Malawi Teen Teams arrive safely

Malawi Foot Washing Teams arrive

Malawi Foot Washing Teams arrive

We just received a phone call from a staff member in Malawi, that the two Foot Washing teams have arrived safely. They are missing a number of pieces of luggage, so pray they will get them soon.



  1. Alice (Sherrell) Cox

    Has the luggage been found yet?

  2. Rod and Donna Frey

    We are happy to hear that everyone arrived safe and sound. We will be praying that the luggage arrives in speedy time and that in the meantime hearts and attitudes will be such that a pleasant aroma is all about the area…God is good and is going to do great and mighty things in Malawi! Lord Bless!

  3. Great to hear team arrived safe. Entire team are in our prayers.

  4. So glad they are arrived safely! Thanks for posting this so we can pray specifically for the luggage to reach them.

  5. Abby and Ula (Eve and John's friends)

    Awesome to hear that you guys got there ok 🙂 and we’ll pray that your stuff gets to you faster! your always in our prayers. and we miss you like CRAZY!! 🙂 God bless you!

  6. Ula and Abby (John and Eve's friends)

    Glad to hear that you guys got there ok 🙂 we’ll pray for your stuff to come soon.. and hope you guys are having an amazing and blessed time. we miss u like CRAZY!!! God bless! love always, ur buddies 🙂

  7. Alice (Sherrell) Cox

    I hadn’t heard about any missing luggage. I will be praying specifcally about that. God will find it and return it. He knows it’s important. We’ll pray together…in Jesus’ name.

  8. Rob & LaVon Horner (Lindsey's Parents)

    We are happy (relieved) to hear that the teams made it to Malawi. They spent a lot of time in the air and we were able to track their flights on-line. We hope that they can get rested up and have a great time while they are in Africa!!

    In our Prayers

  9. Jenifer Williams (Lauriana's mom)

    Thanks for passing this message along, so good to hear! Of course, we are always praying.

  10. Glad to hear the teams have arrived safely. We are praying the missing luggage will arrive soon and that they teams will be a great witness for the Lord!!

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