Zambia Drill leaves tomorrow

Zambia Drill Leaves Tomorrow

Zambia Drill Leaves Tomorrow

We all made it through Boot Camp just fine. After Commissioning we had a little party of pizza and soda, cookies and some candy. It was great. Our responsibility was to help move all the chairs out of the Big Top and move all the flags out. There was a crew that stayed up most of the night to clear everything out of the Big Top for taking it down on Monday. We all got to move into an air-conditioned building and sleep for the night. Oh yea, we got a 3 minute shower.

Monday morning we were up for breakfast and devotions. Along with Malawi Foot washing team we loaded all the chairs into the trailer. Oh, we also carried chairs to the dining room in preparations for debrief. Then we moved on to help take down Big Top one and then went to help with Big Top 2. We were finished after lunch and ready to do some clean up ourselves. The team sorted all of their dirty clothes ready to get them washed tomorrow. We also had a short trip to Walmart. Tuesday we took down our eating site and moved some boxes of orphan clothes and shoes to the storage area. After lunch it really rained hard as we were trying to get our dirty clothes to the bus for going to a laundromat. We ate the rest of our pizza and had some of the snacks for dinner that night. Then Nelson shared some cultural things with us about Zambia. Then everyone went back to the room to sort things once again. 3 piles was the goal, one for missionary barrel, one pile for things left for Debrief and another pile of what we would take to Zambia. Lots of decisions to make.

Wednesday morning after breakfast and devotions the pack out began. We first took things to the missionary barrel and then to our food bin to leave things for debrief. Next was getting our food that would go in our duffle bags. Then back to the room to get everything packed. Then everything that we were taking to Zambia went over to the pole barn to weight all the bags to 50 pounds. Most of the team did pretty well. There were others that had to make some adjustments, but in the end we were able to get the duffels packed and our carry on’s packed as well. After packing all of our bags into the bus we went back and cleaned the rooms and then had some relaxing time for resting, writing in our journals or talking. Supper tonight, team devotions and then back to the room for a good nights sleep for our early morning wake up. We will be leaving for the airport at 5:30 tomorrow morning. We will fly from Orlando to Washington D.C. then onto to South Africa to Joberg where we will spend about 17 hours. But it is a big airport and there will be a good place for us to relax, wait maybe look at some shops. We will then fly to Lusaka and arrive around 1:00 p.m. But we will need to overnight at a church. The next morning we will take a 5-hour truck ride up north to Ndola, the base. We will overnight and then on Monday purchase some supplies. Then we will travel to Lunsala, then Mumena and Solwezi to teach the orphans our drill routines. We appreciate your prayers for safety, that all of our luggage arrive without any problems, rest when we can and open hearts to learn the things that the Lord has for us.



  1. stacy francis is my sister, from my moms side, i love her ,hope see returns safe

  2. Know that many of us here in Honduras are praying for the team! Sounds like you are covered in prayer by believers in several countries. Praying for safety and God’s many rich blessings.

  3. Carol (Tsang) De Campos

    I was the recruiter for Stacy Francis, the back-up female leader for the team. We praise God for all that He did to get Stacy there for the team and I know the prayers of many Canadians are surrounding this team. Praise God that they were able to take it easy in AIR CONDITIONED dorms, do LAUNDRY and have SHOWERS before flying! I wish we had those when I was on a team! Thank you Teen Missions for saving the noses of the people on the planes!

  4. Cynthia Calloway

    I am the Oklahoma grandmother of CJ10022 Zambia Drill. This Team is in my prayers. I pray you all have a great experience and many orphans are encouraged by your visit. God Bless.

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