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Malawi Adult Missions TripMission Trip Dates: January 16 – 31  Work/Evangelism

Following orientation you fly from the Orlando International Airport to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi via Washington D.C. and Rome, Italy. Malawi is often referred to as the “warm heart of Africa”, and you will know why after spending just a brief time with the people.

After getting supplies at the Teen Missions in Malawi base, you journey up into the beautiful Dedza Mountains and join the Christian Union Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) Circuit. This is an area where David Livingstone explored and not too far away was the first missionary settlement called Livingstonia.

You will minister alongside the MSSM missionaries and help by sewing school uniforms for the children sponsored by this Rescue Unit, as well as assisting them with their Sunday school lessons and crafts. You will also journey to our newest Yao base in Mangochi on the other side of Lake Malawi. You will help with the ongoing con- struction of this new base and help the facilitators in assisting the orphans and villagers with their medical needs.

Your presence will help to bring the light of the Gospel to this dark area in “the devil’s backyard”. There is little Christian witness among the Yao people and you will be a blessing as you help us strive toward the goal of opening a Bible school and seeing people won to Christ.

Contributions Equal to: $2990 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. I was wondering if you have had to have gone on a motorcycle ministry type of team before you can go on this trip? Also do you have to have a motorcycle license or permit or just a regular license?

  2. Hi! My name is Hillary Yago. I was informed about this website by my Youth Pastor during a youth event this weekend. I just now, am visiting the site and this is the very first place I looked at. My heart is completely drawn.. first read and glance.

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