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2011 Peru Mission Trip

Missions Trip Dates: June 23 – August 10 — Work/Evangelism

What a privilege it will be to help build a safe haven for children!

Boot Camp training in Florida comes first, after which you will fly south from Miami International Airport, over the Caribbean Sea and down the coast of the South American continent to Lima, Perus capital city.

To get to the mission trip project site, this team then flies through Cuzco, a beautiful Spanish colonial town located 12,000 feet up in the Andes Mountains, which is the gateway to Machu Picchu, and then on to Puerto Maldonado, a city situated in the Amazon jungle of Peru, close to the border of Bolivia.

The project is to build a dorm for the Jesús Mi Buen Pastor Children’s Home, a few miles outside the city. The Children’s Home, with God’s help, rescues many children who have been abandoned and face the horrors of prostitution and exploitation. This is a primitive experience as you will be sleeping in tents, washing and bathing in a river, and will be without a source of electricity.You will enjoy fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ on weekends and have opportunities to share God’s love and grace using puppets, music and drama.

After your project you return to Cuzco for a three-night stay. You will take a spectacular train trip to Machu Picchu, “The Lost City of the Incas”, a pre-Colombian Inca site discovered in 1911 located 8000’ above sea level! If you get the opportunity, be sure to barter for last-minute souvenirs of hand- painted ceramics, sweaters and blankets made from alpaca wool, wood carvings and baskets at the huge open-air Inca Market in Lima.

Project Expense: $3890 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. Is there anyway that you could give me the contact information for the brother who has this home. I am currently working with a national pastor here in Peru. We are looking to start a Christian orphanage in Puerto Maldonado and I am in need of contacts. If you could get me in touch with him I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Christa McMaster

    I was told there is a facebook page for this team, but I have not been able to locate it. Can someone post the URL or a link please?

  3. I have been told we are allowed to wear pajama pants for boot camp. Are we allowed to wear pajama pants in Peru?

  4. Our daughter is going on this Missions trip to Peru. We were advised by our Health Care Unit that all shots be required to go. Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Malaria Hep and some other’s. Maybe better to be safe than sorry.

  5. Beth, our daughter Julie has only had one set of immunizations in her life at 6 mo. of age. She is now 16. We know that we have to send a notarized statement about what to do in case of a type of injury which could result in tetanus.
    We use homeopathy and I will be sending remedies that will have instructions with them. My questions is about transporting them to Peru. Will Julie be allowed to pack them in her duffel bag or will they be with the “nurse” as a carry on?

    • J Spear, She will need to give them to her leader upon arrival at Boot Camp and the meds will stay with the leader. We need a notarized letter from you stating that this is the treatment you want done in case of need.

  6. What do we do if we cannot find the tool that the fact sheet says we are suppose to bring?

  7. My daughter would love to go on this mission trip but we do not have the funds. If you would like to discuss more please e-mail me.

  8. wish i could go. I’ll be praying for yall while you’re there 🙂

  9. I have a friend whose daughter is going on the Peru trip. She has already raised enough money to cover her expenses. Is it possible to donate to Teen Missions and have the money designated for a young person wants to go to Peru but who hasn’t been able raise the necessary funds yet?

  10. Is it absolutely required to have immunizations?

  11. Thank you Beth

  12. Will this team need a VISA?

  13. So a friend (girl) and I (guy) would like to go on this trip. 1) Are there any spots left and 2) If there are, will we be in the same group together the whole time. Are we going in 1 large group or will we be divided into smaller groups

    • Ben, Right now it is full. But that can and will change. We can put you on Ecuador or Trinidad if you want. If you want on the waiting list for Peru you will need to let us know when you register. You can go on the same team or separate teams.

  14. even though all of the girl spots are filled, is it normal for people to drop and should we still register?

    • K, There will be cancellations. Please go ahead and register. You will need to put other choices so that you can start raising support. Indicate that you want on the waiting list and once a spot opens up, we will call you.

  15. how do you apply?

  16. is there any scholarships?????

  17. I felt the Lord calling me to do something like this so I decided to go on the computer and see if I can find any teen mission trips this one sounds like a good one but I don’t know,how I’m going to get $3320 and do I need to sign up for something?

  18. Hi there! I’m wondering where exactly “outside of Puerto Maldonado” this children’s home will be??? Highway 26B/30C to Loyoboc (North) … Highway 26B/30C to Pastora/Santa Rosa (West)…South to Infierno??? I know of a refuge that is being built out there as well, so just wondering where in relation to it this children’s home is. Also, in terms of sleeping in tents, is there shelter from wildlife in the night?? What dates will the team be in Puerto Maldonado?


    • Rachel, The tents will protect you from wildlife if you keep them zipped. I have been in tents many years and have not had an issue. Also, don’t keep food in your tent. I am not sure where exactly it is. I will check the set-up form when I get to work.

    • Rachel, According to the set-up form, the team will be located 8 KM west of town.

  19. Is this trip full on girls?

  20. How many people will be on this team/how many teens are there typically on any one of these trips? This and many others look amazing!

  21. How much ministry do you get to do with the kids?

    • Miracle, You will get to do as much as possible. The main project is the work project, but the kids will be around all the time.

  22. how long is this trip

  23. Thank you so much!

  24. It is on my heart to go on a trip. I want to change people’s lives. I have never been on a mission’s trip before, where do I start?

  25. Is there still room on this trip? Two other people and I are considering going on it this summer.

  26. do we have to make our own way there??

  27. Where/How do we sign up??

    • Kaitlyn Dietz, Please go to our web site and look in the middle and click under 2011 Mission Trips. It will give you a list of the teams and information on how to register.

  28. I’m really interested in this trip, but I’ve never gone on a missions trip before. Where do I start?

    • Michaela, You may sign up online and we will send you a packet of information, along with prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support.

  29. I already registered to go on the Israel Hope Secondary School trip but I feel that this trip is where I should really be going, can I switch teams?

  30. where is this team’s debrief?

  31. Yay! I sent in my registration for this trip yesterday! 🙂 I’ve never gone a trip before and I’m super pumped!!

  32. This would be absolutely amazing…I’d love to hear more about it!

  33. Oh, well Hilary, how did you like it? What did God teach/show you?

  34. Lindsey and La’ Vontae, what info are you looking for?

  35. Peru is a great place to go for a missions trip! Trust me, I just went there this past summer.

  36. I love the sound of this! This is my top choice too!♥
    A couple things though:
    How much is the registration fee?
    And are these trips meant for youth groups or just anyone who wants to come?

  37. How much is the registration fee?

  38. I would LOVE to do this. Explore the world, and not only explore it but see the world from others point of view. I’m with you SB. Where do we get the info?

  39. This would be my first choice too. Would someone please send me some more information?

  40. This is my top choice too. Will someone please send me more information?

  41. I am interested in this trip. It is probably my first choice…anyone else?

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