Malawi Preteen shares the Gospel

Malawi Preteen shares the Gospel

Malawi Preteen shares the Gospel

Hello from Chipoka. We arrived safely Tuesday minus a few duffles, but we have gotten them now. The kids had many opportunities to share the Gospel during our air travel. Tuesday the kids went to a village to sing and pass out balloons. They had a wonderful time with the orphans. The kids planted 30 mango trees this morning and went to the Melissa Foster Rescue Unit to pass out coloring books and crayons. We had a delicious dinner, and they are anticipating a yummy dessert after showering. Lexy will be getting the godliness award this evening which will get her some extra dessert. Everyone is doing very well.



  1. So glad to hear of your experiences! We are ready to hear more! Hugs!

  2. Christine Burnsed

    WOOHOO for Lexy! God is cheering you on girl. LOVE YOU!! HUGE HUGS!

  3. Yeah–go Lexy…so proud of her!

  4. Yay! So great to hear about your experiences!

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