China prepares for camp-10025

China prepares for camp

China prepares for camp

The China team is doing great. They are all working hard at digging a pond, landscaping, sanding and painting and tearing down tile. The place already looks so much nicer. Josiah had fun teaching the cleaning lady how to clean a bathroom! Taylor made yummy rolls yesterday. The cleaning lady likes to come into the kitchen to watch us work. We gave her a roll. She then asked if she could buy one. We

said “no”, but gave her another one. The next thing we know, there is a group of Chinese in our kitchen looking at our food! 🙂

The weather has been hot during the day and overcast (not as hot as Florida). It cools down nicely at night. We are all enjoying the dorms and showers.

We are leaving tonight on the overnight train to Xian to see the Terra Cotta Warriors. We will arrive in the morning and spend the day there sightseeing and shopping. Hopefully, we will be able to catch the night train back. Otherwise, we will come back on Monday.

We are planning on working on the various projects all next week. The camps begin a week from Sunday. The team will be involved in teaching classes, videotaping, being camp counselors, etc. We are all excited about it.

Everyone is healthy and we are so thankful for that! Parents-we so appreciate your children that you have entrusted to us. They are a great group and the Lord is really doing amazing things in and through

them! Here are a few testimonies…

From Ali: This summer God is teaching me to step out of my comfort zone to be a leader among my peers. Because I am a former team member, I need to be an example to the other team members. But even more than that, I am going to be leading and teaching the Chinese youth at the Joy On The Journey Camp. At home, I would cringe at the thought of

having to teach others and often turned down opportunities to help someone understand something. But when we were asked to volunteer for a teaching role, I felt called to raise my hand and try. We will see what God has in store.

From Caleb: I came to Teen Missions thinking that I would be able to handle all the stress and hardships on my own. Then when the hard times came, I realized that I needed God to get me through them. It’s like climbing over the wall on the Obstacle Course. You need your team to help you get over it. I also enjoyed the speakers at Boot Camp! I felt that God was speaking to me through a lot of them. At the end of of this summer, I hope to have matured physically and spiritually. I am really enjoying China.



  1. Rod and Donna Frey

    Oh so gald to hear this…exciting to be able to be a part of what’s going on in a more “real time” fashion! I LOVE this new feature with the website!!!! Our continued prayers are with you and can’t wait to hear all that God does! Josiah, all those bathroom cleaning experiences have really come in handy, I see. Remember your certificate from track camp??? :o)

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  3. Caleb’s Aunt Karen is thrilled to see how the Father is working in his life. I would love to be there with him through this summer’s activities. I look forward hearing all about it and seeing him at the end of your trip in Beijing.

  4. I think that’s Alisha standing on the far left. Everyone looks happy to be in China!

  5. Oh answered prayer on your safe arrival. I love that I can see my Abbey right in the front of the photo. Prayer continues for the team and the mission. Tell Abbey we love and miss her!

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