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Malawi Missions TripMission Trip Dates: June 12 – July 30 — Work/Evangelism

This summer, be a part of Teen Missions new ministry among the Yao tribe. Statistics show that less than 1% of the Yao are Christian and translators are only now completing the Bible in their language.

After Boot Camp you fly from the Orlando International Airport to Dulles International Airport in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Your next flight crosses the Atlantic Ocean to Rome, Italy for refueling, then over the Sahara Desert to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, before continuing to Lilongwe, Malawi, known as the “Warm Heart of Africa”.

The team will stop overnight at the Teen Missions Malawi base in Chipoka, where you will likely see families of monkeys in the nearby trees. Then you will travel by truck along the southern shore of Lake Malawi, past the Queen Victoria Memorial. You will then cross the bridge spanning the Shire River, which was once a major route for the slave trade.

Your team will have two means of helping take the Gospel to the Yao. Here you will help build the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center where Yao believers can come and be trained to minister to their own people. The training center is located on a beautiful strip of beach on Lake Malawi, and many of the local tribesmen are fishermen.

You will also have evangelistic opportunities to share with the people on both Lake Malawi and on the shores of the Shire River as you paddle in hand-carved wooden dugout canoes. You will be traveling to some of the same places that David Livingstone did when he explored Malawi. You will also be able to bless the orphans through songs and puppets at the nearby AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit.

Housing will be in tents. You will also visit the Liwonde National Park where you may see elephants, hippos, monkeys, crocodiles and zebras on your safari. Before leaving Malawi, you will travel to Senga Bay to buy wood carvings, paintings and drums.

Project Expense: $4690 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. hi im jessica when will ppl get 2 team missions?

  2. Hi guys, I’m going on this team too! Can’t wait…
    look me up on facebook also!!!

  3. Kaitlyn Garrison

    Hey!! I am going on this trip as well, and would love to get in touch with everyone. you guys should add me on facebook! I can’t wait to meet all of you :).

  4. Hey everyone!! I’m going on this missions trip!! If anyone wants to get it in touch me and my mom share a facebook, Karen Doffing:)

  5. This sounds AMAZING!!! Ive asked already but I need to earn money I am 13 and I dont have a job 🙁 well not during the school year until may… 🙂 and I need to earn $5000 on my own… please help me!!! and I would probably haved some family members that will be able to help

    • Brooke, We provide prayer cards and letters for you to send out to friends and family to help you raise your support.

  6. Hey, I am 13 but I will be 14 on june 12 and I have been praying and thinking about going on a mission trip for a long time… I just need to know how to earn enough money in 2 mounths…

  7. Hey, I’m fourteen and I would love to go on a mission trip. How old do you have to be to go to Malawi? I love the Lord and would love an opportunitie like this!

  8. This site is beautifully made, but i wish there was a little more information provided. I feel like the ‘general information’ category is really lacking some details about the activities that will be going on. If theres any way i can receive some more information for this site and im just missing it let me know.

    • Please check the web copy. We will be sending out “Individual Team Fact Sheets” in April that will give more information.

  9. what would be the total cost of the trip?

  10. Hi, i wanted to know if there is still room to go because i think God has put in heart the desire to go.

  11. Cool, thanks.

  12. Also is there a resource for learning a bit of the Yao language? And if so, would it help for me to learn a few key phrases, or are there too many different dialects for this to be useful?

  13. How much moving around would we be doing in Malawi, I mean how often will we move to a new base or location?

    • Kesia, You will mainly be at the place where you will be helping build the Yao BMW. The trips out on the canoes will be mostly (if not all) “day trips.

  14. Hey, two other people and I are interested in going on this trip. Is there still room?

  15. Thankyou Beth!! 🙂

  16. IM IN!!!!!!!! YAH :)!!!!!

  17. ok, whats the number or email?

  18. hay did I make it, am I in?

    • Rebecca, I won’t know until tomorrow when I put in all the registrations that came in over the holidays. Please or call or email then.

