Zimbabwe Foot Wash | Teen Missions Trip

2010 Zimbabwe Adult Missions Trip

2010 Zimbabwe Adult Missions Trip

Mission Trip Dates: June 23 – August 14 — Work/Evangelism

The first AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit survey was taken in a five-mile radius around our Teen Missions in Zimbabwe (TMZ) base.

It revealed that in four villages there were families where the oldest living relative was only 10 years old! These orphans are still in peril. Come and wash the feet of these precious children who have no socks and shoes.

After completing training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport and fly to Johannes- burg, South Africa. You will have an overnight at the Teen Missions in South Africa base, located 30 minutes from Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, before flying to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. From the airport, a two-hour truck ride to Mile Marker 97 will take you on a 12-mile dusty road through the bush and villages to the TMZ base where staff, students and orphans are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

A balancing rock, a sight unique to this area, sits at the center of the property. Spend time sharing the love of Jesus through Bible stories, singing, puppets, games and warm hugs. Many would not be able to survive if it were not for the Rescue Unit at the base which helps supply blankets, food or medicine to ease their pain.

You will visit Victoria Falls, known as the “Smoke that Thunders”, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, discovered by David Livingstone in 1856. Here you may find the perfect souvenir you are looking for in wood carvings, baskets, batik cloths, jewelry or traditional drums.

Project Expense: $4890 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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  1. Can we bring Mad Libs or cards or something like that for plane flights??
    What all do we put for labeling our cloths (such as name, team, computer ID’s)?

    • Hannah, No. You will have your Bible and also a lot of time to fellowship with your team. You can order labels or just put your initials on the tag on your clothing.

  2. Can we bring our own Tylenol or Advil? Or do you guys have Tylenol and Advil if we need it?

  3. Is bottled water being taken along with us to Africa or are we going to boil water or is the Zimbabwe base have a water filter thingy???

  4. Is the team all girls?

  5. When you receive more money than you goal is on you Finance Record sheet, how do you write it then on the Finance Record sheet??

  6. Is there still room?

  7. Praise Jesus!!!!! Can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do on this trip, thank you, thank you

  8. Hi, my daughter just signed up online for this trip, with the registration fee, how long before we know if she will be on this or another one that she picked? Thanks, what a great missions this is we’re so excited!!!

  9. what shots do you need to get for this trip?

  10. Are there any spots left open for girls?
    and where do ya’ll depart from?

  11. Please, please, please start breaking in your boots now! When you’re running the obstacle course you’ll want to be past the clomping stage and not have to worry about blisters! 🙂

  12. Beth, absolutely! =)

  13. Hannah…please email me [email protected]

  14. When will we find out who all is going on the trip?

  15. Greetings!!! I am signed up to go as a back up leader for Zim! My mom, Tara Byrd is also going as a back up leader. I did TMI in 1995′ TMI Treehouse Camp! I am very excited about this opportunity to serve Christ. What a blessing to see teens with a heart to share the gospel. I’m a married Mama to four boys, and a parttime college student. As a leader, I have already begun praying for the teens this Summer, for the Lord to open doors to share the gospel of Christ, for team unity, and for our safety. This trip has been very bathed in prayer. TMI is a great solid Christian ministry. My mom sent me when I was just 11 yrs old, and I plan on sending my boys when they are older. I look forward to meeting our team this Summer! If anyone would like to contact me, my email address is [email protected] I’ve been in contact w/ TMI, and they’ve been extremely helpful answering any questions I have! Blessings!

    • Suzanne, If anyone contacts you and asks any questions, please have them contact our office. We just want to make sure the information going out is correct and consistent. Thanks!

  16. Micayla, I’m going on the Zimbabwe foot washing and I would love to email with your daughter. I’m so excited for this trip, it’s going to be awesome. 🙂

  17. I have always wanted to go on a mission trip to Africa. I feel that I am called to do everything that I can to help others in this country and I would love to know how I could get information and to get involved in this trip.

  18. I’m signed up to be one of the backup leaders for the Zim trip. We have 4 adult daughters and 12 grandchildren. One of our adult daughters, Suzanne, is also signed up to be a leader. We will have TMI training before leading this group and we are doing outside research regarding the country, its customs, and a little first aid refresher. We take seriously our responsibility with your children and before the Lord will use our best judgment in helping them grow during this experience. We have already started praying for each participant and pray for guidance for you and your kids as you make a decision about their going.

  19. What are some other ways that I can do to raise money for this trip besides support letters? I’m interested in going on this trip.

    • Hannah, You can have car washes, garage sales, spaghetti dinner, seek support from your local businesses, etc. I always suggest a “donation” vs. a set price if you do these things as I feel you will probably get more money if people know what it is going for.

  20. I was thinking about going on something with TMI but was wondering the differance in this one and the uganda foot washing. I am 16

  21. My daughter Micayla is signed up to go to Zimbabwe this coming Summer (2011)…she would love to start emailing and talking with other girls going, she is kinda nervous (her words). Moms…I’m with ya. My daughter has been to Summer camps in other states and I went to Guatemala WITH her. So I too am a little nervous, but I know she is serving the Lord and I trust she is good hands with TMI…so we are diving in!

  22. Greetings! Former Team Member 1995 Treehouse camp!

    Bootcamp is a growing experience. It will be hard! You sleep in tents, and go through obstacle courses and Bible lessons. The primitive and challenging nature of bootcamp is to prepare you for your missions trip! It is very life changing, but in the end your faith will grow as you lean on God and trust in Him!

