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2011 Uganda Missions TripDates: June 23 – August 10 — Work/Evangelism

Come to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa! This beautiful East African country of 30 million people reports that 50% of the population is under 15 years of age. Thousands of these children (Watoto) are orphans due to war or AIDS.

After Commissioning you will fly from Orlando to Entebbe International Airport via Washington D.C. and Johannesburg, South Africa. You will immediately sense the warmth and friendliness of the Ugandan people and appreciate the beauty of the land as you travel the short distance from Entebbe to the capital city of Kampala via truck. There you will board a bus for the nine-hour journey—the full length of Uganda—to the farthest northwestern town, Koboko.

Along the way you will likely see elephants, baboons and hippos in the wild. Koboko is two miles from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Sudan. Many tribes have settled in this strategic town located where these three countries meet including, Lingala-speaking people from DRC, Arabic and Dinka-speaking people from Sudan (many of the Dinkas are 7 ft. tall!) as well as Ugandans speaking Kakwa and Lugbara.

Your project, at the David & Janet Woods House of Justice Rescue Unit, will be to gather the orphans and share the love of Christ with them by washing their feet and putting new socks and shoes on them. Sharing Bible stories, doing crafts, teaching phonics and playing games are also a part of your ministry. Assisting with the building projects at the base will be another part of your experience.

There will be opportunities to reach out to the people of Koboko and surrounding villages with the good news of Jesus Christ by using music, drama, puppets and testimonies. At the end of your project you will travel back to Kampala where you can purchase many wonderful handcrafts including drums, wood and soapstone carvings, baskets, bags, jewelry and national clothing. There may even be an opportunity to enjoy a picnic on the shores of Lake Victoria before returning to Entebbe.

Project Expense: $4390 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. This may be a stupid question but, what do we put on our box, as to like label it? Teen Missions address or our team number?

    • Sara, Put your name and address it as if you are at Boot Camp. The BC address was in your Individual Team Fact Sheet.

  2. I mean, what impact on the lives of the orphans does this make? I’m interested in serving abroad but want to find the right program.

    • Bob, What a loaded question! This definitely has a profound affect on the orphans to whom they minister. Teen Missions is out there in the bush ministering to these orphans. Many organizations will not go out that far. For more information, please email the Aids Orphans Office.

  3. What is the purpose of washing feet?

    • Bob, The main purpose is to serve the orphans just as Jesus washed the Disciples feet. They then put a new pair of socks and shoes on the orphans. For most, this is their first pair of shoes.

  4. Is it possible for a person in uganda to join? my sister in uganda wants to participate.

    • Sarah, You must attend the training in Florida. However, we do run the same program in Uganda and have a Bible School there.

  5. If we receive checks after May 15, can we still send them in, or do we need to bring it with us to Boot Camp?

    • Hannah, Please call the finance dept. on Monday. Since you are Super Boot Camp, I think you can send them in until the beginning of June.

  6. I have a question about boots. Is it required you wear brown or black boots? Or is okay to wear different colored boots, like pink or green? Also, is Dr. Martens an okay brand?

  7. Do we need to get Visas before we go?

  8. Is there any more room for me to come?

  9. My daughter just registered and her first choice is Uganda. Is there any room for girls?

  10. Ok Thank you!

  11. Hey,
    So I’m going to get my shots tomorrow and I was wondering if there’s any specific shots that we need? My sisters going on Zambia OA 1 and she would like to know too! Thanks for your help.

    • Katlyn, Uganda requires a Yellow Fever. Only Uganda and Cameroon require this. Check with your physician on what he/she recommends.

  12. breakthesilence95

    Were we supposed to receive our specific team fact sheets with our monthly newsletters?

    • Pretty much everyone is working outside this week to get the Big Top Tents up along with getting everything else ready for Boot Camp. We are in the proofing process and will send them out as soon as we can!

  13. Hey guys! If your thinking about going on this trip but are not sure… its a yes! its going to be amazing! so yah say yes!

  14. ah! sorry! i found the link to register!

  15. I’m really interested in this trip, but i’m not sure how to register. is registration still open?

  16. I’ve been interested in these missions for a LONG time. I’m 16 and wondering: when is the registration deadline and is this mission safe? I know that there is a lot of unrest in the Congo and the Sudan, and this mission center is only 2 miles from the borders! Has the LRA ever been a problem, have any teams experienced anything like that? The Lord put a call to Uganda in my heart, but I’m wondering about these concerns first! Thanks, God Bless!

    • Linnea, It is not too late to register. However, the longer you wait, the more limited your choices. The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will!

  17. If we are a work/evangelism team which packing list do we follow?

  18. Awesome! Then I will start organizing the shoe drive at my church :).

  19. Hi! I’m still interested in getting shoes and sending them to TMI headquarters for the various missions this summer. Is there still a need for shoes, or, is that already taken care of?

  20. Hey so is it still open for dudes?

  21. Do we need to get a Visa for this trip?

  22. Hi! I was wondering if it is to late to sign up for this trip or if any spots have opened for another girl?

  23. Thank You!

  24. Hey, So I sent my picture early January and I still haven’t gotten my prayer cards, they said they’ve tried sending them twice and my sister got her’s So I was just wondering whats going on. If you could help thank you!

