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2011 Missions Trip to Nepal

Mission Trip Dates: June 23 – August 10 — Work/Evangelism

Nepal is the gateway to the Himalayas and Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world! Unforgettable experiences await you in this country of bustling cities, remote villages and lofty mountains terraced with rice paddies.

After completing your missions trip training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport and fly halfway around the world to Kathmandu via Chicago and Delhi, India. From Kathmandu, you bus 10 hours to Ularbari in the Morang District of southeastern Nepal.

Nepal is a country that has attracted thrill-seekers for decades, but beyond the adventure there is a desperate need to care for the poor-especially the children. Make a difference for these children as you continue work on a two-story building that houses a church on the first floor and a children’s home on the second floor.

Your team will build friendships with these children using music, drama, puppets and testimonies. After your project time you return to Kathmandu, where you will shop in Thamel Market for cashmere and woolen blankets, sweaters, famous Gurkha knives and items made from brass and wood.

From Kathmandu you return to Delhi by bus with a stop in Agra to see the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort.

Project Expense: $4390 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. I am flying into Orlando airport tomorrow and I thought I read somewhere that I need to meet TMI at the Delta baggage B section? I read my last newsletter and specific team fact sheet and it didn’t say anything about where to meet TMI at the airport, but I feel sure I read somewhere that I need to meet TMI there.

  2. Is any one on the Nepal team planning on bringing an instrument? I play flute and am planning on taking it but was wondering what others are doing. Also, for TMI staff, are gloves issued or should we bring some? Thanks again.

    • MaryAnn, We have no idea who is and who isn’t bringing an instrument. We will issue gloves, but you might want to bring a better quality.

  3. Are we to bring a cup and pillow for this summer? I noticed neither were mentioned in the packing list. Thanks.

  4. what time of day does the commissioning service begin? I have several visitors coming, and I would like to know what time I should tell them to arrive so that I can visit each of them, at least briefly. ? thanks. =)

  5. Should I bring a boot camp set of clothes and then a separate nepal set? How many for boot camp if i did that? How many for nepal? How many jeans?

    • Taylor, That is up to you. Whatever goes to Nepal needs to be 40 lbs. or less (including your sleeping gear).

  6. Dear pdreher, thanks so much for the prayers! This will be my second year to Nepal as well, this time as a leader and I am so excited about getting to bring a team back 🙂 Did you go to Mendies Haven when you went in 91 and 94?

  7. Hi all, I was on Nepal 91 and Nepal 94. I know exactly what you all are going through right now and just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you and am so terribly excited for you all. I pray your trip is as memorable and life changing as mine were. God Bless.

  8. I just want to clarfiy something: Is it okay to bring cotton pajama pants to BC to wear? I have heard a lot of people bring them because they’re much cooler than jeans. So, I bought a few, but my mom still isn’t sure it’s allowed. I just want to know if I need to look for new pants before it’s too late?

  9. Do we need to bringa mosquito net?

  10. Will there be places to charge camera batteries at the place we’ll be staying in Nepal?

    • Natalie, Bring a camera with disposable batteries or a couple of batteries. There will not be a place to charge them.

  11. How much more will the price for this trip be going up, because of the gas increase?

  12. Thanks Beth,

    We may be beyond the deadline. The decision is planned to be made on 5/19


  13. I am still trying to figure schedules for the summer for my son. Does anybody know the lastest date you can register. He already has a passport

    • Dan, We are purchasing the airline tickets this week and next. You need to register ASAP. Anyone registering after the tickets are bought will be limited in their choices and may have to pay more for the airline ticket.

  14. is it too late to sign up for this missions trip?

  15. How long does it take to apply for a visa? Where is that info, for some reason I can’t find it?

  16. When applying for my visa online, I was having some trouble for the India reference.

    Postal code
    Phone number”

    Which of the information given on the Teen Missions sheet goes in which entry box?

    Thanks! =)

  17. hey everyone,
    i would love to go on this missions trip, when is the deadline for registration?

    • Leah, The sooner you register, the better. It gives you more time to raise support, get your passport and visas, etc.

  18. What if we are not able to go on the trip after registering? Is there a deadline for dropping out if need be? What happens to the money we’ve raised?

    • Liz, We will call you before doing the final booking of the tickets. If you do not have the money and do not think it will come in, then that is the point where you will need to switch to a cheaper team or cancel. Unless you are canceling for a medical reason (with a dr’s note), the money is donated to Teen Missions and cannot be refunded or held over.

