Amazon River Brazil arrives safely!

Amazon River arrives safely

Amazon River arrives safely

Greetings from the Teen Missions base in Sao Miguel do Guama, Brazil. The team arrived safe and sound late last night and today they have already put in a hard day of work on our project site. I really praise the Lord for these teens that are so willing to serve the Lord as I watched them dig a ditch for a much needed water line and also attempting to dig out some huge stumps that are in the way of our new dormitory. They are hard workers!

The team has seen the Lord answer many prayers already this summer. The biggest celebration for us so far was on Tuesday just a day before flying out. One of our girls, Nellie Wadman, still had not received her visa for Brazil and although we had been praying we started to think of plan B with a leader staying behind. But then in came the UPS with her passport in it and we were praising the Lord for His faithfulness. Although we didn’t leave Boot Camp until 3 days after Commissioning, that visa was worth the wait… and I don’t think the team complained too much about the dorms with a.c. and the trips to Walmart and the laundromat either.

The travel was one of the smoothest I have ever experienced with a team. All our bags arrived together and in Sao Paulo the Customs person waved us through without looking at a single bag. There was some poor weather in Sao Paulo and so our connection to Belem was delayed almost 2 hours. After exchanging money and having dinner on the road, we didn’t arrive at the base until midnight. The boys are back in tents and the girls are in a dorm room, but they all have showers and are enjoying the little creek at the base.

We will be here at the base until next Thursday and hope to complete the water line as well as lay bricks on the dorm up until the roof level. We do have quite a few evangelism opportunities this weekend too with a visit to the open market tomorrow and two church services on Sunday evening.

Everyone is in good conditions, for which we praise the Lord. We appreciate the pryer support of all our loved ones. Will keep in touch. God bless from the Amazon River team.



  1. So glad to hear you had all arrived safely and for the visa to come in on time. We are praying daily for you all, the staff, team members and the leaders. God will do a mighty work there with the locals and within the team. Be a light to the nations God Bless Tammy and Keith

  2. So good to hear! My little bro Greg is on this trip and I am so excited to hear that it is going well and that the Lord is blessing you guys. My husband and I will continue to pray for the team. Thanks for posting. Can’t wait to read the next one! So glad that you guys are blessing the Lord with your hard work.

  3. Hey Everyone, look up TMI Amazon River, Brazil 2010 on facebook. Its a fan page just for the team, complete with photos and updates from the field.

  4. Randy and Stacy

    Thank you so much. It is awesome to hear from you!

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