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Mission Trip Dates: June 12 – July 30 — Work/Evangelism

2009 Switzerland Mission Trip

Welcome to Switzerland! You will feel as though you have stepped into a storybook setting when your team views the beautiful snowcapped mountains surrounding the picturesque town near Lake Thun. It will be a welcome contrast from your tent site at the Lord’s Boot Camp!

After commissioning you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to New York‘s JFK In- ternational Airport. A connecting flight across the Atlantic Ocean takes you to Geneva, Switzerland and then a two-hour bus ride takes you to your project in the village of Einigen.

You will partner with Youth With A Mission to help make improvements at their Swiss base as you build a stone wall on the 180 year-old farm. As time permits, you may have the opportunity to do landscaping. Getting to know the staff and ministering at churches in the surrounding towns will be the highlight of your summer.

Housing will be in tents, but hot showers are available. Laundry will be done using a bucket. Sightseeing trips may take you to see many attractions, such as Bern, the capital city and Thun, a medieval town. You may also take a sky lift to see a panoramic view of the valley and Lake Thun. Souvenirs such as Swiss Army knives, chocolate, watches and cuckoo clocks are available for purchase.

Project Expense: $3890 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. I was part of a team (8601) that went to Switzerland in 1986. We were a team of 33 teens from 13 to 18. We built dormatories for refugees in the town of L’Auberson. What an amazing experience it was. If you have a chance to go, TAKE THAT CHANCE. It will be life changing.

  2. When’s the money due?

    • Marney, The total amount due is the day you arrive at Boot Camp. However, we ask that you send it in as you are get it as we have to pay for many things up front. The registration fee is $30 ($35 Canadian) and you need to register as soon as possible.

  3. I really want to go on a mission this summer. I was looking and i think i will enjoy this one A LOT! Is it full? Also when do i have to have the money and be registered? I am for sure going to talk to my parents tonight! I have been wanting to go on a mission for a really long time!

    • Danielle, If you want Switzerland, you need to register right away. We are having to reduce/add seats for the Early Boot Camp teams now. There is still room. The total amount is due by the day you arrive at Boot Camp.

  4. Ok I already signed up, when would I be able to know if I can be a leader or not?

  5. Wow i REALLY want to go but mom and dad think i am to young….. 🙁 i feel like i have to but we dont have the money…… please pray that i can 🙂

  6. So then how do I register to be a leader without being charged for the team fee?

    • Vanessa, Just register as a leader and skip the registration fee. However, if you do pay it, it will go towards your seminar registration fee.

  7. I thought leaders do not have to pay the registration fee?

    • Vanessa, You don’t have to pay the registration fee for your team, but you do pay a registration fee for the Leader’s Seminar.

  8. Im 12 at the moment but on July 8 , I’ll be turning 13. So is it possible for me to go on the 13 and up mission trips?

  9. Money is the biggest issue 🙁 But I am reeaaalllyy interested in going. It never really crossed my mind before but I came across the add on facebook and I really have an interest to it. It sounds incredible!!

  10. When is the deadline?

  11. Do they take this trip every year? I would so like to go, but I wouldn’t be able to have enough money this year. I so hope they do!

    • Summer, We don’t go to Switzerland every year. Why don’t you go ahead and register? We will send you prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. If the Lord wants you to go, He will provide.

  12. hi everyone! I know God will bless you more.. hope this program/mission will reach thousands of years… 🙂 .. God loves us! AMEN!

  13. the weather when I went in 2009 was really amazing. there is no humidity whatsoever and there was quite a bit of rain but generally it was beautiful and stuck in the mid 70’s or low 80’s during the day. I would recommend bringing a heavier sleeping bag because it does get cold at night as you would expect from a mountain climate. in 2009 we did not have any opportunity to do street evangelism due to laws that we were not aware of then but I expect TMI has looked into getting a license to do evangelism.

  14. where is the debrief? and is there still room on the team?

    • Christopher, Debrief is where several teams come together for classes and some fun time also. There are classes on how to come off the “mountain”, how to share your summer, etc. There is still room on Switzerland.

  15. is there still room on the team?

  16. is there humidity? and how often does it rain.

  17. This looks like an amazing place to go but I’m disappointed that we won’t have a chance to evangelize. I went to Belize last summer and one of the few things I was disappointed about was the lack of opportunities to evangelize. I was also curious what the weather was like in 2009.

    • Grace, The weather in Switzerland has been described as “amazing”. It is warm during the day and cold at night and there will be some rain. The evangelism will be limited. However, there is opportunity for one-on-one evangelism. A permit is needed to do any open-air meetings. You will have the opportunity to attend a local church.

  18. Shamoun Masih Khokhar

    I would like to become the part of this trip. How could I become the part of trip. Please inform me about the all requirement regarding the trips.

  19. I went on this trip in 2009 and it was a truly amazing experience for me and everyone on the team and I am sure Joe will agree. The base is amazing and the staff at the base are very encouraging and friendly. The scenery around the base is so stunning it is hard to describe, right in the middle of the alps! if you are considering going on this trip I highly recommend it. I actually know the leaders of this trip quiet well and they are amazing, godly people. I highly recommend this trip so pray about it 🙂

  20. Thank you! It looks like it would be an amazing, beautiful trip

  21. I absolutely recommend this trip. God uses you in way’s you never thought He would when you’re in a place where the Gospel is so hard to be found. He worked so mightily in me during that summer, I came out a different person and Christian altogether. The scenery is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The Alps in the back, on a hill overlooking Lake Thun, the breeze sweeping in, the sound of the birds in the morning, the majestic view! I can go on and on. 😉 Definitely seek the Lord if Switzerland is the place He wants to send you. God does AMAZING things in places you thought He never would. Switzerland needs Jesus Christ just as much as the U.S., and may the Lord raise up all you to be that witness. 🙂

    In Him,
    Joey beck

  22. I was planning on going to Africa but my mom decided that she didn’t think I should go there. I was really upset about it but then I remembered looking at this trip and how much it interested me. Right now I feel like my heart is set to go to Switzerland, I really hope it is part of God’s plan for me to go on another mission trip and hopefully to here! I just pray my parents will be ok with me choosing this trip and that I can raise the support for it.

  23. Morgan Harrington

    Is this trip already full, or is there still more room?

  24. Wow thanks so much for the encouragement! I really want to go on a mission trip but my parents arn’t sure if this is the right time for me to go. But God will show us his will, and we will go from there.

  25. Hey Tynin,

    I was on the Switzerland team in 2009, what an awesome trip! We renovated (by painting) a Victorian mansion. Sadly, because of local laws, we weren’t able to do any outdoor evangelism in Thun or Spiez, but God used us being there as an example and witness of Christ to the people directly with us. It was not for nought. The people at YWAM are awesome. . .but we mainly stayed with ourselves. You’re ministry will most likely be to your team members, but most importantly, to God. If you’re praying about Switzerland, you’re praying for an awesome summer. May the Lord grant you all your desires. 🙂

    In Him,
    Joey Beck

  26. On this trip will we be spending time with the local kids or youth?

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