Hello from India

Hello from India

Hello from India

Hello from Team India,

On Wednesday night, the TMI staff made us a big rice & curry dinner. Now, when I say big, I mean 5 times the normal size of a meal back in North America. Thursday was our shopping day, where Elwin (staff) lead the boys to various shops, including, watches, turbans, and attempted to find machetes. Suda (staff) lead the girls through shops with purses, shoes, Indian style dresses, and sarees. We went to a restaurant and then to an imporium to buy nick-nacks. When we returned Sudaka’s wife made us dinner with fried rice which was excellent. Friday we did classes in the morning, and planted trees. Then we sanded window frames. Again we were invited out to eat at Sudaka’s in-laws. Saturday thus far, we have had classes and are concreting poles for the second floor addition.

Ed shared a message in the BMW students in chapel on Thursday morning, and Friday evening. Bobbi shared a short message to them on Friday morning.


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  1. So glad you got to go to the markets! It’s always an experience to shop overseas! May God continue to strengthen you all and keep you healthy!

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