Belize team made it safely!

Belize team arrives safely

Belize team arrives safely

The Belize team made it in safely. All of our bags arrived with us, which we were very grateful for. Unfortunately the bus broke down on the way to pick us up in Belize and we had to wait 3 hrs at the airport for their arrival. The team didn’t mind this much, because there was ice cream available in the airport. We were able to stop in Orange Walk Town & pick up supplies and food before we proceeded out to Copper Bank. Around 7 pm we were about 6 miles from Copper Bank when the road we were traveling on became washed out. We were not able to pass through with the large TMI bus & had to return in the opposite direction about an hour to try a different road. Because of the late hour we decided to instead spend the night at the TMI base. The team enjoyed the comfortable dorm rooms & having the opportunity to meet the Belizean team members who were on property doing their own Boot Camp. Today we have returned to Orange Walk to buy some more supplies & we will then go on to Copper Bank. We hope to arrive around lunch time today and spend the day setting up the kitchen, bathrooms & tents. The team is in great spirits and are excited to begin our project. Due to the remote location of Copper Bank we are uncertain what type of internet access we will have available. I hope to make it into Orange Walk about once a week to send e-mails.



  1. So happy to hear the team made it to Belize safely. I would like my daughter, Sybil, to know that we love and miss her and are thinking about her all the time. We are praying that the mission is successful and that everyone returns home safely. God Bless!

  2. All right, Good to hear….

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