  19. Will showers be available once we’re in Nepal?

  20. Hi Beth,
    I went to the Philippines the same year you guys did, 1983, but I went to Bohol. My good friend Angel was on your team that year. I was on Paul’s Vanuatu (Fiji) ?1985? trip – Hello 🙂 I am also MaryAnn and John’s aunt. Are you and Paul the team leaders or just answering questions? If you are their leaders, I am really glad they will be going with team leaders who are very experienced.
    Get ready for a fun trip everyone, an experience that will change your life.

    • Kay, GREAT to hear from you!!!! Do we have your updated address? No, we are not leading this team, but the leaders are great and experienced!

  21. What should I do when I run out of space on my green finance record sheet? Is there any way that I can get another sheet?

  22. Does TMI give volunteer hours?

  23. how many spots are left on our team??? 🙂 sooo excited everybody!

  24. Will TMI bring filtered water and most of the food for this trip? I am really excited for this trip, but am a little anxious about eating in that part of the world.

    • Priscilla, The team will be bringing a water filter and some food. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be purchased (and properly cleaned) in country.

  25. Yes, Sarah, we still have room on the team. Call US Teams if you have any questions…321-453-0350

  26. Can I raise money other ways than the prayer card things?

  27. I get to go on this trip. It’s my first trip and I’m a little nerous. I can’t wait until June though when we get to leave home. It will be amazing to see what God can do in our lives.

  28. So I still need to buy a round trip ticket to Florida also?

  29. Hello! Is the price listed for all of these trips the toatl cost for EVERYTHING? Including getting home and all that jazz, except for spending money of course.
    Thanks. Dakoda 🙂

    • Dakoda, It does not include your round-trip transportation to and from Florida. It also does not cover any visa costs, passport costs, departure tax, etc.

  30. HI everybody! my name is Sawyer 🙂 i just signed up for this team and i hope there is still room for me on it. Im so excited to serve God and his people. Hey london, my mom went to PNG and is wondering if maybe she knew your dad? she went in 88. When will i know for sure if i am o nthe team or not? thanks!

  31. Hey everybody! i just signed up i hope that there is enough room left for me. i cant wait to serve God and his people.Hey London1 my mom went on a mission trip to PNG and wonders what year your dad went? she went in 88. when will i know if i am for sure on this trip? thanks so much!

  32. Hello,
    I play the flute and was wondering if that was an option to play for this team. If so, is there a way I can get the TMI songbook before bootcamp? I also have a brother who might want to play guitar. Thanks!

    • MaryAnn, Yes, you may bring your flute. We do not give out the song book before Boot Camp. Do you know a Former Team Member that can loan you theirs?

  33. I just got my boots (my mom got them for me as a birthday present) and now it all feels so much more real when I wear them. So exciting!

  34. Is there more room on this trip for me…I was looking into mission trips and really would like to go on this trip
    thanks Sarah

    • Sarah, I am not sure what registrations came in over the Christmas break. Please register immediately so that it will be on my desk when I return to work on Tuesday.

  35. I’m having problems with registering for this team. I registered in early November and started getting anxious when I hadn’t received anything in the mail. When I called the office, they said they never received my registration but my mom got an email saying they had. I registered again by mail because I was having problems with thee on lign registration. Do you know if it got there?

  36. I’m really curious as to how many people are signed up for this already? It might help me decide haha

  37. i just found out about these mission trips today! i am praying that i get to go. it looks like the oppertunity of a life time! my dad and my aunt both went when they were teens and they loved seeing the faces of people when they learned about christ! my dad went to puapa new ginea but i really want to go to nepal…pray for me! thanks

  38. hey i waswondering that if my cousin and i wanted to go on this trip,would we be seperated at all? because we want to stay together as much as possible.
    thaks so much!

    • London, You can go on the same team, but you would probably not be tent mates. We want you to have the blessing of getting to know your whole team. Make sure you register together, have the same choices and indicate that you want on the same team.

  39. Oh wow I think I might want to sign up for this trip! Sooo many choices. This or Cameroon, or Uganda. I’m praying about it but I just wanna sign up for a team now lol. Idk what I’m gonna do. I think I know the Bobbs from bootcamp when I went to Belize in 2009, they would be great leaders.

