Old West Indian Reservation | Preteen Missions Trip

2004 New Mexico Missions Trip

Mission Trip Dates: June 29 – August 6 — Work/Evangelism

Experience the rich heritage of Native Americans as you work on an authentic Indian Reservation.

As you make your journey across the country, you pass through Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, seeing the diversity, landscape and geography of America.

Your project will be to paint and to landscape on the reservation property. What an experience to be on an Indian Reservation and make friends with the Native American children with whom you can share the Lord through puppets and songs.

Visiting the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert will be exciting for your team. Shopping for Native American handicrafts and turquoise will give you a lasting memory of your summer.

Project Expense: $1990 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. Can we send letters/packages to our preteen? if yes, can you please provide the address? thank you!

    • Jennie, As stated in our General Fact Sheet—NO CARE PACKAGES (except for the after Commissioning one of junk food if you are not coming). It can be very difficult for the leaders to retrieve the packages (can be an all-day trip and may need to take the team member and leader away from the work site). In addition, many times there are “custom fees” (I had a team member pay $60 to get their package and it contained $15 worth of candy). Letters are encouraged. The mailing address is on their prayer cards, our web site and in their Individual Team Fact Sheets. The Boot Camp/Debrief address is:
      Team Number
      871 E. Hall Rd.
      Merritt Island, FL 32953

  2. I’ve been watching the teen rallys live stream. Will the preteen rallys be broadcast?

  3. Tommorow i will be at boot camp at 10:00

  4. only 5 days till boot camp,its exciting:)

  5. I heard you can leave clothes behind for debrief, what do I keep them in and where do I leave them? My mom has always volunteered at TMI during boot camp in the past and is not able to this year, is there specific times during the day for parents to visits during boot camp (she loves to watch the OC!)? And… for you mosquito pros on staff…does the clip on mosquito repellant from “OFF” work?

    • Samantha, You can leave CLEAN AND DRY clothes in the food warehouse. If they are damp at all, they will mold over the summer. Parents can come in after 5PM for a total of three visits. Not sure about the clip on repellant…

  6. I’m bringing Jessica and Jasmine on Sunday. They look forward to meeting the rest of you on Wednesday!!

  7. One last question before the trip they gave us the adress on the teasm adress page can or may parents send letters to that post office box

  8. We do not have leather boots. Jasmine is a child size 1-2 and all they have are the cheap over the ankle boots. We are bringing two pairs just in case!

  9. yeah, we talk alot and will they cancel the trip since all the wildfires

  10. Hey Aaric I get on here a lot too but there’s been no questions I have or anything I could reply to. Me and Hollis talk a lot though.

  11. I know its pinon but what is the address I did not see it.

  12. I was wondering what is the exact location of the place we will be staying at.

  13. hey aaric and andy my names hollis i get on here alot im reallly excited to meeet you guys at boot camp

  14. hi andy here,im excited to be coming this summer so i can get closer to god and make new friends

  15. aaric n. reeves

    my mom is kelly

  16. aaric n. reeves

    hi i’m Aaric

  17. Yeah, when looking at one of our local stores last week, the only all leather ones they had were the jump boots – which are a dress boot. (funny, they call them “jump boots” but the paratroopers don’t actually jump in them). I was going to check the surplus stores around here, but I actually found some CAT brand ones at Sears.
    If anyone else is having trouble finding size 6 boots – the CAT size 6 ones are not available in stores, but are online, and are cheaper and have a wider variety of sizes on Amazon. I also hit a clearance rack for lightweight pants today, too! His box is starting to come together!

  18. Or, nubuck. I finally just found some size 6 W and they’re nubuck.

  19. Also, I know they are supposed to be shined (FTM here) so is suede not an option? I’ve found suede timberlands. I can’t remember anyone wearing suede when I went.
    And, the fact sheet says no military wear, but the only all leather ones that Al’s sells are combat boots. So combat boots are okay? We’re an Army family, we live in a large Army town, we’ve got an abundance of combat boots available.

