Work has begun in Belize

Work has begun in Belize

Work has begun in Belize

Our team finally made it out to Copper Bank on Tuesday. The town is amazing! Copper Bank is a small Bilezean village of about 350 people. They have never had a group like ours visit their village & they made every effort to open their doors to us. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the church pastor who had received permission for a neighbor to allow us to use their property across the street to set up our tents. Everyone was delighted to hear the pastor’s willingness to accommodate the team. They had two outhouses already dug for us & a vacant building was available for our team to cook in. Our project is on the land adjacent our campsite, so everything is very close together. Yesterday we spent the day finishing up the kitchen & reviewing our memory verses, while our head leader met with the pastor to discuss the work project. In the late afternoon we had the opportunity to walk down to the local lagoon, about 5 blocks away, and take a quick swim. The team was relieved to have this available to them.

Today the team began work on the hurricane shelter. They anticipate having the foundation completely dug by tomorrow & then they will begin mixing the concrete for the foundation. The team is very excited about the evangelism opportunities in the city. Upon our arrival the team was quickly surrounded by youth and young people who were curious about our arrival. The team quickly began giving away their small dolls & ball caps, which were given to them at boot camp, I don’t believe there are any more left. The team is anticipating sharing this weekend with the children & at a youth event at the church.

The weather has been beautiful, about 80-90 degrees with a gentle breeze coming off the caribbean. The team is enjoying the cool evenings, although the mosquitoes are worse here than at boot camp.

Thank you for your prayers.



  1. Brenda and Larry Fast

    God is faithful! We know you are surrounded by hosts of God’s angels and trust that you are already seeing results from His presence in you there. All is well here in Slovakia! Hugs to Micah and Abby–and you, too!

  2. Our prayers are with you! Thank you for the updates. We are thrilled that you were already able to touch the lives of the young children.

  3. michelle schmitt

    So happy to hear you made it safely. How wonderful for the pastor to help you out and to have the campsite so close to the work area… I’m sure the kids are excited to start their work that they learned at boot camp. Good luck team on building the hurricane shelter. Are prayers are with you. Julia we miss and love you very much. Excited to hear your next update!!!

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