Work continues in Ecuador-Mission Trip

Work Continues in Ecuador

Work Continues in Ecuador

We are making good progress with our projects. The new roofs are painted. The first large section of sidewalk has brand new concrete. The septic tank top has been completed. The materials for widening the road have arrived, and we will continue to work on that project tomorrow. The entrance driveway has been widened. A good number of smaller cleanup and maintenance jobs are in progress or have been completed.

On Saturday afternoon, we took the team to the Laguna park in Latacunga, where they presented their EV presentation, with songs (several in Spanish), a drama skit, several testimonies, and puppets. On Sunday we attended church. This is the church that Juan Carlos Amador (Ecuador Staff) and his wife Gina attend. We were very warmly received, the kids sang a couple of songs during the service, and after the service we were treated to Coke and sandwiches.

The team is doing wonderfully. They pray for each other spontaneusly and frequently. We see God at work in their lives everyday. Today, they mixed a batch of concrete just to find out that we had received the wrong type of rock, not suitable for the sidewalks. Undaunted, they used it to cover the expanded entrance driveway that we worked on yesterday and… we had just enough of the “wrong” concrete to finish that job! They quickly gave credit to God for that ‘coincidence’!



  1. Debbie Todhunter

    We are all anxious to read an update of your experiences since your last one on the 14th. We are sure there will be much to share and so appreciate all that you can tell us!

  2. Debbie Todhunter

    Again, thanks for all the details you provide for us. I copy and paste them all as an email to all my daughter’s supporters and ‘extras’– they love to read what the team is doing as well. Give them our love and tell them we are all praying for and thinking about them. Go Team!

  3. Praise God!! Wonderful news. So glad to hear that everyone is healthy and doing well. He is faithful all the time, abounding in goodness, mercy and truth. We will continue praying for you all to prosper in every area. Thank you for the updates. It was a blessing reading them to our family.
    Tinitia Dodd

  4. God works in wonderful ways that we can not see. I continue to pray for all the kids and workers for good health, good weather and safety.

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