    • Kelly, The suede will rub off when polished which is OK. Combat boots are fine as long as they are all leather-NO GORTEX!

  20. Yeah, excuse Aaric’s picture – the one on the sheet sent out is the one from when he was a Mustard Seed!
    Has anyone else had trouble finding boots? Aaric is a size 6w. It seems that most brands in kids sizes stop at 5, yet the mens sizes start at 7. It varies from brand to brand, but I can’t find any all leather boots in a 6.

  21. thank you would could anybody reccomend a good type of pants

  22. hi,i know this was in our literature but could you please remind me again when the dates for going home are. Also can we were a sort of mesh pants like athletic pants.

    • Hollis, Preteens can fly home between 9AM and 3PM on Aug. 6. Parents can pick them up EARLY on Aug. 6 or between 8PM and 9PM on Aug. 5. Yes, you can wear those pants, but they do not do well with a scrub brush!

  23. Rebecca Schmitt

    What day and time do the kids need to be at the airport for this trip?

    • Rebecca, They need to arrive between 10 AM on June 28 and 10 AM on June 29 (anytime in that 24 hour window) at the Orlando International Airport (MCO).

  24. just seeing if there is room for my son on this particular trip. thanks!

  25. Hey Beth,
    Is this trip closed?

  26. Do the team members need to bring their own buckets for washing clothes on this team?

  27. Will the price for this trip go up because of gas prices

  28. Is it too late to attend this trip? I’m 10 and attended this camp when I was 7 and I just thought about it.

  29. i just got all of my money i am so excited and do you still send in money eve if you get negetave will that go to other people or go to your spending money

    • Hollis, If the check is made out to Teen Missions, you will need to send it in. We do have a lot of unexpected costs come up every year and that will help.

  30. I don’t think everyone knows you can keep in touch on here. We are short $900!!! We don’t have many people to ask. But we are working on it and Jasmine will be there. Working on learning some of the verses now.

  31. well im really excited so i go on about every day and i have 78 dollars left and most of my packing list i dont have

  32. Oh well that;s cool :). Yeah I also agree with Kathy no one actually looked how I thought. And what Im thinking about is why there’s that many kids on our team and only like me and Hollis go on this blog

  33. hey judah you dont look what i thought you did either but i look alot diffrent than i did in that picture i have longer hair and i put them in pigtails all the time

  34. It’s fun to see the mix of kids on the team isn’t it? No one looked how I was picturing them : )

  35. Yeah I just got mine today. Hollis you don’t look how I expected.

  36. Hey Kathy now you know what I look like.

  37. I didn’t get them yet. When did you send them out

  38. Got the mission team pictures. Now we can pray for people by name.

  39. When will you send out the team sheets with the pictures? And the tool list?

  40. OH ok thank you very much

  41. THANKS also what else do we need money for besides souviners

  42. Is there a specific address in pinon or will we be traveling to diffrent places in pinon

  43. have they done this trip before because i cant find any pictures

  44. was the specific fact sheet supposto come with the april monthly news letter becuause i did not recieve mine

  45. Beth when we are on the road willl we buy or own lunches and stuff or when we leave boot camp have packed lunches it just depends how much money i need to bring

    • Hollis, You will not be required to buy any meals once you arrive at Boot Camp. However, you will probably want to have a couple of meals out. If you choose not to, sandwiches will be provided.

  46. ok well i just sent an email to that account wo i will resend it to your old email adress

  47. Wait Hollis scratch that. My parents won’t let me have a hotmail account. They don’t want me to have a account they can’t acess.

  48. Hollis I changed my e-mail because I didn’t like the address. I just made a new one. It’s now. [email protected]. Remember the double k’s.

  49. I know Beth I was just wondering. And yeah Kathy I can’t wait either

  50. Judah–how hard it is depends on your personality and abilities. Three of my children have done it before. Two as preteens and one as a preteen and teen. None of them found it overly difficult even though one of them is not as athletic as the other two. All of them got help from their team (everyone does, no one can do the wall alone) and you just have to keep a good spirit. A lot of people fall in the slough on the first try. It sounds like this is going to be a great team and I can’t wait to get the paper with the team member’s pictures soon.

