book it would be worth yl and have good day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. haahha,i love this group! you all seem so friendly πŸ™‚
    Noah, yee thats a good idea. Did you just send the flyer and prayer card or did you write a note? i think people would be more willing to donate if you write them personally. Is that what you did?
    Amy, thats an amazing idea! It’d be fun too. But my church doesn’t support me for going on this missions trip. I’m a year too young and they wouldn’t let me organize dinners at the church and whatnot. It’s a maaajor setback. But I understand where they’re coming from.
    Dylan, haahha, yeeees! I need some of your connections!
    I have this idea where we’re ordering these coupon books and they’re $35 each. But inside they have discounts to every single store you can think of in Windsor. They have around $3000 worth of savings. We ordered 50 and if we sell them all we could make $500.
    thanks so much you guys! i can’t wait to get to know you all! πŸ™‚
    Till this summer,

  148. so that’s cool and Noah it’s under 100 days to boot camp!!!!!!!!! and Devan you can always talk to me if you need ideas!!! πŸ™‚ i think i could help you out okay so just talk to me!!! see you this afternoon!!!

  149. One idea I had for a fundraiser is maybe members of your youth group (if you attend a youth group) could maybe volunteer to help you and you could have a “Slave for God Day.” Slave for God is when you have an “auction” at maybe your church and have people bid how much they would pay you for you to come help/work for them for a certain amount of time. I’ve never tried it but I’m going to ask my youth leaders if they think it could work. Otherwise you could have a fundraising meal at your church maybe. I have done bakesales to raise money as well.
    So excited to meet all of you this summer, Lord willing! We are going to have an awesome group! πŸ™‚

  150. Devan i just wrote letters to people i know with the Teen Missions coupon and they sent money. I’m excited that you are going it should be great to have another person on the team. 100 days till boot camp almost out of the triple digits.

  151. heey guys. im going on this trip this summer and im soo very much excited,:)
    i really believe that this is what the lord wants me to do, but i still need help with fundraising. do you guys have any good ideas that you’ve used before that worked?
    any little thing would be aalot of help!

  152. I’m a male and that is weird that all the churches besides yours supported you but i guess you still got the money you needed though. 104 days left till boot camp I’m excited.

  153. yah my missions commity at my church wouldn’t support me because i was not going into highschool which i do not agree with so they still would not yet every other church i went ot supported me! oh well!

  154. Good for you Dylan!!! I still have like $2300 but my mission board (at my church) might give me up to $1000! I still have to hear from them though.

  155. hey noah um this might be a dumb question but are you male or female because i have a friend who is noah and she is female? anyway i am soooo happy for you and i already have all my money raised i only have to send it in! so 109 days left

  156. Fundraising is going good sent first deposit so im getting there. About 110 days till boot camp cant wait to meet you guys.

  157. I am predicting that Savannah Hoff is going on this trip πŸ˜‰

  158. hey everyone how is fundraising going? mine going well! so i look forward to meeting all of you! and in sicily they speak sicilian is that a dialect of i talian? well bye

  159. Okay noah i was just wondreing cause i got a friend named Noah Walker sorry bout that! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ God bless

  160. No my last name is Torres.

  161. Noah i am just wondering is your lastname walker? maybe not but just wondering!

  162. What is the Computer ID #

  163. I’m so excited first trip with teen missions but not my first mission trip. It is going to be G-R-E-A-T.

  164. Which number on my sticker is my Computer ID #?

    • Jacob, It is the number with an M at the beginning. However, you don’t need to worry about it as we go by the name now.

  165. this is my 1st time on a mission trip, but not my 1st time out of the country. really excited – i’ve wanted to do this a long time and my parents finally said yes!

  166. so i got my package and this time its mine but what are the computer id stickers and numbers?

    • Savannah, Did you get the stickers? If not, it will not be a problem. Just fill out the information on top of the sheets you have to turn in. You do not need a computer ID number as we go by the name now.

  167. Hey everyone!! Um beth wre is the canadian office? is it in Outlook SK? well anyhow can you bring like Multi-Vitamins or would you need a doctors note? okay? thanks and god bless! P.S. ( Good luck with fundraising)

  168. wow your so nice mitch

  169. Just got my package, this summer is going to be awesome! The kid in the picture swinging across the slough is me from Ecuador – 2 summers ago. This summer is going to be better cause my cousin, Savannah, is going to be there to do my laundry for me:)

  170. ok thanks

  171. i got a package today and its not mine so what should i do with it

    • Savannah, Please call our office tomorrow to let us know who’s package you received and we will let you know what to do. Thanks!

