China ready to work!

China arrives at site

China arrives at site

The China team has arrived safely to our project site! Our travels went well. We appreciate all the goodies that the parents provided along with a Walmart bag for each person which held the goodies. The team had a 12 hour layover in Chicago and spent the time catching up on verses, eating, sleeping, making phone calls and just enjoying talking with one another. More sleep was achieved on the 12 hour

flight to Beijing. Getting through Immigration and Customs was a breeze and all of our bags arrived with us! Our 6 1/2 hour bus ride turned into 11 hours, but again, we all got caught up on some much-needed sleep. Before arriving at our project site, we all got to experience some authentic Chinese cuisine. We are now settled into our¬†dormitories and will begin our work project today. We all crashed last night after dinner and showers. Tomorrow afternoon, we will be going to visit the Terracotta. We are doing this earlier than expected as we will be helping out with the camps that will be coming here. The weather has been overcast and hot during the day, but cools down nicely in the evening. We are experiencing some “sprinkles” today. Everyone is healthy and ready to get to work. Thank you for your prayers!



  1. Hi Calab, we are so proud of you. God bless you for following His call.

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  3. Take care Taylor and remembe we all love you. Mom arrived in Samoa okay will check on rest of family. We love you.

  4. Wonderful to know all is well and a you’ve gotten over the jet lag of traveling. Zach can really use those chop sticks and loves Chinese foods. God bless you all.

  5. We are so happy that you arrived safely and had plenty of opportunities to “rest” on the way. We pray that everyone will have a great day seeing the Terrracotta.

  6. Great News! We’re praying for our daughter Alisha and the rest of the China Camp team.

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