  51. What number would you rate the OC

    • Judah, I am not sure what you mean by your question. Please don’t focus so much on the OC. It is one small part of your day.

  52. Oh I’m sorry she will be in my prayers.

    Beth you didn’t answer my question from before.

  53. Judah–Jasmine is really small (50″) and may have a lot of trouble with the obstacle course but your team mates can help you and encourage you. People will be on the wall to pull the others over and the ones on the ground push from the bottom. Just bring a lot of dry socks for landing in the slough of despondency. I’m packing extra boots for Jamsine because she needs to change right away if her feet get wet due to orthopedic issues (she is missing toes and her feet will crack).

  54. I’m a little overweight and I’m afraid I’ll have a hard time on the OC is it really hard.

    • Judah, You can do all things through Christ. The point of the OC is to learn to depend on the Lord and your team to get your through.

  55. and fo the leaders choose who whe sleep in a tent with

  56. and are we allowed to wear cotton pajama pants at boot camp

  57. how many people are in a tent together

  58. On a scale of 1 to 10 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest what would you rate the OC.

  59. Do we have people to wake us up because I don’t respond to alarm clocks. I have to wake up by touch. For example I can only wake up if someone shakes me awake.

  60. Jasmine is through her surgery and in recovery. Pray for her over the next few weeks as she heals and prepares for TMI. We still need to raise $900. We do not have much family to help. Our church supports their own programs. But she will be there one way or another and happy to connect with a former mustard seed team mate. She went three years to mustard seeds and not since.

  61. Can achild who turns fourteen during the summer go on this trip?

    Does the trip start in Fla. like other TMI teen trips?

    Are there still open spaces for the trip?


    Tim Kennelly

    • Tim, You cannot turn 14 before or during the program in order to qualify for the Preteen Program. If you are turning 14, you will need to register for a teen team. Yes, that team (along with all teams) start and end in Florida and there is still room.

  62. How early in the morning do we have to wake up. Also what time do we do the obstacle course every day.

  63. and mrs.beth when you get to the airport how long will you have to wait till you can go to boot camp

  64. do preeteens ever get to hang out with the teens or other teems

  65. Alright, Aaric is officially switched to the Old West team, He’s out of town with grandparents right now, but I’ll let him get on here when he gets back!

  66. Kathy, I knew she had to be the same one! I have such great memories of her joyful singing! That was a great group of kids. We haven’t been able to to make it back since then, due to be always being pregnant of having young babies that I can’t leave.
    I’ll be praying for her health in the next few weeks!
    Fundraising has been going VERY slowly here (for the Sicily team) and we’re supposed to give a definite yes or no by Monday (so they can buy tickets). I’ve asked some of our friends and family for just a verbal indication of whether they’re planning to donate and how much, so I can get a penciled in estimate, and determine if it’s at all feasible. I’m hopeful, but also preparing to talk to him about switching to this team instead. So if I can get some prayers that some money will come in, or that he’ll be okay with and even excited about the change of plans, I’d really appreciate it!

  67. I will pray for her health and for you to keep strength in god and if he wants jasmine to go on this trip she will heal

  68. Kelly-Jasmine did Mustard Seeds 3 years- 05, 06, 07. This is her first time going since then.

    Jasmine has surgery April 7. We need her to be well and right now she has a bad cough. We need to get this done so she has plenty of time to heal before TMI. If she isn’t well, they’ll postpone it until late May and that’s too close to TMI for comfort! So please pray for her between now and April 7.

    We are working on the verses. It is challenging for Jasmine but we are making progress!!!!

  69. Cool. Do you play a game called Habbo Hotel?

  70. its hollislaing4 and i have 700 leftor less

  71. Yeah well what’s is your sender name. So I will know you. I can’t wait for this. I almost have all my money.

  72. ih sorry i will

  73. Beth will I know when I see you at boot camp. And Hollis you still haven’t e-mailed me.

  74. what time is the rocket ship leaving on june 28 so i can get there in time i love astronomy. and can you bring propell for your water

  75. Hi,

    This is my first trip. My sister went on a preteen a few years ago and liked it She went to Indiana. That was the one that was aired on CBS.