  172. Hi again! I was wondering: when should we purchase plane tickets to Boot camp?

    • Kelsey, You can purchase them anytime. Make sure you are in the 24 hour period alloted (which is in your monthly letter).

  173. so hi everyone! how is fundraising going? um what is KP? is it kitchen somehting? any god bless and i am praying for all of you! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  174. we have laptops at our school but they are for everybody. We don’t get assigned a specific laptop. But the students in special education classes are sometimes eligible for their own laptop. I’m not in special education classes so I don’t get that opportunity.

  175. the Laptop program is where you get laptops for class work

  176. their’s a video on this sight and it talks about some guy’s fundraising by passing around a rusty lawn mower and they said to put a tip on it and pass it along and they got about $1000 : )

  177. I think I might be going on this team. I am so excited. It is my first time going. What is the Laptop program? I have so many questions. I need to start fundraising. Anymore ideas?

  178. Ok! Thanks! (*preteens)

  179. Ok Thanks!!! I was also curious if the preteen ever get to do KP duty?

  180. Ok, I was wondering…What time do the preteens wake up? (no problem if its early.. I am an early bird but just curious) Also what is the daily schedule or do we do different things everyday?

    • Kelsey, Last year the Preteens got up with the teens at 5:30. You start with the Obstacle Course, then classes, free-time, bath and laundry time, meals and end with the evening rally.

  181. Hey meghann um i caled different churches around my community and asked if i could do a presentation at their churches and they said yes and i got a lot of fundraising done that way! also i was selling calenders to fundraise as well i went to CAW office and my mp office and told them what i was doing and they donated too so i hope this helps πŸ™‚ !!!

  182. Yay! Now I’ll have another girl to talk too:D Hi Meghann! Some fundraising tips would probably be
    Bake sales, garage sale, car washes, you could also talk to your school or do a dinner:) or smaller things like coin jars:) plus there is always support letters

  183. yaaa cant wait but does anyone have ideas for fundraising

  184. hey isaac do you every go to haney place mall? P.S. ( i used google maps)

  185. hey this is my first missions trip but my aunt and bro are ftm! um isaaqc i don’t
    know what the laptop program is? i am on the laptops at school right now but thats it ihave no idea what it is? so inform me about it pls! ttyl

  186. I am sooooooo excited!!!! I am a first timer but i have some FTMs that are helping me though and they gave the most awesome packing list! I am praying for all of you! about 140 days till Boot Camp!

  187. Have any of you guys every been on a missions trip before

    PS~are any of you guys in the laptop program (i am )

  188. Um beth how many preteens are already signed up? how many leaders will we have? and lastly dpo we have bob yost for a leader?

  189. Maybe if you guys registered under the forum we could talk more!
    (I already have a post under Sicily preteen)

  190. and ” lose my soul”

  191. hey so there are four canadians on the team that is sooo awsome! P.S. i love toby macs song “city on it’s knees” i think that is what it is called! i live in windsor ontario! it boarders the Usa detroit to be exact!!! ttyl


    witch part of Canada do you live in i live in BC Vancouver/ maple ridge

  193. Btw I switched my name on the chat back to Kelsey:)

  194. I am female:D My name is Kelsey and I live up by Canada (Winnipeg is about 3hrs from my house) in North Dakota. I will be 13 this summer. I am really excited to meet you guys!

  195. Hey sam i am just as ecstatic as you are !!! i have never been out of canada or the united states and this is my first time in airtravel!! so i am really ecxited! i go on vacatians but i just did not fly!!! i drove i drove 22 hours in three days to get to nova scotia and Prince Edward Island and it was not fun at all especially when you have 7 people in a 7person van!! talk about a head ache! so it will be really fun ttyl and god bless!

  196. um jesus freak are you male or female?

  197. I’m sorry i thought it did not post the first time so it posted it twice! sorry ; (

  198. Hey isacc i am canadian too!!! Go canada and jesus freak do you like dc talk ( a christian rap/ pop group) because that is one of their songs!!!!!!! i love em! any how there will be three canadians on the trip!!! Isacc, my friend and me!!!!!! i live in ontario near the USA but isacc i think you live in B.C.! i am looking forward to meeting you! i am 12 but will turn 13 on Aug 4th!

  199. Hey Jesus freak!!!!! do you like dvc talk cause that is what jesus freak is one of their albums!!! i love em any way hey um isacc i am canadian Too!!! i live in ontari near the USA you live in B.C. right? well just to let you know there will be three canadians on the team you,my friend and I. looking forward to meeting you!!!! XD : )

  200. Oh, I see! Thank you for answering my questions!! You do a great job!!

  201. Yeah, I havebeen registered since November. I am really excited!!!

  202. I am already registered for the team, I was wondering why it takes so long on registration day.

    • Kelsey, By the time you get through the Registration line and get settled in your tent, there is not a lot of time left.