  25. Okay thanks, I’m already signed up but I had some friends that were looking into it.

  26. If no more boys join this team, then will it become available to girls again? I remember last years Malawi Foot Washing teams had a bunch of girls but only 3 guys.

  27. Is it to late to join this trip? I’ve talked to my friend Dave Waugh about it and I am very interested in joining. Thanks

  28. Is it to late to join this trip? I’ve talked to my friend Dave Waugh about it and I am very interested in joining.

    • Faith, Right now, it is full to girls, but that can change quickly due to cancellations and switches. Zimbabwe Foot Washing is still open.

  29. Would you recommend going ahead and getting our shots now? Or, should we wait till spring when you tell us what’s recommended/required?

    • Hannah, According to “” website, the only shot REQUIRED for Uganda is Yellow Fever and you might want to go ahead and arrange for that one. Your physician may RECOMMEND other shots and malaria medication.

  30. I was wondering what is the differance between this one and the zimbabwe foot washing?

  31. About how many people can go on this trip?

  32. Oh also! What would we need to do in regards to shots and stuff?

  33. Hey guys! 🙂 My friend Ashley and I are seriously considering going on this trip. It’s been our dream to go to Africa since we were both really little.. and i think the only thing holding us back at this point is the money… But we also have a few questions. Will we be sleeping in tents and bathing in buckets? And also, will the orphans we play with be able to speak english? Or will we not be able to communicate with them? Thanks a bunch! 🙂

    • Heather, You will be in tents and bathing/laundry in a bucket. A lot of the orphans will be able to speak English. Even if they don’t, there are ways to communicate with them despite the language barrier.

  34. wait so how long are you at the bootcamp place? and how long is the actual trip in uganda? i’m confused sorry!

  35. When’s the deadline to sign up for this trip?

  36. If we bring shoes would they be counted in our luggage or could they be just shipped to you?

    • Hannah, You can ship the shoes or you can bring them with you. They will be counted in your luggage as far as your airline coming here is concerned. We will pack them separately here at Boot Camp, so they will not count in your carry-on allowance.

  37. I heard that you have to bring some shoes to boot camp for this trip since its a foot washing team, is that true?

  38. How big is a carry on?

  39. Oh okay, that makes more sense now. 🙂

  40. Okay so I heard that the teams who go on the foot washing teams can only bring what fits in their carry on? :/

    • Liz, Yes, but that is not as hard as it sounds. Your sleeping bag, mat, etc. will go in a duffle. It is just your clothes that have to fit in a carry-on.

  41. Its ok Hannah Wood. You can ask Alisyn Clark for my email if you want.

  42. I am so torn on what country I should choose. I’ve been praying but I just don’t know ! I went to Belize with tmi in 2009 and i know I wanna do another trip, its either this or maybe Cameroon or who knows lol. The thing is my mom doesn’t like the idea of me going to Africa :/

  43. Oh okay! That’s fine, sorry.

  44. Hannah Wood, i don’t have a facebook.

  45. Just received my packet, but I am missing prayer cards. Can you also tell me where this team debriefs and where final destination is? Thanks, looking forward to trip. Liz

    • Liz, You are probably missing your prayer cards because we don’t have a picture for you. Please email it to us ASAP. We will be back in the office on Jan. 4. Debrief for ALL teams will be in Florida.

  46. Hannah (Buell) you should join our group on Facebook! There are about five Hannah Buells on FB so I’m not sure which one is you. 🙂

  47. Yeah it is!

  48. If you are going or thinking about going then add me on facebook!!/profile.php?id=1419712652

  49. I am so excited to go on this trip! It is going to be so much fun!

  50. Micah, if you are thinking of going on this trip the answer is yes.
    There is a group for us on facebook!/home.php?sk=group_115811308484123

  51. What do you think i should do… i dont know maney christians but i nead advise

  52. To add to my my comment above I think my Facebook profile is locked. But you can always search for me on there.

  53. I’m going on this trip!! Add me on Facebook if you are going!

  54. Ok. Thank you so much!!!!!

  55. I signed up for this trip. I hope I get to go! How long until we know if we are accepted and get our packets?

    • Hannah, I registered you before the Thanksgiving Break. If your packet did not go out on Tuesday, it will go out this week.

  56. Hey for anyone going on this team add me on Facebook :)

  57. Got my packet today, stoked.

  58. I’m going on this trip!

  59. Would we be sleeping in tents?

  60. I am considering this or the Zimbabwe Footwashing one. I am praying about which one to go on.

  61. I am so excited…my daughter is a leader on this trip!!!! We are so excited to see what God is gonna do in her life and the life of all the others!! We will be praying for all of you who are thinking about or going on this trip!

  62. Carolyn McDougall

    I signed up for this team also! Wow! this will be completely different from last time.
    There was only 1 other girl on my team. see you at boot-camp!

  63. Brittny Czarnowsky

    I am registered for this trip! Here is my facebook also. If you are going, I’d love to be your friend.!/profile.php?id=533344586&v=wall&notif_t=wall

  64. I already signed up for this team but some friends still are thinking about signing up for this team, How many are already signed up?

  65. Usually around two weeks.

  66. hey guys im signing up to go on this trip so if you are going on it heres my facebook!/iluvbubbles117

  67. I really would like to do this trip!

  68. I would definately like to more about this trip!!! Thanks!!

  69. I would like to know more about this trip!

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