Ministry Continues in India – Mission Trip

Ministry continues in India

Ministry continues in India

On Saturday, our team left at 6:30am and drove for 3 hours to go to a Youth Conference where we did singing, skits, testimonies and a brief message. We got back to base at 1:30 in the morning. Sunday we went to an orphanage/church and to the Bible college later in the evening. We interacted with the orphans with songs and games, had two meals with them and miss them already! Here is a brief testimony from our youngest team member:

Welllllllllllll….we have been working on moving rock and sand as well as painting/white-washing the concrete walls of the new addition which is part of the base. There is going to be a pastor’s conference here tomorrow and (I think) Thursday. We will be doing a presentation for the pastors that will be coming. I think it will be fun. Some of the people stare with a smile on their face or start laughing at/with us. You really don’t know whether they are laughing at you or with you. On Saturday we went to a Youth Conference. On Sunday we went to an orphanage. We took pics with the orphans and after EVERY picture they wanted to see what they looked like. It was pretty funny. Then they wanted to see pictures of the USA but all I had was pictures from boot camp and some of my family. We are also going shopping but………. the leaders won’t tell us what day we are going–it’s a “surprise”. 🙂

Amanda Eunpu, 13 years old



  1. Susan Wollander

    The Lord is really using all of you! Let Him continue working in your lives! Phil. 4:13 Love you, Deb!

  2. Wow! Team India, you are really busy being about the Lord’s business. It has been so good to hear from you. Know many in the States are praying for YOUR team specifically. We love you and miss you.

  3. Praying for you every day, Amanda!
    Aunt Fran & Uncle Larry

  4. Susan Wollander

    Love you deb praying for all of you. Love mom

  5. Way to go India team!!!! God isn’t finished with you yet! Love you Amanda!

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