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2008 TanzaniaMissions Trip Dates: June 23 – August 10 — Work/Evangelism

This is not a team for the faint of heart! Share the power of God’s love with thousands who live on mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro—Africas tallest mountain known by the natives as the Roof of Africa, towering 19,340 feet above sea level.

After completing Boot Camp, you bus to Orlando International Airport and fly to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia via Washington D.C. and Rome, Italy. You then fly to the Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania. A 30-minute bus ride takes you through Hai to Embokoyi in Siha District located at the foot of this snow-capped mountain. This will be home base for this rugged team.

For half your project time, you will continue pioneering construction work on the Teen Missions in Tanzania property. You will experience daily glimpses of the sunset at Mt. Meru, Tanzania’s second highest mountain. Wearing full-frame backpacks, you will spend the remainder of your time hiking to remote villages. The team will share the love of Jesus through daily open-air presentations using music, puppets drama, and through evening showings of the JESUS Film and the Teen Missions film, Zawadi/Amawale, all in the native Kiswahili language.

Housing will be in tents; laundry and bathing will be done using a bucket. Brush up on your bartering skills! You will need them during a visit to Arusha where you may purchase wooden and soapstone carvings, Masai beaded jewelry, traditional African clothing, and blue tanzanite jewelry found only in Tanzania.

Note: Members of this team should be in good physical health and free of respiratory difficulties.

Project Expense: $4390 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. Kostner, Am i allowed to join you people even when am already staying in Arusha? Do i still have to pay the same amount of participation fee even when am at the venue? just some clarification because am really interested in this mission trip please.

  2. Mikayla Pellerin

    So my friend Brady and I want to go on this missions trip next year. He is a little nervous about going or not and he wants to know if we pick the same trip if we will be guarinteed to be together.

    • Mikayla, The earlier you apply, the better chance you have. We fill them on first-come, first-serve. Register on the same day.

  3. i live in thunder bay ontario and i haven’t gotten my specific facts sheet yet and i read earlier that you guys would have been sending them out in late april, when should i be expecting mine? 😀

  4. Hullo Everyone,
    Am staying in Arusha.I just came across this Mission Trip and immediately picked interest. I would like to be part of it and offer help on this mission.

  5. hey everyone! looking forward to seeing you all!

  6. I still haven’t recieved my specific team fact and I am wondering when I will recieve it.

  7. heey everyone, i am going on this missions trip 🙂
    add me on facebook if you are going as well. IM SO EXCITEDD 🙂

  8. Timothy J. Tubbs

    I stumbled across this website,God has recently pulled me to do mission trips. Is it too late to sign up?

  9. That comforts me to know that! Before I got that answer I was contemplating weather or not to do this because of the verse James 3:1-2 just in fear. I had a long talk with my youth leader and I feel like I should do this. Thank you so much!

  10. Like what would we do in the training?

    • Kylen, You learn music, puppets, drama, work skills (carpentry, block laying, trusses, etc.), how to share the Gospel, etc.

  11. What exactly is the boot camp part? And I am guessing it will be cold there, like really cold?

  12. Hi, my name is Lorraine and I am signed up as an assistant leader on this team. I have been trying to find the exact location of where will be going but all I can find is the airport, Arusha and Moshi (our mailing address). I cannot find Hai, the Siha Distirct or Embokoyi. When I googled Embokoyi the only results that came up were from the Teen Missions website. I am just curious as to exactly where it is we will be. Thanks

  13. Hey, Beth,
    What happened to cowboy Lee?

  14. Will this trip still be available next summer? I am 14 will I be able to go?

  15. I have been registered for this team for awhile. I am wonderin when I will get the specifoc team fact sheet.

  16. Is this trip still open for girls? Age 18?

  17. Hey! I was wondering if there were still spots open for guys on this trip? I can probably register tonight or tomorrow but I would like to know if I still have a chance getting put on this team. Thanks!

    • Graham, Right now it is closed to boys, but that will change with cancellations and switches. Please call our office for more information.