    Can any one tell me about how much spending monet I should bring?

  76. Kathy – did you and Jasmine by chance do Mustard Seeds when she was little? I think you’re probably the same ones, so if so, Hi!! My son Aaric and I did Mustard Seeds in ’05, and he’s signed up for Sicily this year.

  77. Oh thanks Beth you’re really helpful. I wish you were our leader. Will I know when I see you at Boot Camp.

  78. I don’t have facebook.

  79. Hey Hollis my e-mail is [email protected]. What’s yours

  80. Oh so how do we send private stuff.

  81. Can we give out our e-mails so we can get to know each other before the trip

  82. Sweet I can’t wait for this. A few days before I leave my 3 siblings who went before me are gonna take me to eat and they’re gonna give me tips for the summer. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS TRiP ITS GONNA BE AWESOME. Oh when in April do we get the sheet with the team members names.

  83. since we are a evangalism and work does that mean we should bring everything in the work category AND every thing in the evangilsm categorty

  84. how do you rent a tmi video and i would like to start the verses early

  85. I’m not gonna give out my address but we can be friends. I want to start verses early too!

  86. Thanks Beth. There may be others who want to start verses early too.

  87. is there an exact place in arizona we are going

  88. i would love to be your friend i dont want to be alone either were do you live

  89. Sure Hollis we could be friends if you really want to. As long as I’m not all alone.

  90. Thanks Amy. I’m already feeling better and I’m asking God if he’ll just help me be ready for this. Because I know it’s hard work because 4 of my siblings went before me. So thanks for the encourgment.

  91. Jasmine will turn 10 in Feb so it looks like she and Sarah will be the youngest.

    Beth–can you tell us which verses from the list of 40 are the preteen verses? I’m thinking that they only learn 20. Jasmine will need a little head start with this. She has learned 1 Cor 10:13 & Romans 10:9-10 so far.

  92. Thanks Amy I feel better now. I’m praying for guidance and help raising money. I just hope it’ll be enough.

  93. hi judah i will be the same age and i feel the same way you do we could be friends

  94. Former Russia and Africa member here…

    Just wanted to give you some encouragement. The first time I went to Boot Camp/Teen Missions I was excited but SCARED. I didn’t know anyone either, and I wasn’t sure if I could do it.

    It turned out to be one of the best things I ever did. It was hard work, but I made some of the best friends I’ve ever had in my whole life, and the whole experience made me a better person. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

    Now I am a mom and I plan on sending my daugher when she is old enough- in a year or two.

    Hope God will bless you and your team this summer! Talk to Him about it.

  95. So I’m going to be 13 on the trip and this is my first year and I’m scared because I’m gonna miss my parents and I won’t have friends and I don’t think I can do the obstacle course. Can someone help.

  96. hey i will be her friend i want a friend two Beth can u tell me who is sighned up for this trip

  97. This looks like a wonderful trip and the first for Sarah who will be turning 10 mid June. If she does attend she will be needing a friend by her side. Does anyone know who is leading this trip?

    • Karen, No friend is needed. Most of the kids will not know anyone on the trip. We do not give out the names of the leaders as it can change.

  98. Jasmine has made it through the first half of her surgery. Part two will be late March or early April so she can be healed up in time for the obstacle course. We are working on raising funds. It sounds like Jasmine will be the “baby of the trip” turning ten in Feb.

  99. By the way can I bring reading books for the bus rides?

  100. I am not a picky eater and can eat just about anything. I am in 7 grade and a very hard and dedicated worker. I don’t give up easily. I am good at long car rides. I am still debating wheather or not I’m coming. Do you think I should come?

  101. Pleeeeeeze let 14 year olds go! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!

  102. hey i have never been on a mission trip! i am in 6th grade and will be 12 on the trip. i hate almost all vegetables and i don’t really like red meat. so that probably be the hardest part for me. and can i bring my cell phone to contact my parents?

