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2010 South Africa Preteen Missions Trip EvangelismExperience the diversity of the Free State, Limpopo and Gauteng provinces of beautiful South Africa with its mountains, savannahs, gold and diamond mines, and huge cities of squatter camps.

Upon completion of Boot Camp, you bus to the Miami International Airport and board a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa via London, England. After training with the Manna Project, a ministry that provides bread inscribed with the written Word of God on each slice, you will share this bread of life with the orphans and homeless in many hopeless communities.

You will have the privilege of being involved in various work projects to uplift and encourage the people of these destitute areas. Enjoy a safari to Krueger National Park—the largest game park in the world—where you may see the “Big Five” animals (leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, water buffalo and lion). Other animals that roam the park are baboons, zebras, giraffes, hippos, hyenas, crocodiles and wildebeest, just to name a few.

You will also have time at the Teen Missions in South Africa base to help with various projects such as painting, landscaping, mixing concrete and laying sidewalks. Shopping for handcrafted items such as wooden carvings, beadwork on clothing, handbags, jewelry, batiks, colorful tablecloths and handmade musical instruments will complete your experience in South Africa.

Project Expense: $3490 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. Hi Beth,
    The Specific Fact Sheet states to bring $25 cash for Departure Tax, but the Preteen Cashier’s Check Form has a line for Departure Tax. Which would Teen Missions prefer? Thank you. Ellen

  2. I wish I could go too! I am about to cry! Say hit to Joy and Jolie for me! Molly, I hope you have a good time. I will be praying for you!!! Love you!!!

    PS- Be yourself!!!!!

    ~Cookie Monster

  3. Oh, I thought we were going to Frankfurt then SA?

  4. Mrs. Kostner, I was looking at my preteen facts sheet and I noticed something on the team schedule. It says “July 10/11 TRAVEL TO PROJECT” will that be an overnight flight?

  5. I know, Bryn!!! I can’t wait!!! I’ve been watching all the live TMI videos 🙂

  6. Molly, I know Joy and Jolie too 🙂 not from previous trips, this is my first with TMI, but i went to the same church a few years ago and we went to a staff kid (Maddie Bobb’s) slumber party together.

  7. I am so so so so exited about going! I can’t wait to go share the Bible with people who don’t know God.

  8. so excited to be going back to SA i am in the picture up there! (the one in the black shirt!) anybody else excited? and i know Joy and Jolie but i dont know anybody else on our team :/ 😀

  9. Eeeek! It is impossible to believe that in a month I will be at Teen Missions!!!!!! I know alot of kids at TMI so I’ve been there alot as a visitor.

  10. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say hi to everyone on my team! Yay, I’m not the only 11 year old!!! And I’m not the only Baptist!!! Yessssssss. See you at boot camp!

  11. I just took malaria pills. But check with your doctor.

  12. For those of you who have gone to South Africa before, what shots did you get before you went? Do I need to get malaria medicine?

  13. i am going to the south Africa this summer and am so happy

  14. how much does the trip to south africa cost ?

  15. Okay, because my mom is filing the paperwork stuff and it keeps popping up in the papers, “Your computer ID here”

  16. Mrs Kostner, how do I find out what my Computer ID number is?

  17. Got my package yesterday!!!

  18. I am SO exited! I can not wait! Mrs. Kostner, can you tell me the boys and girls names? I do Pensacola Christan Academy Video School, and I thought there might be some of the students from my class going.

  19. Ok, thank you!

  20. Is there still room in the SA team, Mrs Kostner? I still need to sign my form then send it. I want to send it in as soon as possible so my parents lose a threat. 🙂

  21. YAHOO!!!!!!! I am SO excited my parents just confirmed that I am going!!!!! SO mailing my form in!!!! Now the only thing I need to do is try to calm down!!!! I want to pack right now!!!

  22. I hope you guys have fun in Africa!! I have always wanted to go there! I am on the Sicily team this year. I hope to see you guys at Boot Camp!

  23. U all r gona have sooo much fun in South Africa. The summer will be here before u know it!

  24. I have these Non-fiction missionary stories and I want to bring them to read. Can bring them because in the (package that was mailed) it say’s that we are not suppose to bring any other book’s but our bible.

  25. This is just an out of the blue question, BUT, will we have to know some of the language or will the people understand English and respond in English?????

  26. I am soooo excited for summer!!!!! I will finally experience what my mom experienced years ago. Except I’m going to go to south africa!!!!

  27. Hey also i am a very picky vegitarian so i was wondering if i have to eat meat i just cant get it down….Also what happens if you dont have all the funds collected by may 15th. Can they be handed in at a later date?

    • Emily, You can be a vegetarian. However, you will need to choose what you eat from what is provided for you. The total amount of funds is due the day you arrive at Boot Camp. We will call you before the final booking of the tickets and if you need to switch to a cheaper team, that is when you have to do it.

  28. Hey is it requierd to swim during the trips…..Also how do we bathe during this trip
    God bless 🙂

    • Emily, You will not be required to swim. Bathing at Boot Camp will be from a bucket. You will have showers in SA when you are at the base.

  29. Are we staying at the base the whole time?

  30. what is the weather there like?

  31. what will our living conditions be?

  32. I had emailed a couple of times wanting more information about the possibility of my husband and I being team leaders for this trip. We would also have our 3 pre-teens with us. How many leaders do you take? Is there still an opening for leaders for this or the Belize trip this summer?

    • Alisa, I will forward your email to the Leader Dept. However, they are on Christmas break until Jan. 4. The Belize team has been cancelled.

  33. I went to South Africa this summer. It was winter time there so in the mornings and evenings it would get really cold but the midday was nice. Our team did presentations once or twice a day, and when we were not doing presentation we had work projects at the base in South Africa.

  34. I wanted to go on one of the trips and I wanted to know a little bit more about the south Africa missions trip for preteens and if you were aloud to bring your own bible??????

  35. I know right? I can’t wait! I just signed up.

  36. I am so hyped up about going to South Africa!!! Or more or less, excited about being GOD’s helper! How cool is that? Yes, we may get a chance to meet a Pop Star, but the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE is calling US!!!!!

  37. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to S. Africa, and would like to point out that the member of the Big 5 is a Cape Buffalo, rather than a water buffalo. The first is the big, black, burly oxlike animal with horns next to its head, resembling a girl’s pageboy haircut. The latter is the one with outstretched horns like a longhorn steer, and found plowing in rice paddies.

  38. I am a preteen ftm and i was just wondering when we r going to get our tmi scrapbook dvd. Or do we have to order it or something. Thanks!

  39. Joel Senecal-Moseley

    This is Joel. I’m interested in the South Africa trip. I’m almost 12 years old and I’ve been on trips to Uganda and Haiti. What’s the next step in checking out a trip to South Africa with Teen Missions International? The mail address is my mom’s email and she’ll give me the message. Thanks.

  40. Where would we stay in SA?

    • The housing and other information will be sent out later in the spring. Housing will vary from dorms to tents, depending on the location.

  41. We are in the process of placing leaders now. We do not give out their names as it can change between now and then.

  42. I went to South Africa last year. It is such a blast! I met lots of friends too. I miss South Africa so much. It was sooo cold when I went. I am sure you will love it there.

    P.S. The birds are so noisy there.

  43. i am sure you will be going to south africa. My friend went there this summer and is at debrief now actually. Boot Camp is located in Merritt Island, FL and is for 10ish days for preteens

  44. will we actully be going to the country and wear is the boot camp located?

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