Peru team settles in-Mission Trip

Peru team settles in

Peru team settles in

We are safely in Pulcallpa!! Thank you so much for the prayers. The kids are all safe, heathly and happy to be here. We had an amazing reception at the airport. Many of the youth from their church had come to the airport and welcomed us with applause and hugs. It was amazing and humbling! We are staying in dorms with dirt floors, a tin roof and partial walls. But they had the walls decorated with pictures and flowers. They have tried to make the little they have comfortable for us. They are all so warm and welcoming!

It is cooler here in the evenings than Florida and fairly hot during the day, but not as humid – Praise the Lord! We are working hard to get the kitchen organized and usable. Judy (missionary) is checking to see if we may be able to do some presentations in the nearbly school. Her children are still in school for a few more weeks, before their break starts. We were setting up camp yesterday and the team was able to spend a good amount of time playing volley ball and singing songs with many of the kids from the church. It was a blessing to see! The language barrier is difficult, but they are still able to enjoy one another’s company. We are very blessed to have Yami on our team, who speaks fluent Spanish. She has helped us so much! We are all, including the team, trying to adjust to listening to motorcycles, music, and LOUD rooster and chickens all night long. Getting to sleep can be really difficult! But we do love it here and are excited to see what the Lord will do!



  1. I’m so psyched to hear about Yami. She was on my team last year (covered wagon) and I’m glad she’s helping out with translating. She is very fluent. Praying for everyone!

  2. We are praying for all of you and glad you are all safe and sound. We are so proud of you Brittany….we love you
    Mom & Dad

  3. Great news! God is good! Praying for the team and for the people of Peru.

  4. Thankful to hear the team had a safe trip. Praying for you all each and every day that God will keep you safe and well. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear the stories you will have when you return. We are so very proud of you Kristin!!

    Love and miss you
    Nana and Papa

  5. I’m so excited and happy for the kids in Peru! I have a brother and a sister there and I’m so glad their reception was so wonderful. Thank God for the lower humidity and cooler nights! Love you Nathan and Emily! -Sally

  6. we miss you!!!!! you should of taken a box fan-haha! would not trade places with you for anything!!!!hahaha-l
    etters and cards are in the mail!! we love you!!! chew so glad to know that you are there. wish we were there with you. going next year!!!! love, mom

  7. So excited to see that you all made it safely! God will do wonders through you all! Have a safe summer and God bless you!

    We love you Yami! We miss you a lot but we know God is using you to work as his servant! We love you and miss you!

    Love Dee, Katie, Tia (Vivian), Desiree, Donna, Rob, and David

  8. Bless the Lord – I am so glad that it’s cool in the evening – we are all praying for you and hope that God will do great and mighty things – We love you Nathan and Emily and the rest of the team!

  9. I am so excited for all of you. Boy I wish I was with you. We are praying for you dailey. Let your lite shine. Take lots of pictures for us all to see. We are praying that God uses you in a miraculous way.

  10. We are so thankful to know everyone has arrived safely. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. Love and miss you, Logan!

    Mom, Dad, Preston and Allison

  11. Praise God. What a great experience for all of you. I love you Sara.


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