  203. actually they already excepted me on the team

  204. Oh I’m already registered

  205. Thanks! What do you do when you register? Why does it take so long?
    Thank again for answering my questions it has been a ton of help!!!

    • Kelsey, You can register online (make sure you send in the registration fee and photo). We usually turn around the registrations in 1-2 days.

  206. Hi everyone I’m going on this mission trip!

    PS~I’m Canadian

  207. hey I’m going on this missions trip to! I look forward to seeing you gusy ( I just found out that you could post stuff

  208. I’m 12 turning 13 on July 12, I am so happy that I get to go, I can not wait, I’m so happy πŸ™‚

  209. if we arrive at Boot Camp on the 28th then what will we do until the 29th when the rest of the people get there?
    Thanks, Kelsey

  210. Hey Bree i am soooooooo sorry my parents said the same thing when i was your age and i was mad!!!! XD But now i relize they wre rigfht i do not think i was not mature enough! i don’t know your maturity level but i expect you are very mature to want to go but if your parents said no i would think it was for a good reason? well i am sorry and i hope to see you next year! : )

  211. i’m sorry too bree =(

  212. I’m sorry, Bree! I will be praying that God gives you the grace to accept your parent’s decision. It’s hard, but now that I am almost leaving home I realize just how much of the time my parents were right in so many of their decisions. And they really did want the best for me. Prayers coming your way!

  213. my parents said no. I’m really mad! ={

  214. I have often found that God speaks through my parents. There have been years that I wanted to go on a mission trip, but my parents decided they felt that that wasn’t a time I should go. There are plenty of opportunities throughout your life to go on a mission trip. Although God also calls you to go on trips when you are younger sometimes. Praying for all of you, Team Sicily!!!

  215. Thanks! I am looking forward to meeting you all this summer!
    I will be praying for you guys!

  216. Goodness I have a lot of questions! I was wondering if it would be okay to wear a modest one piece swimsuit with swim short and a swimsuit material shirt over it. That is what I usually wear and I was just kind of that would be okay.

    • Kelsey, You are required to have a one-piece swim suit. If you choose to wear shorts over that and a shirt, that is fine. However, you will need a knee-length cover-up and shorts are not considered a cover-up.

  217. About when will the specific team fact sheet come?

  218. Hi, I am registered for this team and my parents are wondering how and where preteens will be picked up at the Orlando International Airport. I am really excited for this summer and I am looking forward to meeting you all!!

    • Kelsey, Have your parents call the office the day before you fly (you will be flying as an “unaccompanied minor” and we will give them the name of the person picking you up and we will meet you at your gate. You will call your parents once you meet up with a TMI representative (so bring a calling card!).

  219. I just registered my son today, and his first choice was Belize (still listed on the registration page, though I found through comments on the South Africa page that belize was cancelled), and Sicily was his 2nd choice, so I’m hoping he gets on it!

    • Kelly, I did put a boy on Sicily who’s first choice was Belize. Since Belize is cancelled, we will give the second choice if it is still available.

  220. hey Bree, Eli, Maranta just wondering are any of you from B.C. ( British Columbia) or anywhere in canada? just wondering because i live in ontario and it would be cool if there were 3 canadians on this team! see ya

  221. well we can always use another team member someone else serving the lord!

  222. me too! and thanx for they prayer you guys!:)

  223. Well Bree i really hope your parents let you go

  224. is it okay to wear glasses at boot camp????

  225. I’m glad i only have a couple weeks until i get to make my desicion with my parents about going!:)

  226. Beth Kostner will you be a leader or something like that on this trip?

  227. Yeah I will turn 13 on Aug. 4th when we are on debrief but that is still cool!! I am stiil am praying for you!

  228. 11, but when we go I wiil be 12.

  229. thANKS dylan and i hope you get your funds too by

  230. Hey maranta, Bree and Eli My female friend and I signed up for this team and I hope to see you guys ( and girls ) on the team so have a good day and I hope you get all you funds. And Bree my parents were the same way but the lord changed their hearts and now I am going and got my friend to join me so if you really want to go and the lord wants you to then he will change your parents hearts! How old are you because I am 12 but my parents did not let me go when I was 11 but bye and god bless

  231. just signed up for sicily preteen!!!!

  232. sorry “none” is “one”

  233. i might be going to this none is south africa still open? and is boot camp included in the missions trip or do i have to do it seperately please reply very soon. Bree i dont know you and i hope to meet you and im praying for you

  234. I really want to go on this trip and I feel that God is leading me to, but my parents aren’t as comfortable as I am. I’m in need of prayer.