  23. What will be done on the trip besides washing feet?

    • Cody, You will also be teaching phonics, Bible stories and playing games with them. There may be small work projects to do while at the base also.

  24. ok thank you

  25. Right now, I am looking at this trip and the Uganda Footwashing. Quick question, would we be doing any construction in Zimbabwe?

    • Hannah, The team will probably be involved in small work projects on the base. Your main ministry will be the foot washing.

  26. Tracey: Thanks for the note. It really did help! If anyone else has any more comments I’d really appreciate it. Is there already a base established in Zimbabwe? Beth, You said that teams have not gone to Zimbabwe in recent years. Were there conflicts in the country or priorities in other places? How is their safety ensured? Do the kids sleep in tents? I guess I am wanting more details to feel more comfortable. I am trusting that God will see her through, but as a parent, I am also needing to know what kind of situation she will be facing.

  27. This is a great resource for me. My daughter is planning to go on the Zimbabwe trip and she like Patti’s daugther hasn’t been away from home any longer than a week! I have searched the web for shorter trips with other groups, but she keeps coming back to this one. The last thing I want to do is get in God’s way! It would be very helpful if we could keep in touch with other parents during the trip and get to meet the other parents at commissioning. We know people that have gone on Teen Missions and I hear nothing but wonderful things! My husband and I are anxious, but know that God is in control…oh, did I mention she is an only child? She is so excited about the possibility!

    • Becky, We want to keep all communication going to and from this office. That way, there is no miscommunication. The leaders are required to send in biweekly reports which we will post to our web site. If you come for Commissioning, you will have an opportunity to get to know the other parents there, the leaders and the team members on her team.

  28. Patti: I am a parent of a soon to be 14 year old, She will be going on her first TMI trip this summer to Cameroon, I know she is in the hands of the Lord and will be ok, I went as a 16 yr old in 1989 to Guatemala (not as far I know) I also returned as an assistant Leader in ’98 (Honduras Horseback); seeing it from both sides I am sending my daughter. My sister is an FTM from ’82, I can tell you this, in the 28 years from my sister’s trip to my daughter’s this year TMI has remained consistant. I don’t know if this helps you much but I hope it does. One tip is write to her in advance boot camp can be rough but by the end it is the best. This summer will change their lives!!! Just put your trust in GOD, HE WILL SEE THEM THROUGH

  29. Are there any comments from parents, tips, etc from families that have sent children to Zimbabwe? My daughter is signed up to go the summer of 2011, but I’m not sure about her going so far away. She hasn’t even gone to summer camp for a week and this trip is a month and a half!

    • Patti, We have not sent teams to Zimbabwe in several years and we are really excited (and so are they) about the opportunity to return. Perhaps parents from other Africa teams could help you. I sent my 11 year old to Malawi a year ago. It changed her life!

  30. how do you register for the trip??

  31. Does the dates (June 23 – August 14) include the training camp and debriefing?

  32. Can canadian teens apply for these mission trips?

  33. Can canadian teens apply for the teen missions trip? All the costs and flights are in US. I just wanted to make sure before i look into it further.

  34. LiAnn,
    I know how you feel, this will be my first TMI trip this summer too, and I am so excited! I can’t wait. Isn’t it nice having a sibling who has done TMI before? My older sister went with TMI a few years ago, so she is giving me lots of helpful hints! Zimbabwe isn’t going to be my first choice when I sign up (hopefully soon!), but I seriously thought about it, since it is a really cool trip:)

  35. I am so excited to be going to Zimbabwe this upcoming summer!!! I just registered and this is my first time going out of the country and doing missionary work. For a couple years I have had going to Africa on my mind and I really feel God has spoken to me in his amazing ways, that I should go this year. My brother and sister did TMI, and I really feel that it is my turn to first of all, do what God tells me to do, and second of all, follow my heart…

  36. Hi All. I live in South Africa and have been to the Zim Bootcamp. What an experiance. it is something my children and I will never forget. The love that we felt from the people when we were with them.
    I cant tell you about t it is something that you have to go through.
    Try every way you can to go to Zim you will be blessed by being a blessing.

  37. How old do you need to be?

  38. I’m all signed up for this team!!! Yay! 🙂 Now just to start raising the money…

  39. what is involved in the Lords bootcamp?

    • Boot Camp is a time of training. You will have classes pertinent to what your team will be doing (construction classes, EV classes, music, puppets, etc.). You bond with your team, sleep in tents, bathe and do laundry out of a bucket.

  40. i would love to go on this trip! i feel very led to become a part of missions but i also struggle with funding for the trip

  41. What would we do besides foot washing while we’re there?

  42. Yeah, i agree with Rene. Also, Teen Missions provides you with support letters to send out to for sponsors and ideas on other ways of raising money

  43. Rene & Gary Coston

    Fundraising – trust in the Lord (we have learned to very much in the fundraising we’ve done!) and if He wants you involved, you will be! 🙂

  44. Please can I get more information!!

  45. I’d really like to go but I’m not sure God wants me to

  46. I would like to get involved in your teen missionary projects very much. Unfortunatley, i really cannot afford the price range for for the project expenses, i would like to know what other resources i can turn to or if there are any other payment plans i can turn to in order to fund for a mission. Thank you.

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