South Africa has arrived-Mission Trip

South Africa has arrived

South Africa has arrived

We arrived safe and healthy at the Teen Missions base in Pretoria, South Africa bright and early yesterday morning. The traveling was long and a bit tiring especially with the time change from Florida, but praise God that although British Airways had told us they would charge an extra $50.00 for our second duffels, they charged us nothing. All of our luggage arrived intact and on time. Thank you to all the parents who sent food for commissioning, it travelled with us and served us well in the airports!

The team spent the day yesterday “moving in” to their dorm rooms, washing their travel clothes and starting Bible Study and other classes. Though we know it would be cold in South Africa, we were a little overwhelmed with how cold the morning and night are. The afternoon warms nicely, but to help us with the climate we went out to a store today to buy an extra warm blanket. We also changed our money and did grocery shopping and as I write this the team is excitedly visiting KFC South Africa and other such fast food venues. Last evening we had the opportunity to meet some of the BMW students on the base, and to hang out with Joy and Jolie, the daughters of Karen and Jason Shrock, our missionaries here. Everyone was excited to meet and we look forward to knowing them better. Our first presentation is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at an orphanage, and then Saturday at one of the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission sites.



  1. Pam and Bill Fletcher

    Korie and Team,
    We finally found this! Hope you got your birthday card and had a wonderful day. What a terrific group of friends to spend your special day with. Did everybody enjoy the goodies? We really enjoyed meeting all of you at Boot Camp. Have a wonderful time and tell lots of people about Jesus!

  2. Rene & Gary Coston

    So happy to hear that your travels were safe! We love you so much Sarah and are proud of you! Looking forward to keeping up with the updates on here. <3

    Mom & Gary

  3. Kaitlyn and Conner Krake

    We love you and miss you and pray for you at meals and during our night time prayers.
    Kaitlyn and Conner

  4. Don and Jo Elaine Smith

    Our Sunday School class at Central Baptist Church in Warner Robins Georgia is praying for the South Africa mission team. We know that God will bless you and you will be a blessing to others. Hi to Korie Krake our grand daughter.

  5. Don and Jo Elaine Smith

    We have been praying for you all on the South Africa mission trip. Our Sunday School class at Central Baptist Church in Warner Robins GA is praying also. We know you will be a blessing to believers there and God will use you greatly. Hi to Korie Krake our grand daughter.

  6. Kris and Carol Krake

    Glad to hear you arrived safely! We look forward to hearing how your first presentation went today! Hello to everyone but especially our Korie. We love you! We are doing GREAT in India and are praying for you 🙂 Let us know how you’re doing soon!

    Mom and Dad Krake

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