  19. Is there still room on this trip…about 2 spots? and time to sign up?

  20. I really want to go…do I still have enough time to register and fund raise???

  21. How do I withdraw from a trip?

  22. is the trip zambia bridge still open

  23. Hi, I am extremely interested in TMI and the only thing preventing me from signing up right now is my parents. In the past year there have been many countries, such as Africa, that do not like Americans because of politics, government, etc. and they will go to great length to do… terrible things. My parents are afraid that something along the lines of “terrible things” could happen to a teen that is participating in TMI. Do you have any information or suggestions that may cause my parents to feel more security twords this orginization?

    • Chelsey, We are a discipline organization and the team members never go anywhere without a leader. We will not take a team into a country or an area where it is unsafe. We are in frequent communication with our host missionaries and they keep us abreast of the political situations. Please have your parents call us (after Jan. 4) with their specific questions.

  24. Hey…I was wondering if there was still room on this trip????

  25. I’m on this team : ) I went to Malawi last summer with TMI and it’s amazing! I was just wondering if we are going to be in Mangochi?

  26. im going on this trip!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Is it okay that on the application, I said I would mail in my money but I later decided just to pay online? And also… I sent in my application/money/picture… what am I waiting for now? A phone call?

    • Grace, I put you on yesterday. You should have received an email or call confirming this. If your packet didn’t go out yesterday, it will go out today.

  28. is the debrief in Florida?

  29. Also.. I’m having problems sending you a photo. It says the picture exceeds the size. I’ve asked a couple people about it but it still doesn’t work. Can anybody help me? I’m sorry I’m asking so many questions!

  30. And what’s the address that we’re supposed to send the 30$ application fee too?

  31. Hi can i be part of the team as a volunteer,i long to help building the bible school,as of now i am here at seminary in southafrica,but i will be in Malawi for holiday so i want to use my holiday wisely for the lord,am also an FTM

    • Nafe, In order to be a leader, you would have to come to the US and go through Leader’s Seminar and Boot Camp. However, you might want to help in either our South Africa or Malawi Boot Camps. Please email our office if you are interested ([email protected]).

  32. How long will we be in Florida and how long will we be in Africa?

  33. Do the dates (June 12 – July 30) include both times spent in boot camp and also in Africa?

  34. hi! i was still working on getting registered and was wondering if there was still room left on this trip. Ive never been on a trip with this group before and am a little confused.

  35. I live in the UK, can I still apply?

    • Carys, Yes, you may apply. You will be responsible for obtaining any needed visas, your travel to and from the US, etc. We have had several international young people participate.

  36. I just got a call today saying I’m going on this mission trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. This is the first time I’m going on a missions trip with TMI and I was wondering if you have communication with your parents while you’re away???

    • Kayla, You are required to write them twice from Boot Camp and at least once from the field. You are allowed to call them from the airport after Boot Camp and before leaving the States and you can call them when you return to the States before Debrief. The leaders send in two email reports weekly that are posted on the web. If there is an emergency on either end, we will phone.

  38. How can I get more details about this trip?

  39. Hi Beth. When I was signing up for this trip and I went to send in my photo I saw we had to leave a message. What is the message for? Should just put in a scripture???

  40. when is the deadline for the trip registration?

    • You can register anytime before Boot Camp. However, your options will be limited due to a late registration (available seats, visas, etc.). The sooner you register, the better.

  41. Is there still room in this mission trip?

  42. Thanks Beth!

  43. Hey, My friends and I are pretty sure we are going to go on this trip (I am for sure but some still have to get permission from parents). I was wondering how much more time you thought this trip had to sign up. How many are going so far? How much more time do we have to officially register? Thanks 🙂

    • Rachel, You can register anytime up until when you have to be here for Boot Camp. However, the earlier you sign up, the better. It will give you more time to raise your support and get everything needed for the trip.

  44. Hi Beth. I saw that this trip is work and EV. What are we doing for the work??

  45. How qiuckly is this trip and other trips filling up?

  46. Christian, Call or email the office with your specific questions.

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