    • Abi, You cannot bring a cell phone. The leaders will be emailing reports twice a week to the office and those will be posted online.

  103. I was a picky eater too. I didn’t like many fruits or vegetables but now I like peaches, lettuce and a WHOLE BUNCH MORE fruits and vegetables.
    Thank Goodness. Now I have a bigger selection for dinner. (I used to not eat what I thought I wouldn’t like.)


  105. The sicily teem gets to know their assistant leader

  106. can u tell us who are leaders might be

  107. tell her her team friend hollis is praying for her

  108. Jasmine is practicing eating more foods and not being so picky. We are reading through the fact sheet so we can get it sent back with the medical forms. Keep Jasmine in prayer as she has her third surgery for the year in December and the second half of it in March. Trying to get everything out of the way before TMI. She was a cleft lip/palate/clubfoot baby with some others issues. Nothing serious but it has to be done.

  109. For those worried about food – my daughter is definitely one of the world’s pickiest eaters, and after two summers with Teen Missions, she eats a lot more foods than ever, never got sick from anything she ate, and even learned this year that she likes chicken feet!!! 🙂 You won’t be required to eat large portions of things you do not like…just a small amount.

  110. Can you be 13

  111. But hollis I will be going into grade 8 not 7 i am in seven right now. i made a mistake

  112. yes dylan this is also my first year i am very excited i will turn 13 8 days before i leave my b day is june 21

  113. Hollis, I will be 13 on Aug. 4 for debrief my parents are so “sad” because they won’t see me when I turn into a teen! Is this your first year, It’s my first year

  114. Kathy – I am a very very picky eater, even now as an adult. I went with TMI when I was 16 and 17, and I was okay. I certainly didn’t go hungry, I filled up on the foods I did like. I think she’ll be alright.

  115. i am in 7 th grade and i am 12 i will be13 on the trip

  116. I meant Hollis and Jasmin yet I’m in the sixth grade and will be going into grade seven when I go! Sorry

  117. Hi I am going on the Italy preteen trip but I hope I can meet you at evening rallys

  118. hi Kathy i am going to register for this trip and i would love to be jasmine’s friend i am or will be i am 12 right now i am also a very picky eater

  119. My daughter Jasmine is signed up for this trip. She is the world’s pickiest eater so the food part will be her biggest challenge. She will be 10 in Feb and is in 4th grade. She is looking forward to making some new friends on this trip.

    • Kathy, Food is an issue for most Preteens. That is why we have them eat a small portion of the main dish and vegetable (unless there is an allergy). It is amazing what they “like” once they try it!

  120. How many people are sighned up already would u recommend sighning up now or in the new year

    • Hollis, It is best to sign up as soon as possible. This gives you more time to raise support and get everything together. There is still room on this team at this time.

  121. what time do u have to be at boot camp

  122. i can deal with that i love vegetables i think i can eat a little thanks i would do do anything for god

  123. no its not a allergy but i think it tastes super gross if this is a problem just let me know and i am super duper excited

  124. good and are you are leader for this trip our are Rene and gary costner our leaders will we be flying at all and i dont eat any red meat the only red meat i eat is hot dogs, dear meat, and taco meat will that be a problem ? please anserw me as soon as possible

    • Hollis, No, I am not the leader at this time. We are in the process of securing leaders for our teams. However, we do not give out their names as it can change between now and when Boot Camp starts. Right now, there is no flying involved. Is this an allergy or a preference?

  125. Richie Slaughter

    May I ask why is a “Passport” required for this team, since we will be in the US?

  126. wait is this team flying to places or driving ? also i have asthma is that ok

  127. i really feel like god is calling me to go on this trip i just love trying new things this will be my first year at boot camp i am 12 but by the time boot camp on june 21 i will be 13

  128. My son Richie Slaughter is signed up for this team. Can you tell me where they will be going? “Old West” is a little vague.

    Thank You

  129. Rene & Gary Coston

    Would love to lead this team! My daughter has been leaning towards registering for this one, too!

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