  18. When is the deadline?

    • Victoria, You must apply before Boot Camp starts. However, the later you apply, the fewer teams will be available. Some teams require visas which must be applied for ahead of time. Others will be closed due to numbers. So, the earlier you apply, the better.

  19. Hey, my name is Ross and I’m interested in going on this team, i was wondering if packs will be provided and if so what kind will they be. also i went on the Ireland team last year and if it were possible, i would like to be a leader on this team.

  20. Heya guys! Im Maggie..or Meg..whatever, im on the Kilimanjaro team, so add me on facebook, Meg Kollo! Im stoked for the team, Cant wait to meet you guys.

  21. I did not see a place to indicate I would like to be put on the waiting list, but I have registered

  22. What is the chance there will be more space opening for boys on this team? This is my dream team and I did not realize how early they fill up.

    • Colin, Right now it is full to boys. However, go ahead and register with it as your first choice. I will put you on your second choice. If you indicate that you want on the waiting list (I do not automatically put you on the waiting list), then I will call when there is a cancellation. You would be first on the waiting list, so the chances are very good.

  23. So I’m signed up for this team. You can find me on Facebook (Drake Darrah) I”m holding a girl and i’m asian 🙂

    I can’t wait to see you all! This will be my 2nd time|!

  24. Alright thank you!

  25. Thank you! So to switch over do I just re-register and pay the fee?

  26. Hey, guys.My name is Christa, and I am an FTM from the 2009 Ecuador team. I only just turned thirteen a few weeks ago,and I really feel like God wants me to go on this team,but right now that looks impossible. We don’t have any funding for a missions trip; we’re just getting by. But I still really want to go! Please pray that God will open doors so that I will be able to go with this team to Africa next summer. Thanks!!!

  27. So is there room for girls? I signed up for the Nepal trip but I don’t know anymore, I really think God is placing it on my heart to join this team. I keep thinking about it and I get really stoked and I am nearly certain I am going to switch over. Im going to keep praying about it, but like I said, I am nearly certain and really excited.

  28. is there still room for this cause im realy intrested

  29. How many people can join this team? I have a friend who may be interested in coming.

  30. Thank you Beth, I will do that.

  31. Hi Beth,
    We have registered our daughter for this trip but could not pay online due to some difficulties, so we will mail it. Are there still openings? Do we have time?

    Thank you,

  32. Hello, I’m considering this team…anyone around 14 years old? How many can belong on the team? I’m getting pretty pumped about it……

  33. hey i have my own backpacking gear can i bring it

  34. Hey me and a couple other people I know are going. 😀

  35. yah so i’m signed up for this team and anyone else that is can find me on face book…and my email is [email protected] i’d like to get in contact with you before hand

  36. when we do the backpacking will it be doing day trips or will we be staying over night at the area’s we’re ministering too?

    • David, It will vary. Some places you will backpack to an area and then do day trips and then probably backpack to another area and do day trips from there.

  37. Eyram, as an FTM from last year, I can tell you that the cost pays for transportation, food, lodging, materials, as well as some other various things. The reason it’s estimated is because the costs for the plane ticket isn’t exact yet as it’s too early. In a couple months, they’ll put up the exact price.

  38. Tynin – The construction I had to do was build a fence, and a playground. It really depends, it could be building an AORU or houses. That’s my guess.

    Eyram – You have to be at least 13 to be on a Teen team. Teens (13-18). The estimated project expense range includes the airline fees, although you do have to pay for your flight to florida (for boot camp) and back home. Otherwise it’s all covered. But you do want to bring money for spending and also for the tent/literature deposit tax at boot camp (about $65)

    Hope I answered your questions guys. I hope to come on this team too!


  39. the age limit is 19. and it includes transportation, food, housing, and most of the supplies. You will be required to bring one tool on your trip you will be told which to bring.

  40. Do you still need a head female leader?

  41. What is the age limit? What does the Estimated Project Expense Range include?

  42. What kind of construction work would we do??

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