Ireland settles in

Ireland Settles In

Ireland Settles In

Well after a long day of travelling the Ireland team arrived at our home for the next three and a half weeks. After a short flight from Orlando to Chicago we had a six hour layover in Chicago O’Hare Airport. The team enjoyed having some time to relax and talk at the airport. They even had an impromptu worship session at the terminal and people passing by stopped to listen. Our flight from Chicago took off at 8:20pm EST and was a little over six hours long but when we arrived it was 8:30 am Dublin time. Needless to say as excited as the team is to be here we are taking it easy today due to lack of sleep. Shortly after arriving with all of our bags ( Praise God!) the tents where set up and the team members were organizing there things. Ireland Outreach provided us a lunch of peanut butter and jelly and delicious Irish cheddar cheese sandwiches. The lady leaders are enjoying exploring the kitchen and KP’s are busy helping them sort out all of our food. The bags although they all arrived many of their contents show signs of rough handling. The team members are having a relaxed afternoon working on memory verses and letters home. Tonight we are going to have our fisrt evening devotions together and then get some much needed sleep. We will write more once we are settled in and have had some much needed rest.



  1. Hi Ireland Team (especially Joelle Goossen
    We are glad you arrived safely and have prayed that
    you all had a good rest and peaceful sleep. Let ALL that you do be done for the glory of God.
    Remember, there are those who are not Christians, who will be watching you.
    Blessings on all

  2. So exciting to hear the update! I am praying for the Ireland team! Love you, Katie Huffman!!

  3. Thanks so much for the update!!! We are so excited about how God is going to use the team in Ireland. We praise the Lord for the time we got to spend with the team and now we leave them once again in the care of our wonderful Lord & Savior and the leaders he put in place! Can’t wait to hear all the wonderful things God is going to do in each team member’s life…so exciting!!

  4. HI Ross hope your doing well! Praying for you son!
    Father God, Open the eyes and hearts of ALL involved in this country. Please be with each team member to be a light to those they come in contact with. Help each teen to learn to love YOU more and learn new things about YOU in a new life changing way! Help them each to serve others as you served!
    Keep ALL the teams safe and healthy and may they ALL have great attitudes! In Jesus name, Amen!

  5. Thanks for the update! Keep ’em coming. We are praying for the Ireland team. (-:

  6. Hope it is not raining too much.
    Praying for you guys all the time.


  7. thanks so much for the update. can’t wait to see all that God will do in Ireland.

  8. So glad you are all there. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  9. Thank you for the post. We are praying for the team. I am so glad to hear that so many prayers are already being answered!

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