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2009 Russia Boot CampDates: June 12 – July 30 — Work/Evangelism

Make a difference this summer in Russia, as you serve alongside Russian team members, using sports evangelism, missions training and open-air presentations. This is an exciting multi-purpose summer missions trip to the edge of Siberia, in the world’s largest country!

After completing Boot Camp, you will fly from the Orlando In- ternational Airport, across 10 time zones spanning the Atlantic Ocean, to Ekaterinburg, Russia via Frankfurt, Germany. You will bus past traditional Russian dachas, gardens, wheat fields and birch forests on your way to your destination in Krasnaya Niva.

Here, at the Russian Boot Camp, you help train national teens in work and evangelism skills such as construction, music, drama, puppets and balloons. After Commissioning, a joint Russian/North American team will travel to the Lake Baikal region, the deepest freshwater lake in the world. Here you will participate in soccer and volleyball scrimmages with local youth, sharing the Gospel during “half-time” presentations and building friendships before and after games.

After your project, you board the TransSiberian Railroad to Ulan Ude where you transfer to the TransMongolian Railroad to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia and on to Beijing, China. Here you will visit the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall.

Project Expense : $4890 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. Hurray for the Boot Camp schedule! It’s awesome to know just what they are doing.

    Beth, can you explain what the “Phonics” class is that they have each day? Can’t imagine that is phonics as I know it.


    • Kari, They are teaching them phonics to use as a ministry overseas. I haven’t been in the class, so I don’t know the details.

  2. Loved watching the rally live tonight! Praying for all those kids!

    Has the Boot Camp schedule been posted yet? I can’t find it.

  3. Alexis Youngblood

    hey guys, if any of you guys are going on the around the worl russia trip and are reading this message find me on facebook & let me know you are going i should be the first name that pops up! i am totally pumped about this trip, and would love to get to know ya! this is awesome, we are going to be at bootcamp in less than 2 months!! yayyy:)

  4. is this trip an early boot camp trip?

  5. Okay so for the Permission letter that the parents have to send with the visa, what names should we put? The ones on the sample?

    • Amy, No, you will substitute your child’s name as that is who the visa will be issued to. The one provided is an example and you need to copy it exactly except sub your child’s name.

  6. What if you can’t arrive until June 15th?

  7. Who are the team leaders for this trip? Are they David and Stephanie Spindler?

  8. please let me join you to preach the gospel. Thank you!

  9. Are visa fees included in the cost of the trip? Or are they in addition to it?

  10. What are the immunizations required for going over seas? And, which teams still have room?

    • Martha, As stated in the General Fact Sheet, you will need to check with your physician on what he/she recommends. If anything is REQUIRED (and nothing is for ATW), then we will let you know.

  11. Does Teen Missions or the team member secure the required visa?

    • Margie, We will contact you in the spring with the paperwork you will need for the visa. You will return that to us with the passport and we will apply for the visa.

  12. Two questions: Beth, you seem to be answering all the questions on this board. Does that mean you are one of our team leaders? Secondly, should I bring my keyboard and some worship music?

    • Gabrielle, I am not going to be your leader, I am just a monitor on this site. Yes, you can bring your keyboard and music books.

  13. Are there any spots left on this trip?

    • Abby, Right now it is full to boys and 1-2 spots left for girls. However, that can change due to cancellations and switches.

  14. On the permission and release forms it asks for a computer identification number and I was not sure what that was..?

  15. Hello. I am going to try to go on this trip, but i am not completely certain I can raise the money in that short amount of time. What will happen if I don’t raise enough money. Or are there any deadlines when i need to have a specific amount raised?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Dakoda, We will call you before we do the final booking of the airlines. At that point, you must decide whether or not to switch to a cheaper team. We give you “goals”. The total amount is due the day you arrive at Boot Camp. However, we ask that you not “hold” money as we have to pay for some things ahead of time.

  16. Are we going to do any mission work in China? or is it just sightseeing?

  17. Would there be any kind of situation where it would be better to know Russian?

    • Amy, If you know some Russian, that would be great and it will help you communicate with the nationals. However, it is not a requirement.

  18. For this trip, is it suggested that we know a little bit of russian? or is that not needed

    • April, If you know some Russian, that is great. However, most of the team members will not know any Russian and it is not required.

  19. What is the weather in Russia? Mongolia? China?

    • Elena, The weather in Russia can be cold and it can be hot. Mongolia is probably on the cooler side and Beijing is on the warmer, sometimes hot side.

  20. If I signed up for a team and then wanted to send in my picture for my prayer card what email would I send that to????? Or do I have to do it by mail????

  21. About how many people go on this trip?

    When would we have to sign up by?

    • Anna, We can take up to 25. The sooner you sign up the better. There will be less teams available as time progresses.

  22. Do we have to worry about tigers or any other animals? I’m sorry if that’s a silly question lol 🙂

  23. will there be showers or bucket baths?

  24. so we would be in tents some times and in dorms in other times.

  25. what ia the housing and bathing.

  26. I have a question… On the registration form it says to list your 4 top choices – and then their number. Where is that number? thanks:)

    • The number should begin with 110 and the last two numbers are the specific team number (example: 11025). If you are registering online, you can scroll down to find the team you want by name or number.

  27. where can you sign up for these trips?

    • Emma, Go to our web site and follow the instructions in the middle under 2011 Mission Trips. If you click on the word “register” in the sentence, it will take you to the appropriate page.

  28. yes yes this is something i would like to do but what is the housing?

  29. This sounds awesome! I wasnted to go last year but it was to late.

  30. Are there showers? And where is the housing?

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