Hong Kong/China settles in-Mission Trip

Hong Kong Settles In

Hong Kong Settles In

The team has arrived safely in Hong Kong. We arrived yesterday afternoon (July 14) to warm greetings, a Chinese dinner, dormitories with beds & showers, and a good nights’ rest. After traveling for three days; it was a welcome change. Our travels started with a great blessing. While at the Orlando airport, Emily and Taylor were able to lead an elderly man to Christ. After being so blessed by care packages from family and friends, the team found themselves with too much food to get through security or packed in a duffel bag, they began passing out the extra cans of Coke, cookies, and apples to weary travelers. The mission started before we even left the States. While during an extensive layover in Amsterdam, the team found themselves in the middle of a celebration when they trained into the city for sightseeing. The Netherlands soccer team had just arrived back in the country after placing second in the World Cup. The team was able to avoid the festivities as they shopped for Dutch souvenirs, viewed the canals, and toured the historic city. Since we arrived in Hong Kong, we have been trying to catch up on sleep and practice our songs, puppets, and dramas in preparation for this weekend’s ministry. We will do our first street presentation this evening (July 15) at the Ladies’ Street (evening shopping bazaar). On Friday, we will continue getting caught up on memory verses and practicing our evangelism program. We are scheduled to provide drama workshops all day Saturday and be the ‘entertainment’ for a gospel dinner that evening in a local restaurant. We will be busy on Sunday sharing in several services and leading another drama workshop. We also have street evangelism planned for several nights in the next few days. Please pray for us as we face the challenge of the language barrier when we share. Pray that the true message will be heard. It is warm and humid here, not much of a change from Boot Camp. Everyone is well and adjusting to the different time zone, culture and food.



  1. Pearl Galbraith

    My son is on the trip. So glad to hear of their first days going well. For Lorelei Hagan, there are two china teams. Your daughter is obviously not on the Hong Kong one. I wonder how they will update the two trips – if they will do it all under this tab or separate them.

    Praying every day!

  2. Lorelei – Was your daughter on the Hong Kong team or on the China team? I think the China team did fly from Orlando to Chicago and then Bejing. However, this information is about the Hong Kong team who stopped in Amsterdam. Hope that helps! God Bless.

  3. That is my daughter on the picture. It’s great to hear that China is doing well. After they gave out the apples in Orlando I thought they flew to Chicago and then straight to Beiging. What is all the talk about Amsterdam and Hong Kong?

  4. How faithful the Lord is! Praise Him for safe travel and for the opportunity to minister before they even left the airport. I know God is going to use this team for His glory in the weeks to come.

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