  40. I’m on this team too!! Our leaders, the Bobbs are such great/awesome/fun people (I went with them to Samoa this last summer) and they’re gonna be super great. =)

    I can’t wait to meet all of you, and I’m praying that our summer will be filled with God’s work in our hearts.

    I’m also praying that He will prepare the peoples’ hearts for us to share with them and that we can make a huge impression on these people for Christ. Something to think about: only 0.5% of these ~29,000,000 people profess to know Christ.

    I’m praying for you all too! ♥

  41. Is there still room on the team?

  42. Oh, so we don’t have to fill that part out at all?

  43. My brother John and I just signed up for the Nepal trip, and we are very excited. When filling out the support coupons, we noticed it requires us to fill in our “computer ID”. How do we know what our computer ID is?

  44. Is the project expense really only $4390? Or is that a mistake? Originally I thought it would be more like $4890. This is going to make raising support so much easier!

  45. My registration picture won’t send. What do I do?

  46. Is the final price known yet for this trip?

  47. Sam: That’s so funny!:)

  48. Priscilla, when I told my Grandma where I was going this summer, she said, “Nepal, hmm… that sounds familiar.” To which I said, “It’s a country Grandma.” Grandma: “oh.”

  49. Will we be in dorms or tents?

  50. Praise the Lord it went well Priscilla!! I love seeing how the Lord answers our prayers!

  51. I will be going on a preteen missions trip to Sicily!!! I am also very excited it’s only November and I have 20% of my support how about you?

  52. Haha i’m getting waaay to excited for it only being November!! I think i’m gonna be bouncing off the walls by May…

  53. Thanks Hannah and Leah for the encouragement! I told both sets of grandparents this weekend, and it went better than I thought. I think that’s partly due to the reason they don’t know where Nepal is!

    Leah: I know, isn’t Sarah the best! She also thinks very highly of you:) Say, your trip to Hong Kong looked amazing! If I had gone last summer that probably would have been either my first or second choice!

  54. I registered today! I’m so excited and it’s only November!

  55. Priscilla, do what God wants you to do and he will give you the words to tell your grandparents about it. For the record, mine weren’t too thrilled about me being a missionary either. But you’re not doing it to make them happy – you do it to make the Lord happy. BTW I went to Poland with your sister:) She’s pretty rad:)

  56. Hey guys,
    I don’t know if any of you are on facebook, but I started a group for our team so that we can talk more, and get to know eachother a little bit more before the summer. Its called Nepal Church (TMI) 2011. So check it out, I am getting really excited!!

  57. I just signed up for this trip. I’m so excited. This is my first mission trip.

  58. Hey is there still room on this trip?? How far in advance should you register

  59. Thanks, Hannah!

  60. I’m way too excited, and it’s only October!

  61. Priscilla, When I went to Albania with TMI in 2006 I ran into the same problem. My uncle sent my mom 40 pages with information on why the country was not safe and why I shouldn’t go on the trip, and how he would not support me and that was really hard. So I have been there before. What I would do though is just continue to let your light shine before them and let them know that the Lord is going to keep you and protect you because He’s promised to do that, and when they see your faith, it will effect them. I will definetly be praying for you though to have the strength to tell them, and that the Lord will change their hearts. Let me know how it goes!

  62. I don’t know how I’m going to tell my grandpernts I’m going to Nepal. They about “died” when my sister went with TMI to Poland, I don’t how they’re going to handle this! I am really excited about going, but I feel cruel doing this to them. Has anyone else run into this problem? Any advice/encouragement would be appreciated!

  63. Hey guys! I am signed up too, as your assistant leader, and I am so excited to see what the Lord is going to do in and through us this summer! It is going to be an amazing trip 🙂

  64. I registered yesterday. It will be my first trip and I feel so blessed that I found this group and that my parents are letting me go! I’ll see you guys at boot camp!

  65. This trip looks awesome! I’m very interested in it. I went on a team last year and really enjoyed it.

  66. Hey I am going on this trip too! I just sent in my registration fee, I am way stoked!

  67. Is there still room on this team?

  68. Woot woot I’m signed up too! Hey nice to meet you I’m Kristin! I’m so stoked for this, it’s gonna be rad!!

  69. I am so excited for this trip! I just signed up:) Anyone else?

  70. Debra,
    Please call or email the office with your specific questions. You would need to leave with the team in order to participate in Debrief.

  71. What will housing be in? & showering. Will we be building more or helping the children? Thank you!

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