Madagascar still traveling-Mission trip

Madagascar National Flag

Madagascar Flag

Greetings from Madagascar!!!! We have finally arrived here in the capital city (Antananarivo) early this morning (Thursday 7/15/10). It was a long journey to the notorious land of the lemurs and the journey is not yet over as we have a few more days of driving before we get to our project site and home for the summer (Vangaindrano). After commissioning we had a late bus drive to Miami International Airport where the team was able to indulge themselves in all the ice cold drinks they could afford after 2 weeks of Boot Camp and warm cool-aid. Our flight out of Miami was not until 5:30pm, June 12th. We arrived in Paris, France around 8:30 am on the 13th and made our way into the city to the hotel we would stay in for the night. Our one disappointment was that Desiree, our leader from Madagascar, was unable to travel into Paris with us due to a visa issue. The team slept most of the day in the hotel only waking for lunch. In the evening we all took a walk through the cobblestone streets of Paris to a beautiful park by the name of Parc Des Buttes Chaumont. We had a picnic dinner in the park and spent the rest of the evening walking around the park. We left early the next morning to the Paris airport, reunited with Desire and waited for our flight which was delayed an hour and a half. So again, we have finally arrived in Madagascar and all the team is in good health, save a few stuffy noses and jet lag. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel two more days to our project site. You are all in our thoughts and prayers! God bless!!



  1. Nadine Kundert's Mom & Dad

    We are waiting to hear that you have arrived in Vangaindarno. We have been praying for your entire team as this is an amazing experience to grow in the Lord and develop life long friendships. Could one of you girls please give Nadine a huge hug as we miss her VERY much. Each of you need to do something nice for another team member today…. a smile goes a long way.

  2. Nadine Kundert's Mom & Dad

    Praying that you have arrived in Vangaindrano. Your entire team is in our prayers as this is an amazing time for all of you to connect with your team and grow in your Christian walk. We miss Nadine and ask that one of you girls give her a huge hug for us. Make sure that each of you does something nice for the another team member today… a smile goes a long way.

  3. Kara Dowers, Justin's Mom

    Our prayers are with you. We haven’t seen an update for your brother Donovan (Orphan Angels) yet, but we trust he is there! Blessings to all the families involved with TMI.

  4. So glad to hear that you made it safely to Madagascar. Even though Christine is now on the team to Zambia, please be assured that my prayers are with each one of you. I treasure the times I was able to eat supper with you and help you with Scripture memory. May the Lord bless you as you work on your construction project for His honor and glory. In Christ’s love, Christine’s Mom, Rose.

  5. Great to get the update. Trust you’re all settled in now. Looking forward to seeing how God works in and through you. Wow – picnic in Paris ! Quelle aventure ! A big thanks to your leaders. Grace, peace and good sleep to you ! Norm and Ruth Ann Leduc (Philadelphia, PA)

  6. We’re praying for your team as you travel, a special shout out to Jordan T – his Mom was one of my leaders to Bulgaria in 1991!!! May Father God continue to pour out His grace, mercy, peace, rest and love! Many Blessings from the Leach Family in Nova Scotia, Canada:)

  7. Thank you for posting! I have been wondering where in this world they are! ;D

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