  235. awesome! because now my parents are waiting until jan 15 to decide if i really can go.

  236. if i sign up today do i actually have a chance of getting to go on this particular one?
    by that i mean, are there already too many kids going on this trip? will there be any room?

  237. I’m really sorry Amy That I don’t have time at home to go on the facebook wall Right now I am at school doing this!! But I don’t get in trouble don’t worry. At school facebook is blocked but If you give your email address or open one for the teamI could probably get on!!

  238. Yes beth I am following the exchange rate very carefully and god has made it so the currencies are par!!

  239. Well I happen to love Canadians! I used to live in Winnipeg, in fact. But now I live in North Dakota. πŸ™‚

  240. Yes thank you!! My friend and I are going but we are in canada so it makes it more difficult for us because we have to figure out the finacial support in canadian funds!! EH! so I open a U.S. account at TD canada trust to keep the funds!! It is a good thing I already have a passport!! I do live in a border City. bye hope to see you

  241. Dylan, yes I am going as an assistant leader. That is subject to change, but more than likely I will be. πŸ™‚ I am very excited to see what God does this summer! I look forward to meeting everyone!

  242. Are you a leader or a member the sicily team I am going with my female friend as a preteen member!! so I will think about contacting you!! Bye

  243. Hey! Just letting everyone know, I have created a facebook page for everyone going on this team that has facebook! The page is called “TMI Sicily Preteen 2011.” So if you have facebook we can get to know each other a bit! πŸ™‚

  244. I already have 20% of my support because I went to the union hall and showed him what I would be doing and he gave me $500 so that is an idea

  245. Sounds like an awesome team! I would love to do this, taking the Gospel to Sicily. All in His timing though. πŸ˜‰

  246. Do you have an exact cost for the trip yet?

  247. Carol (Tsang) De Campos

    I just wanted to say that the campsite is absolutely beautiful and the host missionaries are wonderful. I was a leader for the teen team in 2006 and you have a beautiful view of the ocean. There’s a lot to see even in the town close by and there’s a chocolate bar that you can get in the grocery store nearby that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. I believe is chocolate di modica.

    Also, remember Pizza is a bit different there than in N. America, but it’s still delicious and I LOVED the potato pizza.

    Just remember when you’re in Syracuse to do the tourist siteseeings in the afternoon and use the morning hours for shopping as most stores close in the afternoon for siesta!


  248. do you HAVE to send in 300 dollars the month after we recieve the package or not? you just wantr us to send in the money in monthly and dont

  249. How many preteen are signed up for sicily? Do you have an approixamate number?

  250. hi, just wanted to know: is there still space left to sign up for Sicily???

  251. I also call them pop cans! Are you make fun of me Huh! just joking!!

  252. Sarah my female friend and I are going on this trip and we both hope to meet you! I will be going into the eighth grade as you say in the states. In Canada we call it grade eight I made a mistake on the west indian reserve Blog sorry. Depending on how far south you say freshman, sophmore, junior and senior but you can not be too far south if you say “pop” cans probably Michigan right? I am kind of at school right now but I am finished my work. Smiley face because I don’t know how to get the emotocons on here!

  253. sorry… didnt spell thanks right hehehehe

  254. thancks dylan! This will be my first year to! And lots of people round where im at call “pop” cans , “pop” hahahaha! hope to see you on my team πŸ™‚

  255. This is my first year also and I am kind of nervous, my friend who also signed up asked if she could bring her ipod or cellphone since she did not exactly know, i’m sorry but i just laughed. So now i am not as nervous and unprepaired as i thought! ha ha ha

  256. Dylan there are many obsacles and not all of them are enjoyable

  257. how many obstacles are there on the obstacle course

  258. Beth could you please email me with up dates

  259. Hi Mrs. Kostner another way to raise money is to collect pop or how in the states you call it soda cans. Individialy they are not worth very much but if you collect enough it “can” get you some money

  260. Sarah, when you register you get a package and included in that package are idea’s to raise money for the trip. Teen missions I don’t think gives financial support you give them the money you collect. Hope to see you on the team.god bless

  261. do they have like scholorships or something to help pay for the trip?

  262. And how do you sign up?

  263. when does boot camp start?

    • Sarah, It depends on the team you choose. The dates are listed online and the first date is the day you have to be here (by 10AM).

  264. I told my friend about teen missions and she registered for the preteen sicily team that I’m on!

  265. See comments above.

  266. cool I registered my aunt and brother went to teen missions I am so excited I wrote It HUGE on my calender

  267. This is great outreach and trip it looks like. how exciting I going to register

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