Reaching the unreached-OA MSSM I Mission Trip

Reaching the unreached

Reaching the unreached

Hello from the city of Chingola…up near the Congo boarder. We have come to town today for supplies and to tell you that we are all well and safe. It has been a busy week of biking to different villages to share our faith in a variety of ways to children and adults who are totally unreached. We will have lots of stories and experiences to share when you see us! We have had just over 20 adults give their life to Christ and close to 80 children. DeMargo and Chris preached in an African church yesterday, doing a great job sharing their faith. Maleena, Tori, Sarah, Morgan, Maggie and Rachel are teaching phonics, and Jesse, Eric and Jon have shared their testimonies… all through interpreters. Our team is seeing a side of life that is beyond all that they could imagine! We will be out in the bush another week before heading back to N’dola. Riding bikes have become a way of life for all of us, and the fear has been replaced with pure enjoyment! Keep us in your prayers. We all love and miss each of you! Head Leader and “care giver” to your kids! Karen Elliott



  1. AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to see you, Jon. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing the stories. Stay safe. Karen, Thanks for updating us. Blessings to the whole team. Love, Terri Miller

  2. So happy to hear that the OA1 Team is doing well and reaching people for Jesus! Miss you, Jesse! Thanks for the update, Karen. I know you’re taking good care of all of them 🙂

  3. WOW…. Praise the Lord…The angels are singing in Heaven….Praying for the team for God’s Wisdom and His strength…. May your heart rejoice for the Lord Jesus Christ…. Be safe… Love you girlfriend,
    Mom Ordway

  4. we miss you Meleena. Love Auntie Rachel and Denise

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