Five more decisions for Christ-Bulgaria

Cross on mountain top
Cross on mountain top

Greetings in the Name of Jesus from Razlog, Bulgaria, where the last several days have been hot, sunny, dry and dusty!

Evangelism is much more challenging now because we have not had a translator since late Saturday afternoon. We are not really sure what happened. The team continues to play sports and interact with the local children and teens. Some of the local teens are VERY intense about sports, and intent on winning.

There were 5 decisions for Christ in church last evening after 5 of the team members shared their testimonies, and one on Sunday afternoon. The total now is between 50 and 60.

Shopping at the Monday Market was fun, different, and very interesting for all. The prayer walk revealed a deeper level of poverty in the neighborhood here than we had seen before.

Difficult to believe that 11 days from now we will be in England on our way back to Florida for Debrief! Thanks for your prayers.

This testimony is from Austin Myers.

“The time here in Bulgaria has been really life-changing. Upon arrival we could feel the evil here, and especially outside the gates, but God has been good to us. I’ve been stretched, for sure, especially by getting sick the first night (with a mild cold), spraining my thumb, frustration with the language, and fatigue, but I’ve grown so much from it. I finally learned to be patient. While nursing the sprained thumb, I got to witness one on one with one of the boys and he accepted Christ. How awesome it was! We had the opportunity to walk up the mountain to the cross, which reminded me of our daily calling to go to the cross, even when it’s tiring, even when we have to climb a mountain. A key devotion I keep thinking about is when King David was offered free materials for the altar God commended David to build, but David refused and said, “I will not make an offering to God that costs me nothing.” My offering must be a sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. One really cool thing is when we are singing our songs in English while they sing in Bulgarian – it is awesome! Whatever language we sing in God hears it all.” 🙂


  1. So glad to hear that you’re able to see fruit from your labors. It’s very encouraging! But the greatest fruit is yet to be seen. You guys have planted SO many seeds. I’m looking forward to hearing the details and seeing everyone in just a few short days!

  2. I also love to read the personal testimony’s, what a blessing they are. To witness how God is useing these teens to spread his word is AWSOME!! The team inspires me to do more for our Savior Jesus Christ. What a great team the whole Teen Missions are! Keep up the good job all the team’s are doing. In Jesus Christ name Mary Borland

  3. I love to hear about the teens personal testimony’s. I also love reading all about how God is using each of you. Please keep them coming! 50 to 60 dedicated, awesome!

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